The MBTA Customer Opinion Panel

Feb. 22nd, 2019 04:26 pm
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Have you seen this or signed up for it? It requires either a CharlieCard or a CharlieTicket number, and your responses are linked to that.

The MBTA Customer Opinion Panel is a group of several thousand customers who have signed up to tell us about their experiences every few months.

Customers fill out an initial signup survey that gives us some basic information, and then receive a satisfaction survey every month which takes about 5-10 minutes to fill out. We use these responses to understand how we’re doing in delivering many aspects of our service, including reliability, cleanliness, maintenance, and more.

Filling out the satisfaction survey allows customers to enter a monthly drawing for a LinkPass.

The Customer Opinion Panel is open to all MBTA riders. Your input will help keep us focused on what matters most to you as we work to improve our service.

Follow Up Oscar Predictions, 2019

Feb. 22nd, 2019 08:29 pm
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Posted by John Scalzi

When the Oscar nominations came out this year, I did my first-pass guesses as to who and what would take the statuettes home, and noted I would follow-up closer to time, because things change. And this year, yow, did they — A Star Is Born, the film I suspected would take the win, appears to have faded considerably in the last few weeks as it was passed over again and again by the various other awards ceremonies. At the same time, no one film has emerged as a frontrunner in any of the run-up awards.

Which means: Surprise! No one knows anything, least of all me. So for this year, I’m officially announcing that I don’t have much confidence in my predictions — use for your home Oscar pool at your own risk. That said, here are my best guesses as to who will in this Sunday:

Best Picture: I think Roma has the best chance, as everyone at least seems to like it, a lot of people love it, and at least a few think it’s stunning. For an award that is decided by instant runoff, that should be enough to get it over the line. It’s possible Green Book will come up from the outside, but if it does, expect a lot of post-ceremony kvetching about it. Maybe A Star is Born will still pull it out? But it really does feel as if its star has fallen.

Best Director: Still think it’s Alfonso Cuarón, although at this point the only director I’d say I’m absolutely sure won’t take it is Adam McKay. I’d personally give it to Spike Lee both because the film merits it and as a career award, but then again no one’s letting me vote (I think Lee still has a chance at an Oscar, however, in the screenplay category, screenplay often being the consolation Oscar for directors).

Best Actress: Still think this is Glenn Close, although outside shots from Olivia Colman and Melissa McCarthy (who I didn’t think had a chance when the noms came out) are still possible. Honestly, though, I don’t know why anyone would deny Close at this point.

Best Actor: Everyone seems to think Rami Malek has it, while my own previous guess (Willem Dafoe) doesn’t seem to be part of anyone’s conversation. At this point, unless Bradley Cooper makes a surprise comeback, I think everyone is probably right.

Best Supporting Actress: Buzz seems to be on Regina King, although I think Amy Adams still has a chance. Either is perfectly deserving.

Best Supporting Actor: Star’s fade means that the sure bet I thought existed in Sam Elliott may not be that great of a bet, and people seem to think Mahershala Ali might get his second Oscar in two years. As may be, but I’m not going to throw the towel in on Elliott yet. I think he might surprise folks. We’ll see!

The Madness Place

Feb. 22nd, 2019 01:15 pm
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Pony icon, Girl Genius reference in the title, MCU topic... I am mixing my fandoms a lot! I don't have a Thor/Loki BDSM icon, though. Given where things are headed in my fanfiction just now, I probably could use one.

Three days ago I started it. As of this morning it's 15k long. Also I haven't written anything else, and have been at least mildly neglecting a bunch of other stuff I need to do. That's what I mean by "the madness place." The writing that happens and can't be stopped and I don't even get to sleep sometimes because the story will just bang around in my head, keeping my brain running, so I might as well get up and write some more.

This one isn't that bad, I have been mostly sleeping, though I stayed up a little bit later than I should last night.

But yeah. Apparently having Loki top Thor in a real world BDSM setting is really my jam, because this story is going like hell.

I also have all these thoughts about the other dynamic, the Thor-as-top one kicking around in my head. Electroplay in spades! And probably lots and lots of primal stuff, just using the sheer physicality of the guy. (I feel mildly weird sometimes, btw, knowing that my mental image of these two characters doing kink and fucking and all that is also of two real people. I mean, I googled the actor's heights just to be sure I was correct about whether Thor or Loki was taller. It's a slightly odd feeling. I don't think I could ever cross the line from fanfic to the whole real-people-fic thing some folks do. Though there was a time period when Bill Kaulitz from Tokio Hotel tempted me in that direction. Mrrrowr. But I digress.)

Still open for a pre-reader if anybody wants a whole heck of a lot of various kink play. :3 Haven't gotten to the sex yet, but every scene they do gets just a little more sexual than the last. I think I'm about half way right now?

P.S. I used to get my Thor/Loki (and Link too) kink image needs met at Y!gallery, which no longer exists. Where do people go for non-furry gay smut these days?

Out of copyright books recs?

Feb. 22nd, 2019 04:03 pm
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I've always had a great deal of trouble falling asleep (which, interestingly, I just ran across a reference that that it might be a common trait in Seasonal Affective Disorder, though I haven't had time to look into the research). The current workaround I'm using to try and trick my body into going to sleep in a reasonable amount of time is to listen to audiobooks – specifically ones from LibriVox. LibriVox is a fantastic resource, if you've never heard of it before: free audiobooks of out of copyright works read by volunteers. They have an impressively enormous catalogue of books, but the trick is finding ones worth listening to, since I'm not actually interested in "According to Promise, or The Lord’s Method of Dealing with His Chosen People" or "Abraham Lincoln: A History, Volume 10" even for the purpose of driving myself into unconsciousness.

I've already listened to all of Jane Austen, several of Anthony Trollope, Ivanhoe, P. G. Wodehouse's Jeeves (only two are out of copyright, unfortunately), Jane Eyre and Villette, Lady Audley's Secret (which is a FANTASTIC sensation novel, if you've never heard of it, and one I highly recommend), Dickens's Bleak House, and probably at least a few others I can't remember right now.

And now I need more. What books would you all recommend? It's a good bet that anything written pre-1920 probably exists on LibriVox, so feel free to rec anything you've enjoyed reading, not just a specific recording. Since it is for the purposes of sleeping, I've found that anything too grim (Heart of Darkness) or too complicated (Joyce's Ulysses) doesn't work well, but a mildly amusing and engaging tone is ideal.

Carmilla Fic Recs

Feb. 22nd, 2019 04:12 pm
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The story of Carmilla is one of my absolute favorite vampire tales. It's such a fascinating story of gothic horror and I really love Le Fanu's style of prose and writing he takes. These are some of my favorite Carmilla fanfics that I feel do a fantastic job of recapturing Le Fanu's way with words as well as expanding on his story and adding new dimensions to it.

Title: A Restless and Unscrupulous Passion
Author: Emiline
Rating: Mature
Length: 1263 words
Summary: I sought to use her adoration for me, as she used mine for her, to gain that knowledge I so desperately sought.

Title: Come Through Stone Walls
Author: Violsva
Rating: Explicit
Length: 1806 words
Summary: I saw, or fancied I saw, the room and its furniture just as I had seen it last, except that it was very dark, and I saw something moving round the foot of the bed, which at first I could not accurately distinguish.

Title: Make thy life shudder in thee, and burn afresh
Author: beyonces_fiancee
Rating: Explicit
Length: 6347 words
Summary:At her urging, I continued shakily, "Thy flower-sweet fingers, good to bruise or bite… as—as honeycomb of the inmost honey-cells…" Carmilla half-sat up to rest her chin on my shoulder; I could feel her feminine figure draped heavily against my back. I felt surrounded by her, engulfed in her. Her fingertips tickled down the nape of my neck, rising a shiver in my blood, and the printed page swam beneath my gaze as she stroked the skin below my collarbone—and lower, and lower.

Laura discloses to a sympathetic listener the intimate details of her relationship with Carmilla.

Title: I Am Dead, My Dearest
Author: havocthecat
Rating: M
Length: 2429 words
Summary: this hour the image of Carmilla returns to memory with ambiguous alternations--sometimes the playful, languid, beautiful girl; sometimes the writhing fiend I saw in the ruined church; and often from a reverie I have started, fancying I heard the light step of Carmilla at the drawing room door.

Title: lightning is my girl
Author: Katarik
Rating: Not Rated
Length: 1865 words
Summary: An excerpt from a letter from a kindly soul lost to demons years hence, found in the correspondence of the late Doctor Hesselius, relating to an Essay upon the strange subject herein discussed.

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A health watchdog will carry out a national review of the water systems at all healthcare facilities in Scotland built since 2013 to avoid a repeat of an infection outbreak at a children's hospital.

Health Protection Scotland (HPS) launched an investigation after patients in wards for those with compromised immune systems at the Royal Hospital for Children (RHC) in Glasgow were found to have infections.

An HPS investigation report states the first child was infected in 2016, with a total of 25 cases found by September 2018, when the patients were moved out of the wards 2A/B and into the neighbouring Queen Elizabeth University Hospital (QEUH).

No patients died as a result of the outbreak, but a number of children required "additional intervention" and there were delays to chemotherapy treatments.

Tests found "widespread contamination of the water system that serves both QEUH and RHC".

This included contamination on taps and drains in the affected wards, and the system there was sanitised, with water filters put in place, and drains were decontaminated prior to the patients being moved.

Now, as part of a series of recommendations, HPS plans to "undertake an urgent national water review of all healthcare premises built since 2013 to provide assurance that a similar incident has not and is not likely to occur elsewhere".

The report said the most likely cause is thought to be a possible combination of existing contamination at the installation and/or commissioning of the water system and contamination at taps spreading backwards.

Water samples showed indicators of contamination prior to handover and the contractor sanitised the system but there were some indications there may still have been areas with higher than acceptable levels of the contamination indicator.

'We are sorry that a number of young patients in our care suffered an infection and also apologise for the inconvenience and worry that the families in wards 2A and B in particular will have experienced.'

Part of a water treatment system installed involves continual dosing with chlorine dioxide which the report said may take up to two years to be effective throughout the system.

A spokeswoman for the health board said: "There have been no cases of infection associated with water since September 2018.

"Our engineering teams have installed a water treatment system within the Royal Hospital for Children and are working on the new system for the adult hospital. This will be completed in March.

"In the meantime, filters remain in place and we continue to monitor the quality of water with very encouraging results.

"Over the past few months, whilst our investigations continued, our overriding priority has always been the safety of our patients.

"We are sorry that a number of young patients in our care suffered an infection and also apologise for the inconvenience and worry that the families in wards 2A and B in particular will have experienced."

She added that four reviews into the hospital have been announced since the report was written in December 2018.

Health Secretary Jeane Freeman said: "The report makes a number of important recommendations for NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, as well as all NHS boards, Health Protection Scotland and Health Facilities Scotland.

"It is vital that these recommendations are addressed.

"NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde continue to take the necessary actions and I will continue to seek regular updates on these actions to ensure full accountability of the board.

"I will also ensure that work is taken forward on the wider recommendations to ensure key lessons can be learned Scotland-wide to prevent similar issues arising in the future and ensure our healthcare facilities support the delivery of world-class health care."

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The devil and vampires and zombies, oh my! The following selection of TV shows have supernatural creatures as their protagonists, whether in a modern setting or an apocalyptic one. If you’ve longed to hear about the ‘monster’s’ point of view, look no further, as these fandoms will give you exactly that.


The Walking Dead: A terrifying virus has killed most of the world’s population, but these dead do not rest: they continue to wander, pursuing and consuming the living.
Check out creators' offers in this fandom:


  • gaialux is offering fanfiction for ratings E (explicit) and below. You can find their portfolio here!
  • lettered is offering fanfiction for ratings E (explicit) and below. You can find their portfolio here!


The Originals: A spin-off from The Vampire Diaries set in New Orleans, this show centers on the Mikaelson siblings, otherwise known as the world's original vampires.
Check out creators' offers in this fandom:


  • princessoftheworlds is offering fanfiction for ratings E (explicit) and below. You can find their portfolio here!
  • wheatear is offering fanfiction for ratings M (mature) and below. You can find their portfolio here!


The Mummy: A librarian, her brother and an American adventurer travel to the archeological site of Hamunaptra, the city of the dead, where they accidentally awaken a cursed mummy.
Check out creators' offers in this fandom:


  • Merfilly is offering fanfiction for ratings T (teen) and below. You can find their portfolio here!
  • SilverInk is offering fanfiction for ratings M (mature) and below. You can find their portfolio here!


iZombie: In this comics-based TV show, an accidentally-turned medical resident finds that being a zombie has its perks, which she uses to assist the police.
Check out the creator offer in this fandom:


  • Lizifer is offering fan art for ratings E (explicit) and below. You can find their portfolio here!


Blood Ties: Vicki Nelson, a former homicide detective turned private investigator, and Henry Fitzroy, a 470-year-old vampire, form a unique team solving cases and dealing with the supernatural world.
Check out the creator offer in this fandom:


  • spikedluv is offering fanfiction for ratings E (explicit) and below. You can find their portfolio here!


Lucifer: The devil decides he's had enough of being a dutiful servant in Hell, abandoning it for Los Angeles, where he runs his own nightclub and becomes a consultant for the LAPD.
Check out the creator offer in this fandom:



If these didn’t take your fancy, there are 78 other offers that might – we have creators who are offering fic, art, and fan labor (betaing, translation, etc.) for absolutely any fandom you choose. Find them in the Fandom: Any tag! (As a reminder: it’s always a good idea to communicate with a creator before bidding if you have specific ideas about what you want).

All auctions open at midnight on Tuesday, February 26th at 20:00 EST (what time is it for me?) and close Friday, March 1st at 20:00 EST (what time is it for me?).

What are Fandom Features?
If you’re hoping to bid on a fanworks for MCU, Supernatural or Harry Potter, you’ll have dozens of options! But some fandoms that have a large presence online have quite a small overlap with Fandom Trumps Hate, and we want to change that. Our 24 Fandom Features call attention to some of FTH’s participating fandoms so you can spread the word to fellow fans, and get excited for the amazing fanworks you will soon be able to bid on!

We have a huge variety of fandoms on offer. Find the full taglist here, and tips on how to search Dreamwidth posts here.

What is Fandom Trumps Hate?
FTH is a pan-fandom fanwork auction that raises money for communities that are most vulnerable under the current US administration. Read more about us here, check out our FAQ here, and follow us on our DreamWidth community or @fandomtrumpshate.

art in Tennessee

Feb. 22nd, 2019 12:20 pm
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..may be seem here.

The press release reads in part:

Deliberate Works

One could say that our latest exhibition quite literally jumps into the contemporary craft movement. Our first Main Gallery show at the Folk Art Center, Deliberate Works, features objects made by faculty, students, resident artists and alumni of the Appalachian Center for Craft.

We actually got to watch artist in residence Anne Bujold install her "Doe" for two days on one the of the side walls that pours into the gallery. Combining both metalsmithing and blacksmithing techniques, Bujold uses alternative materials in conjunction with metals. In her sculptures, animals are agents examining the spaces between definitions, that fertile ground where new forms emerge. ...

Ta, L.

posted by Lois McMaster Bujold on February, 22
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Posted by DaveKellett

I'll be drawing live starting around 12:30PM PT (about 15 mins from now), here:
You can watch, ask questions in the chat bar, and basically BE BEST FRIENDS FOREVER.


Feb. 22nd, 2019 12:40 pm
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I woke this morning to wind rattling the windows and gusting through the cedars that overhang the house. And now it's snowing like fury out there--falling thick and fast and swirling in otherwise unseen eddies of wind.

And the ambulance just took our across-the-street neighbor to Hospice. The neighbor who took months of careful measurements and notes and evaluations to decide to buy the house. Who set about remodeling to her own specs and standards, who pulled down the back shed, grown in stages, like Topsy, cleared the debris and erected a solid, square and plumb foundation and a new shed on that spot. Who insulated and drywalled and polycoated the rafters and beams on the inside, and installed a treadmill and a stationary bike. Who recruited a student worker to help her clear the lot around the foundation of the house, lay gravel and paving stones--by hand. Who hired someone to build a porch, somewhere to sit outside and read in nice weather, that someone who wandered away, unpaid, abandoning his tools.

OH took a look at the dangerously shoddy job left undone and volunteered to build it, and spent the summer doing just that.

She had lived in PNW and Canada--standing just under 5' and retaining a slight lilt of Irish accent, she was of liberal opinion and speech. After doing all her dilligence on buying the house, she found herself nested between two staunch fundamentalist tea partiers, both hard of hearing, who in warmer months of open windows, blasted Rush Limbaugh and his ilk from waking to sleeping. She was not amused.

She had played on an Irish hurling team, and one of her fondest memories was traveling to a meet in NYC by subway and seeing the other passengers expressions as this team of Amazons of variegated size and shape boarded the train, sticks in hand. She has a shelf full of golf trophies, and she and her foursome would drive to Canada, play their 18 holes, have lunch, and return before the local course would have found space in their schedule for the ladies to play.

Having noted the frequent whimsical fencing made up of discarded single skis, she made her own garden fence of hockey and hurling sticks. Her latest project before she became ill was to build a ramp beside her back steps so her disabled friends could come visit, and to pave the dirt floor of her carport with concrete patio slabs bedded in pea gravel. Those tasks won't be finished, now.

She was driving her little red car less than a month ago. Whatever's taking her moved swiftly, and left little time for goodbyes. Little but fierce, and forever remembered.
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[personal profile] waxjism noticed that Snookums had lost some weight and was drinking a ton and suspected he might have diabetes, and I had a complete meltdown over the idea of anything being wrong with him or anything endangering his health in any way because he's my baby. I had to take a benzo to get to sleep after she presented the idea to me earlier this week.

And Snookums could've probably used one in the last 24 hrs, but he remained straightedge for the whole of his 12 hrs' fasting, his trip to the vet via the bus inside a cat carrier (-8 today), and his blood testing ordeal. He was a very good and incredibly easy to handle boy, whose charming face and Longcatness were remarked on by the vet and technicians, as well as his enterprising decision to investigate under the desk and in the sink in case they offered any hiding places (they didn't). I've never seen him so anxious, though.

Unsurprisingly Wax was right, and then she said something about the blood glucose testing device we used to have in the closet and it turns out the now dearly departed The Crazy (that is, Tea), who shuffled off this mortal coil in 2014, had diabetes for a while first and because that was the middle of my late dog Perry's wasting illness, I had managed to completely forget about it until now. "That's why I recognized the symptoms!" said Wax. "Haha, you thought I just magically knew what was wrong with him because I'm so smart."

Unfortunately the best way to control kitty blood sugar is eliminating all carbs as much as possible, this is more difficult while feeding dry food, and the cats have already foiled one past attempt to transition them to a raw diet. We'll see.

Fun fact! Because Finnish doesn't have gendered 3rd person singular pronouns, Finns have trouble remembering the difference between the he/his and the she/hers. Today (not for the first time) they all defaulted to "she/her" (and continued in English even though I told them they could speak Finnish: also standard).

Star Wars quilt

Feb. 22nd, 2019 03:22 pm
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Finished another quilt, from a pre-printed panel:

quilt with Rey and BB8

It's basically lap-sized, a bit more than three feet wide by not quite four feet tall. The border fabric is porgs along the bottom and starfuries along the sides. The inner border is part of the panel and features more starfuries. I screwed up the quilting in a few places, but not too badly.
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"Mr. Holmes, did you see anything at the time that Colonel Sylvester died -- whom he spoke with or what he did?"

Mycroft shakes his great head. "I am sorry to disappoint you, but I was deep in my reading of a report and did not look up until I heard the thud when he hit the floor. Of course, he talked to no one -- such conduct is strictly forbidden in the Diogenes club."

You smile at Mycroft, trying to think of the best way to ask your questions.

Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 3

Now what?

View Answers

Ask what he thought of Sylvester.
3 (100.0%)

Nah, something else.
0 (0.0%)

FFA DW Post 1038 - Placeholder

Feb. 22nd, 2019 09:15 pm
sunnymodffa: Aku, a seal from Japan, with a plushie toy version of himself on his back. (Seal of Approval)
[personal profile] sunnymodffa posting in [community profile] fail_fandomanon

- All US Politics must stick to one thread and that thread must be clearly labelled as such.
- For a wide variety of reasons, no deliberate variant fonts, no emoji in thread titles. You can use them in the comment, but not in the title.

All the [community profile] fail_fandomanon Rules and Information (and Ban Requests): The short version: no embeds, don't out people's real names, don't be that much of an asshole, body fluids are off topic, Mods reserve the right to freeze, screen, and delete the fuck out of stuff. FFA discussion covers a wide variety of topics and has a very flexible view of 'fandom' that includes politics, current events, and cooking techniques. FFA is a Choose NOT to Warn experience. Meme away.

Other posts and resources relevant to your interests:

NB: Meme rules do not require spoiler cuts/white-text/etc. Though, if you want to use spoiler cuts, a wonderful nonnie found a way to add them to DW. Just use the code below.
<div tabindex="-1"><b>spoiler title</b><div>Some spoilery content.</div></div>
See here for a detailed explanation and caveats.

If you would like to be banned to avoid anonfailing please leave a comment at the rules post here:

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All discussion of sexual assault and rape culture in media should go in one thread.

The 6500 comment limit is now permanent; 'which topics belong on main meme' wank remains banned.

Egypt Ice Hockey

Feb. 22nd, 2019 02:16 pm
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Found on Tumblr:
There is a non-professional ice hockey team in Egypt and their jersey is fucking amazeballs.

I wrote them to ask if it was possible to order a jersey and they wrote back in the affirmative! They're $90 (which is pretty comparable to other official jerseys I've seen) and $30 shipping to the U.S. They even let you choose what name and number you want on the back! Drop me a message or an email if you want me to forward you the ordering info.
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What started like any typical Friday evening quickly escalated to something much more traumatic for Cecilia Celis and her puppy Lulu. "We were inside making tacos, and we hear crying. We just hear them barking and crying, so we are like 'oh they're just play fighting' and a second later, I just look outside. We see a huge bird fly up, and I yell at the bird, 'get off my dog! Get off my dog!" Celis explains. Surveillance video from Celis'home shows her rushing outside to her two-pound Yorkie who was in the talons of a large bird, possibly a hawk. Lulu survived the bird attack without sustaining serious injuries. Brave Girl! 

Submitted by: (via KSNV News 3 Las Vegas)

Tagged: dogs , saving , birds , Video , rescue


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