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A genogram, like an egomap, uses geometric symbols to mark relationships between people.  A handful of symbols cover the most common relationships.  But there are a LOT more, and for some people, skipping those is incomplete to the point of misleading or abusive.

This is a basic set with a few useful additions

This one is more multicultural.

Here is an extensive QUILTBAG set.

There's a lot of overlap but they don't use all the exact same symbols.  That's okay.  What matters is finding a way to diagram the relationships that are useful in a given context.  That can vary because these things are used in psychotherapy, genetic counseling, genealogy, sociology, linguistics, and so on.
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Here is a gatherum of my recent posts about rock painting.

Rock Painting
I collated some instructions on how to paint rocks, with an emphasis on spring flowers.  We did wind up painting some flowers on our rocks, along with other things too.

Painting Rocks
This is my original note about the project.

Painted Rocks from Ostara
Here are group and individual pictures of some rocks we decorated for our Ostara ritual this year.

Supplies for Painting Rocks
This post includes photos of the supplies we bought, a discussion of their performance, and some rocks decorated with them. 

Lake Charleston
This is the first place I went to hide a couple of my painted rocks.
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I have posted pictures of my rock painting supplies with a discussion of their performance.
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These are the instructions I pulled together for our Ostara rock painting activity. Be aware that many of the links have cookies, pop-ups, or other problems that I usually route around -- I ignored those this time because I was mainly interested in printing out the instructions and images, and didn't have enough choices to avoid the virtual fleas.

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A hate crime has killed dozens of Muslims in New Zealand. My kiwi friends are all upset about this, and so are a lot of other folks. So here are some practical things you can do ...

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Bokashi composting is an anaerobic process that can reduce food scraps -- including meat and dairy as well as vegetables -- into highly acidic "pre-compost." Normally this is dug into a garden, but it shouldn't come into direct contact with plant roots immediately. This made me think of two other applications.

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A friend tipped me to this excellent discussion about gossip in Judaism, when it is or is not permissible and why.  While gentiles are not bound by Jewish law as Jews are, it remains a very useful set of guidelines, and following them -- even if you cherrypick your favorites -- would prevent a lot of headaches.
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While doing research, I came across these patterns for making rag toys.  I had a lot of homemade toys when I was little, and I loved them.



And in case you want to dress them ...



EDIT 2/8/19: [personal profile] pantha has reminded me of this awesome pattern for a giant squid pillow.  Very popular in Kraken.  :D

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This article mentions some coping methods for people who wear binders. People have used Tumblr and other social media to remind wearers to check their breathing once an hour. If you wear binders but don't use those venues, you can substitute any other reminder service or app that you like, to remind you to check your breathing or do a breath meditation at your preferred frequency. (Yes, binders have risks like asphyxiation, overheating, and rib injuries. O_O) Practice safe binding and take care of the body you have.

Setting Up Instagram Reminders Via Buffer

Set Reminders on Facebook

10 Best Reminder Apps for iPhone, Android, and Windows

You may need to hunt around to find a level of body awareness and breath work that feels comfortable for you, which is often a challenge with body dysphoria, so I included some abstract instructions that don't point to your body. Other folks need the guidance to check in that they are safe, because it is hard for them to connect with their body.

30-second Calm Breathe Bubble

1-minute Triangle Breathing

1-minute Basic Breath Meditation

3-minute Breathing Space

EDIT 2/7/19: [personal profile] eseme recommends The Breathing App.

When you take your binder off, it helps to focus on your breathing for a longer time if you can.

10-minute Triangle Breathing

10 Minute Awareness of Breath Mindfulness Meditation

It also helps to do some gentle stretches to open your chest after compression. Choose from Yoga, Tai Chi, and various other styles. Do what works for you.

6-minute Side Body Stretches for Deeper Breath

7-minute Upper Back and Chest Stretches

8-minute Tai Chi Breathing Exercises

18-minute Coordinate Movement + Breathing Tai Chi

30-minute Breathe & Flow Yoga

For that matter, if you wear a bra, corset, necktie, button collar, choker, or anything else that can restrict your breathing then these precautions may prove useful. Binders are just one of the most notorious garments for causing problems, not the only risk.
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While searching for something else, I stumbled across this excellent guide to constructing a safe, fun trip on hallucinogens.

By the way, this is a supervillain game show in Terramagne:

Honestly, I would watch a game show where people have to drop acid and perform mundane tasks like buttoning a shirt, refilling an ice cube tray, putting a fitted sheet on a bed, etc.

Fruit Walls

Feb. 4th, 2019 01:23 pm
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A friend tipped me to this fascinating article about fruit walls, which can be bare or assisted with glass.  It is an excellent way of growing food in places with cold or windy weather.

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I made this tonight as my January new recipe. It occurred to me that I could use the George Foreman grill to cook fruits or vegetables, not just meats. :D Success!

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The Repair Café is a network of places where you can take broken stuff and fix it for free. This is not limited to geekery with machines. You can take clothes, toys, all kinds of stuff.  Find one near you or start one.  Sadly, the only two in Illinois are right next to each other, in Chicago and Oak Park.  :(

I will add, not knowing that things can be fixed and not knowing how to fix them are only two thirds of the problem -- the ones you can influence yourself.  A much more serious issue is that most modern products are not designed to be fixable at all, only thrown away the moment anything breaks.  They are made so covers won't come off, so broken areas can't be separated from whole ones.  That's vicious, and it's also infantalizing, because it prevents people from doing things for themselves.

So another part of this movement is to search out and buy products that can be repaired.  For a brilliant example, look at 3D archery targets.  These things take a beating.  The core, and sometimes the whole midsection, can be replaced with spare parts.  For some targets and companies, all the parts can be replaced.  You can even buy repair kits with foam, paint, etc. for smaller touchups.  That's fantastic, because these things are really expensive; repairing them saves a lot of money and resources.
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Here's a brilliant article about why so many modern buildings are hideous and why that's a serious problem we need to fix. 

Our environment affects our moodBeautiful surroundings make people happier.  Ugly surroundings make people unhappy.  While many factors influence mood, it is easier to be happy in a beautiful place than in an ugly place.  Here are some ways to improve your mood by beautifying your home.
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It occurs to me that the government shutdown offers an unparalleled opportunity to reach out to people who might decide that the Republican Party does not have their best interest at heart.  If you belong to a political party which upholds strong labor values such as a living wage, or a strong social safety net such as affordable housing, consider raising funds and distributing them to people directly harmed by the shutdown -- no strings attached, just let them know who you are and your platform on the topic.  These are the most and least affected states.  

After all, this is supposed to be a government of the people, by the people, for the people.  If the elected officials can't be arsed to do their jobs, we can always do it for them.  And that could generate some very interesting attention.
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Identifying animal tracks is fun.  I still have the habit, despite not being a hunter in this life.  I always step around them, not on them.  Over the last week or so I have observed the following tracks in our yard:

* cottontail rabbit
* fox squirrel (tracks are similar to these gray squirrel tracks)
* birds (likely including mourning dove, sparrow, dark-eyed junco, and cardinal)
* cat
* canine (dog, fox, or coyote; probably coyote from the size) 
* human


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