Valentine's Day: Blackout

Feb. 22nd, 2019 05:03 pm
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I made a blackout on my card for the Valentine's bingo fest. They're all House M.D., and in all of them the central ship is House/Wilson.

Title: the careful, careful lies you tell yourself
Prompt: Menage a trois
Wordcount: 1031
Rating: Mature
Summary: Wilson is talked into a threesome with House and a hooker and finds himself paying much more attention to his best friend than the girl in between himself and House.

Or, alternatively, It’s Not Gay If It’s A Three-Way - The Lonely Island (10 Hours)
Warnings/Notes: Sexual content, House/Wilson/OFC.

Title: bouquet
Prompt: Sending flowers
Wordcount: 618
Rating: General Audiences
Summary: House gets Wilson flowers as a prank, and then he gets Wilson flowers as a non-prank.
Warnings/Notes: Set during late season 3. Also fills the 'compare and contrast' square in my [community profile] genprompt_bingo card.

Title: daydream
Prompt: Secret crush
Wordcount: 300
Rating: General Audiences
Summary. House wants to keep Wilson with him, so he does.
Warnings/Notes: Set during mid season 2.

Title: dancing's not a crime
Prompt: Dancing
Wordcount: 733
Rating: Teen
Summary: Wilson is a sap and House, well, he's trying not to be.
Warnings/Notes: Autistic!House. Very gay.

Title: he's got looks that books take pages to tell
Prompt: Free Space - Roaring Twenties
Wordcount: 1517
Rating: Teen
Summary: They meet at a speakeasy.
Warnings/Notes: 1920s AU, naturally. 

Title: say yes
Prompt: Dramatic proposal
Wordcount: 300
Rating: Teen
Summary: Wilson interrupts House and Nora's dinner.
Warnings/Notes: A fix-it for episode s6e11 The Down Low. Originally posted at [community profile] tripledrabbles  [Bad username or unknown identity: ]for their prompt 'blameworthy'.

Title: you are my truest feeling yet (you're just like oxygen)
Prompt: Sex in the shower / tub
Wordcount: 510
Rating: Teen
Summary: House tries to have sex in the shower with Wilson. It doesn't go according to plan.
Warnings/Notes: body issues, mentions of gender dysphoria. Trans!House.

Title: and i still feel that rush in my veins
Prompt: Spin the bottle
Wordcount: 733
Rating: Teen
Summary: House, his team and Wilson go to a bar together, and Chase has the "brilliant" idea to play spin the bottle.
Warnings/Notes: Minor Foreman/Chase

Title: fall to your knees bring on the rapture
Prompt: Kneeling
Wordcount: 1024
Rating: Teen
Summary: House apologizes the only way he knows how.
Warnings/Notes: A BDSM!AU. Trans!Wilson.

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I depose that the week in which it was revealed that Charles Dickens tried to get his (sane but inconvenient) wife committed to a lunatic asylum is not the week to hymn 'family life [as] the most successful form of social security the world has ever known'.

The guy is getting his head handed to him fairly comprehensively on Twitter, but really. The ignorance.

Quite apart from the whole noxious gender aspect - I think the response would have been rather different had it been a middle-aged son as carer for an elderly mother, which is not unknown, in fact the situation of one of my cousins, who had his own health problems at the time.

Social welfare systems are not some mimsy-whimsy snowflakey thing that we've only just discovered and put in place, some form of social welfare has been around in this country since the early modern period at least.

And people weren't necessarily cherishing their Olds in the family home: they were going to the parish authorities and asking to have them put in the workhouse. In particular, I may add, if the Olds were fathers/fathers-in-law, because I recall from Book I Reviewed Some Considerable While Ago (I think it was Wally Seccombe, Weathering the Storm: Working-Class Families from the Industrial Revolution to the Fertility Decline, 1995, but wouldn't entirely swear to it) because aged women could still be useful around the house, doing a little light childminding or domestic tasks, whereas the men were pretty much just a burden.

Plus all the various philanthropic provisions that were put in place, so that people weren't entirely dependent on their families, supposing they had a family. E.g., I remark, the Foundling Hospital, set up by Jonas Hanway after seeing so many infants abandoned by unwed mothers cast out by their families (such successful. so social welfare. much security.).


Feb. 22nd, 2019 03:13 pm
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Two brown deer in a valley, with trees, mountains and a pale blue sky in the background

Photo by Johannes Andersson.

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Feb. 22nd, 2019 05:56 pm
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No tags writers were revealed so I can say that I wrote On Brooding Wings which is Frank/Mikey where Frank is a vegetarian vampire who's afraid to admit what he is and in the process makes himself sick. I have to admit, I really like how this turned out. Writing Frank/Mikey roomie days just feels so comfortable to me, and working out how to add a vampire to the mix was fun. Though I did end up debating warnings with themoononastick due to mentions of vomiting and an alluded to eating disorder.

It turns out [personal profile] shadowhive wrote for my prompt, which made me laugh as he's pretty much kept me in fic lately, which is pretty awesome. The story is also Frank/Mikey, with a very excellent Ray involved, and can be read here. I do recommend it.

In fact, I recommend the whole collection. I've just read all the stories today and there's not a bad one there. So a big thumbs up to everyone involved with the challenge.

In other news, our staycation came to a premature end as James came down with a cold, so our planned trip to Whitby today didn't happen, and tomorrow he's taking our nephew to the cinema. But, it's been a good week and we've done fun stuff so I can't be sad it's over. Plus, the weather is lovely so tomorrow while he's out I'm going to go start tidying the garden and wash down the greenhouse.

Also, my MiL came home yesterday. Whether she's ready I'm not 100% sure because after we picked her up and drove her home it took half an hour for her to get from the car into the house, which was a distance of all a few feet. But as it included two steps and her walker and wheelchair are wide ones that wouldn't fit down the passage/doors it took time and lots of rests. But, she is home, has adaptation put into place that should help, and hopefully will be much more comfortable regaining her strength in her own surroundings.


Feb. 22nd, 2019 02:25 pm
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My therapist doesn't like my relationship with Hermes. Whenever I mention Him, she says He drains my energy because He is associated with death - being the one that takes the souls to Hades.

While I do feel that there is an imbalance in this relationship because I always feel very tired whenever I do something to honor Him, I don't feel that I should just leave Him behind. He is a god, I can't just turn my back on Him; that's unthinkable.

The thing is, I don't see Him as "death-y" as my therapist says. I see Him as sort of a savior, because I've been in his hands so many times, and yet He didn't take me to Hades. It's like He is telling me to keep on living. I'm not sure why, but I can't think of another reason as to why He keeps pushing me back into my body whenever I'm about to die (this has happened a few times already; four than I can count).

I do, however, need to balance my relationship with Him a little.

WIP Preview

Feb. 22nd, 2019 05:20 pm
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WIP Preview

(Originally posted at

I’ve gotten into papercraft models. One thing I want to do though is to customize each model as well as building whatever designs I have (I’ve got more than 200 although I may not do them all)

Here’s the wip of my first custom along with the two I downloaded

Two paper models of velocirapters or tyrannosaurs standing over the printed out modified template

Once I’ve got it finalized I’ll have the template here and on my DeviantArt. Since I’m getting back into Digimon, it’ll be ExTyrannomon the plushie version of my favorite dino-digimon.


Feb. 22nd, 2019 08:57 am
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It was forecast to be nasty cold last night, and it may have been, but when I emerged after a night of madly unpacking boxes, labeling things up, and somehow fitting them on the walls, it was beautifully sunny and not even chilly. Ms Whiskers was waiting for me on the porch, a great relief; I hadn't seen her in several days and the catfood had been eaten unusually messily for a while, so I was worried she'd frozen or been captured and carted off to some county shelter; and then a scruffy little grey dog appeared at the corner of the yard, and shortly afterwards, huffing and puffing on the other side of the road, a chubby kid. Kid crossed road, dog took off along the sidewalk, kid resignedly puffed after it. I hope he eventually recaptured his dog. Ms Whiskers was of course ensconced in the roots of the rose bush like Níðhǫggr.

My Brain is Mush

Feb. 22nd, 2019 09:40 am
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It's official; I have gone crazy. The tedium at work has driven me around the bend. Before you get too concerned, let me explain. I don't consider myself a "little" but I definitely have some child like tendencies at times. Most frequently these appear when I'm bored or stressed, and I've been bored a lot at work lately. Now, even at the best of times, I have a habit of talking to myself. It just so happens that when I'm bored I'm a lot less likely to use English and just make sounds instead; mostly some variation of "Aaaa". Gs are fun to throw in too, like "Naga" or "Whaga".

The bit that leads to me claiming insanity: I have found myself actually making words for this "non-language". It is acquiring more "words" as opposed to just strings of "ah-aaah-ah"s. I even gave it a name. I think I need to make myself some flashcards so I can practice my French and Polish at work instead of messing around with what amounts to a cranky childs vocalizations.

*bemused head shake* My brain some days...

First crush

Feb. 22nd, 2019 04:45 pm
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A friend and I started talking about our first media crushes. And mine, stemming from the time I was about four or five, was Morticia Addams, as Carolyn Jones played her in The Addams Family. Well, I loved the show as a whole, but for me, Morticia was the epitome of beauty, and she was also so nice and loving. I wanted to be her when I grew up, and though I never had the guts to colour my hair black, I was certainly Morticia aesthetics I was going for when I was in my late teens/early twenties.

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Poll #21430 Chatham House Rules
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: Just the Poll Creator, participants: 31

If I say "Chatham House rules", you say

But of course.
22 (71.0%)

Er, gesundheit?
9 (29.0%)

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Salon post: February 22

Feb. 22nd, 2019 10:09 am
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Good morning!

Topic of the week
Places you've enjoyed going (near where you live, longer travel, everything in between.)

What I've been up to
I am running around getting ready for a quick and weirdly timed work trip (flying very early Saturday morning, getting back very late Monday night, the actual work stuff is Saturday evening through noonish Monday).

So I'm posting this and then going to the laundromat, as one does.

Reminders and tips for making this post flow better )
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A walk to Huntington Woods

Feb. 22nd, 2019 02:11 pm
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Another lovely Springlike day, so we decided to get the boots on and go for a walk.

We went out into the countryside via Limekiln Lane upon which stands this gate:

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Feb. 22nd, 2019 08:24 am
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It has been a Week and I'm not sure how we got to but here we are. I don't have a lot to say and am still kind of drained, so don't mind me. Sorry I don't have more in me today but I am happy we are all still here.


This post is for:
• being excited about the things you've done this week
• asking for help if you need it
• venting about anything that might need to be flailed over.
• showing off something cool you've done/made/experienced this week.
• being generally enthused and excited about things that have happened.
• just being thrilled that you survived.

Come drop into the comments and let us know how you're doing and how things have gone. While I may not respond to every comment myself, all of you are free to respond to each other and get encouragement, help or whatever else it is you need. If you want to vent without advice being given, please say so and if you want cheering or tips or anything, let us know that too.

I do ask that if you have any triggering topics, that you mention them in the subject line or first line of your comment. This is just so people can make informed decisions on what to read and keep everyone okay. <3 Thank you so much.


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