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This poem came out of the April 2, 2019 Poetry Fishbowl. It was inspired and sponsored by Shirley Barrette. It also fills the "cyberschool" square in my 2-1-19 card for the School Days Bingo fest.

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Welcome to those of you coming to Dreamwidth from Tumblr. I have found a few communities that may help you connect with people here.

[community profile] the_great_tumblr_purge is especially for people moving to Dreamwidth so you can find folks you knew on Tumblr.

[community profile] tumblrmigration has some resources on how to make the move effectively and get the hang of DW.

Friending communities help you find new people:

[community profile] addme covers everything.

[community profile] addme_fandom is for all fandoms.

[community profile] startrek_add_me is for fans of the Star Trek mythos.

[community profile] add_a_writer connects writers with other writers, and gives readers a place to find new writers to follow.

If you were using Tumblr for inspiration and need a replacement muse, consider:

[community profile] allbingo supports any kind of creative bingo. A new thematic fest appears each month. You can play a public card, make your own, or use one from an outside event.

[community profile] crowdfunding is for creators and consumers of cyberfunded creativity. Watch for the mid-month Creative Jam where you can leave or claim prompts.

If you miss the pretty pictures, try:

[community profile] shutterspeed offers photography prompts.

[community profile] picture_prompt_fun invites people to write stories from pictures.

[community profile] photocons posts icons made from photographs. Get some 100x100 user icons here!

[community profile] solitude_in_sight has photos without people.

[community profile] drawesome is a fanart community.

[community profile] artists is a community for art creators and lovers.

[community profile] graphics is an all-purpose visual art community.

If you wish to copy this list, or use it as inspiration to make you own, by all means do so. Helping Tumblr refugees feel more welcome, and making communities more active, will benefit everyone.
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As I expected, the changes at AO3 caused password decay.  But to my amazement, resetting the password actually worked!  I think that's the first time the automatic fix ever has.  See, this is why geeks should make things.  They do it better.
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 [personal profile] greywash has described a robust pattern in platform collapses.  This is a problem because people put a lot of time, energy, and money into building an online presence.  When those platforms are unreliable as a concept, that wastes a lot of effort every time they collapse, discourages people from investing that effort again, and thus makes cyberspace less functional for everyone.
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A number of my readers have various issues that mean sometimes they can't type or otherwise make words well, but they can still read things. I came across this gem of a comment from [personal profile] jeshyr today:

I'm not up to typing today so instead I have this copy-pasted message to let you know I greatly appreciated this post <3

I figured that other folks could make use of that concept. All you have to do is write up a general comment (or several expressing your most common responses) and save it for when you need it. [personal profile] jeshyr further notes:

I have a program (“Copy'em Paste”) that sits on my Mac menu bar and holds things that I can quickly copy into whatever I’m writing, so I keep lots of snippets - including this one - in that. You could have a similar effect though slightly less effectively by keeping them in a Notepad file or similar.

Back when I was editing magazines and running an online school, I kept generic files in MS Word that I could copy and customize as needed.   It saved me a lot of time.

This works a lot like the trick of printing up things you most need to say when you go nonverbal, so you can carry it and point to lines as needed, but since it stays on your computer it's something most of us will use more often.  No matter how big the problem, small solutions can sometimes make a surprisingly large improvement in your functionality.

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In mid-December AO3 is doing a major update that will log out everyone.  If you don't have the right email and password, you won't be able to get back in.

I have checked my data, and it claims to be correct.  However, I have a serious problem with password decay and other account loss, so don't be surprised if that account dies anyway.  >_<
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 [personal profile] mdlbear has posted a sticky post.  In particular, see his filk music and computer lore.  I'd love to see someone support the crowdfunded computer lore, because that's an awesome project.
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This poem came out of the October 2, 2018 Poetry Fishbowl. It was inspired and sponsored by [personal profile] satsuma. It also fills the "Epistolary fic: letters, emails, etc." square in my 9-2-18 card for the [community profile] ladiesbingo fest. This poem belongs to An Army of One series.

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 Possibly a useful tool, although in practice users typically have no rights.  Getting almost anything off the internet requires giving up rights.  You don't have to agree to that; people will just do it to you.

EDIT 9/17/18: [personal profile] technoshaman has volunteered to help anyone interested in obtaining less-rights-grabby software.
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So this post claims that the Internet stifles creativity.

*looks at list of fishbowl prompts*

*looks at 200+ pages of notes on The Big One mostly drawn from seismic sciences*


If the Internet is killing your creativity, the problem isn't the Internet, it's you.  The Internet is just a bigger, flashier library.  Learn to use it or it will use you.  The world is full of inspiration.  Pick a piece, sit your ass down, and make something out of it.

Flow Chart

Aug. 22nd, 2018 08:14 pm
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[personal profile] pantha made a flow chart for the Way Back Program.  I have an image file of it. But when I tried saving that to my LJ scrapbook, the image was too small to read.  >_<  Does anyone have a way to post images online at full size?  If so, I can send the file for you to post and I'll link to it. 
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Here's a thoughtful post about the pros and cons of social media for artists. Some thoughts ...

"Social media and I are already at odds on one major front: Social media does not like mistakes and imperfections. And I love mistakes and imperfections."

I love posts, visual or text, that show growth. The same picture at different stages. The same exercise done four times over a year. A picture and a discussion of its high and low points. A set of colortest thumbnails and why the artist picked a certain one for the bigger painting. A set of poems and critique of them. That sort of thing.

Polished work is everywhere. Crap is everywhere. A good comparison or analysis is much harder to find, and much more useful.

"If you cater to trends and popularity, you’ll get the likes you wanted, but you’ll also end up with art that doesn’t feel like you."

In order to compete well as a private creative rather than one who works for some big company, you need to find a niche -- or several -- that you enjoy filling, and that doesn't get a lot of love from the mainstream.  You're looking for a place with low competition and its own audience of people unsatisfied with that low productivity (and often, quality).  Make some stuff and put it out there.  Market to people who are looking for what you want to make.  Then, after you have a crowd of like-minded folks, you can use them for inspiration.  They'll ask for things you might never have thought of, but will probably be things you can do.  When you and your audience get into a positive feedback loop, you get to make stuff you enjoy, they get to buy stuff they enjoy, and together you fill a gap of entertainment that was mostly empty or crappy before you moved in and started fixing it up.  \o/

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 Now I knew that the state of science was pretty bad due to the influence of money, along with people not bothering to frame their studies properly in the first place, but here's a report that ONE IN FIVE genetics papers contains errors inserted by Microsoft Excel.  There is not enough W in TF for this.  >_<
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 Apparently most people use email very differently than I do.  I can see why they'd hate it if they only use it for things they hate, such as work.  For me, I love my work.  I don't have local friends, so my friendly relationships exist in email and blogs.  I hate all the short message options, because I hate short messages.  I don't think in soundbites.  The topics I enjoy discussing don't fit in soundbites.  I despise phones.  This is only partly because modern ones tend to break when I touch them, are all but unintelligible, and hurt my ears.  I hated phones before that; it's just worse now.  At least the old landline phones were usable. But email is great.  I can answer it at my convenience.  Discussions fit into it just fine.  I can go back to look at older ones if I need to.
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Social media now offers filters that let people edit photos of themselves, which seems to be changing the way people view their bodies, with very negative results.


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