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Today is partly sunny, chilly, and blustery.  We got more rain late last night and early this morning.  Most of the fields around us have been harvested.

I planted 20 Iris 'Harmony' in the wildflower garden.  These are miniature iris with lavender uprights and bright purple falls.

I also gathered more wildflower seeds and planted them in the prairie garden.

EDIT: I went back out and planted 6 Daffodil 'Thalia' in the purple-and-white garden. They are narrow-leafed white daffodils.

EDIT: I planted 12 Puschkinia / Lebanon Squill in the purple-and-white garden.  These put out clusters of star-shaped flowers in white to pale blue.
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We missed the beginning of the Grand Prairie Friends Fall Fete today, but got to part of it. 

They had live music this time, quite a charming band, including a mountain dulcimer player.  It's not often that I like live music because my tastes are different than the usual, but this was really nice.

The food was a huge disappointment.  It was catered instead of the usual potluck.  I had high hopes because it was catered by Smokey's, a favorite restaurant.  Their catering is greatly inferior to the restaurant.  The barbecue pulled pork was fine -- but they had grilled pineapple and portabellas that they wouldn't let me have, because they were "for vegetarians only," and the two sides they had weren't suited to me.  >_<  So all I left with with was the sandwich.  Later a couple other people shared some of their food with me, which lifted my mood a little, but this is probably the last time I'll eat a meal catered by this restaurant.  It was completely inappropriate for a whole host of dietary needs, and most people won't say anything about those because it embarrasses them.  They just won't come back. 

Compare this to the dessert potluck last month where we had over a dozen delectable things to choose from.  The usual Fall Fete potluck would have over two dozen sides and desserts brought by members, plus hot dogs, beef hamburgers (with or without cheese), and veggie burgers bought by the organization.  You could take whatever you want, depending on your personal needs and tastes.  There were usually plenty of things to please a very wide range of folks.  A lot of people layered a beef burger and a veggie burger together.  Today was one main dish, you couldn't take both options even if you couldn't eat the other stuff, two sides, a pre-mixed salad, and soggy cobbler for dessert.  Total mood-killer.

They had printed plastic cups, though, in four colors.  Those were new, and really cute.

We didn't spend half as long there as usual.  It was nice to see some people we knew.  We did stop to explore part of the new trail, which has a very nice little parking lot at the far end.  The forest is in great shape -- oaks, hickories, maples, sycamores, all kinds of trees.  The trail is pretty good, a nice moderate challenge level.  But it's going to need maintenance by spring.  They cut of a lot of saplings at chest level which are, obviously, already sprouting new branches and will be right across the trail in late spring.  To say nothing of spiderweb frames in any season.  Also I spotted at least one trickle cut across the trail, which means they didn't put pipe cuts or even gravel under it for drainage, making it prone to wash out in the rain.  The concrete blocks across the creek (currently dry, but it'll fill with rain) were turned holes-up, which is not only a tripping hazard but will make the creek back up.  Turn them flat side up, and the water goes right through the big holes.   :/  But eh, it's a beautiful new route for hiking, and I don't have to maintain it.

After that, I had great luck shopping for flower bulbs.  Mixed tulips, white narcissus, pale blue squills, all kinds of stuff.

Not a bad day overall, just had its ups and downs.
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Today is sunny and mild.  Birds are flittering around.  Leaves are on the ground.  Not much color yet, but plenty of shedding.

I planted 15 crocus 'Spring Beauty' in the wildflower garden.  These are purple and white. 

EDIT 10-13-17: I went back out and planted 10 Eranthis cilicica.  They are small yellow flowers that bloom very early.
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Today is cooler, cloudy, and damp.  We got some rain last night; there are puddles in the road.

I started work on the wildflower garden.  Today I planted 10 Muscari 'Ocean Magic' bulbs.  These are like the classic blue grape hycacinths except the flowers are an exquisite pale blue. I also put out 10 Hyacinthoides hispanica in mixed colors, aka wood hyacinths or Spanish bluebells.  I still have plenty more left to plant.
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Today is cooler, gray, and damp.  It rained a little last night.

I planted two batches of bulbs, for a total of ten, each one a different cultivar.  Six warm-colored ones went beside the barrel garden.  Four black ones went in the tulip garden beside the parking lot.  That's all I have for now that's slated for those locations.

I still have a big bag of stuff for the wildflower garden.  That was the largest batch.

A few more birds have been fluttering around the feeders.  I saw a sparrow on the hopper feeder yesterday.  Today I saw finches around the fly-through feeder.  If I keep seeing finches, I may put up a thistle sock.  I don't always, because the bird population varies and thistle is expensive, but when we have lots of finches then it's worthwhile. 
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Today is mild, cloudy, and damp.  It rained buckets last night.  \o/

I planted bulbs in the white garden at the end of the driveway.  I put in 1 Allium 'Mount Everest' that will be a big ball of tiny white flowers, like the one I experimented with last year that bloomed so nicely this summer.  I added 10 Scilla siberica 'Alba' which have little white star-shaped flowers.  Finally I planted 10 Iris 'Katharine Gold' which is not actually yellow but instead a miniature iris producing flowers of white and pale green.  I haven't tried this cultivar before, but I love miniature iris.  This concludes the current purchases slated for the white garden.
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Today is cloudy and dim, mild with a blustery breeze.  A wall of rainclouds is blowing in.  It was starting to sprinkle when I went outside. 

This time I put out the bulbs intended for the goddess garden.  I planted 10 Hyacinthoides hispanica in mixed colors, also known as wood hyacinth or Spanish bluebells.  I also set out 10 Eranthis cilicica,  aka winter aconite or buttercup.  I first tried them last year in the same location, now adding more because I love their cheerful yellow flowers which bloom even before the snow crocus.

So that's a second garden done, out of the current batch of bulbs to be planted.  \o/

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This poem is from the October 3, 2017 Poetry Fishbowl. It was prompted and sponsored by Anthony Barrette. It also fills the "ocean" square in my 9-1-17 card for the Pirate Fest Bingo.

"Fisheye Lenses"

Sometimes I sit in front of an aquarium
and imagine what it would be like to be a fish.

The light is golden-green where it shines
through the leaves of the waving plants, and
the water is clear and soft -- except at the edges.
I imagine that fish don't understand glass.

I can't look at a river without
thinking myself into it.

The water here is silken and twisted,
skeins of current running fast and slow,
the taste of home pulling salmon upstream
like a silver fishhook without a barb.

Whenever I see the ocean,
I remember the fish within it.

Color becomes meaning,
and life requires motion;
every surface is colonized,
incorporated into the ecosystem,
all flotsam and jetsam seen as
fair game, finders keepers,
but I can't help recalling
that this is still litter.

The human body is
a vessel for the spirit, but
it doesn't have to be a cage.

I have learned how to slip out and
see the world through fisheye lenses,
a kind of mental gymnastics that

keeps my soul limber and free.

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Today is cloudy and mild.  I went out and planted more bulbs in the purple-and-white garden.  I put out 20 Allium caeruleum, which will have globes of tiny blue-violet flowers.  I also planted 10 Scilla siberica 'Alba' which have white star-shaped flowers.

I have seen sparrows on the hopper feeder twice today.  \o/  Also while we were outside, we saw a red-tailed hawk!  It flew from one of the corner trees around the edge of the yard.  They like to roost where they can look out over the fields.  :D

EDIT 10-6-17: I went back out and planted 20 Muscari latifolium in the purple-and-white garden.  It's a tiny species hyacinth that blooms dark purple at the base of the flower spike with lavender buds higher up.  This concludes the current purchases slated for that garden, so I'll be moving on to another tomorrow.
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Today is warm and gray.  It rained thoroughly last night, so the ground is diggable again.  \o/

I went out and worked in the purple-and-white garden near the patio.  I planted one Allium 'Globemaster' which is a fist-sized bulb that will put up a softball-sized sphere of tiny purple flowers.  I also set out four Camassia leichtlinii, which will have spikes of starry lavender flowers.

When I went outside, a squirrel scampered away from the picnic table.  They've been cracking nuts on one bench.
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This is today's freebie, inspired by a prompt from [livejournal.com profile] rhodielady_47. It also fills the "balance" square in my 10-1-17 card for the Fall Festival bingo.


It's there in the instincts,
pouncing on a sudden motion
or else shying away from it.

It's there in the desires,
a yearning for sushi
or bloody-rare steak
or even wheatgrass.

It's there in the body language,
turning ears telegraphed into
a certain tilt of the head,
or tail wagging butt.

It's there in the thought patterns,
in the dynamics set to herd or pack
or solitary instead of troop.

It's there. It's there.

It's true, even if nobody else
can see it for what it is: Otherkin.

It's there in the telltails, and
it's true, even if it isn't real,
as inescapable as skin.

It takes time to find the balance
between Human and Other, and
it's not always easy, but then again,

balance is what tails are for.

* * *


Otherkin are people who identify with a species other than Homo sapiens.  The differences can be subtle or downright dramatic.  Some Otherkin get along fine in human society, but others pass for human only because most humans think everything that looks human must be  human.  Here are some clues that someone might be Otherkin.  In my experience, the best way to handle this is to try it out.  Does treating yourself or your friend as a wolf/dragon/sidhe etc. make life easier?  If so, continue and look for more such accommodations.  If not, look for some other model that works better.

Tails are common throughout much of the animal kingdom.  They serve many purposes, including balance.

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Today is sunny and warm.  I went out and relocated wildflower seeds into the prairie garden and septic garden.

Some kind of tiny, bitey insect that I don't recognize is out in force today.   Not much bigger than a flea, very annoying.  >_<
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Dolphins have dialects.  What's really interesting is that, in places where they have distinct behaviors, those fall along dialectic lines.  Dolphins who team up with humans speak differently than those who don't.

I'm totally up for writing about this. 
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This poem is from the May 19, 2017 Poetry Fishbowl. It was inspired by a prompt from [personal profile] helgatwb. It also fills the "laughter" square in my 5-2-15 card for the Wellness Toolbox Bingo fest. This poem has been sponsored by [personal profile] daisiesrockalot. It belongs to the series Path of the Paladins.

Read more... )


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