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This podcast script is a piece of crossover fanfic (for Schrodinger's Heroes / Doctor Who) somewhat inspired by recent conversations with my audience.

... And Relative Dimensions

[Alex and Ash are leaning over the control consoles. Alex has her hands over her ears. A horrible grating, screeching noise seems to emanate from everywhere at once.]

Alex: "What is that god-awful racket?"

Ash: "I don't know. It started at the same time the alarm went off. I think something crashed into the Tef. I managed to keep it from manifesting in this dimension, but it's not going away and neither is the noise."

Alex: "I really appreciate the firewalls, but maybe we should just let it through and then kick it back out again."

Ash: "All right, I'll let it through." [Pause. Silence.] "Look outside. Do you see anything different? New terrain, visual distortions, invaders with big guns...?"

Alex: [Peers out the window.] "Yeah, I see something in the middle of the Ring. It's not moving, though. It looks like some kind of blue box."

Ash: "Then we're ahead of the game. Usually when people come looking for us, it's bad news."

Alex: "Point. I'll send Kay and Chris out to check for trouble."

[To be continued... Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5]

Schrodinger's Heroes also has a menu post.

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EEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I love you forever. ♥

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