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Some movies don't need a plot.  They just need dinosaurs.  This is one of those movies.  I would happily have watched it just for the FX.

And then they added a dinosaur whisperer.  Also a hawt redhead.

Shut up and TAKE MAH MONEY!
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Here, courtesy of the Open University, is a sample of Shakespeare in the original pronunciation with detailed attention to puns and other features that work in the original but not in the contemporary. 

Education wants to be free.  :D  I have to admit, I'm not a big fan of Shakespeare but I'd be more inclined to listen like this.  I had a couple of teachers who were and they were worth listening just because they had so much fun with it -- including things like this, reading the original language and pointing out subtleties.
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Oh yeah.  That's a thing that happened.  New headcanon accepted.  :D 
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Here is an illustrated discussion about racism in comics. First, it's an example of the peskiness that people of color deal with all the time. Second, it's a sharp reminder to build clear character sheets if you are working on a team, and what can go wrong if you're careless about that or change things over time. Whitewashing tends to annoy people a lot.

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I'm actually not quite the only person who makes gothic fluff.  If you like my Frankenstein's Family, you'll probably get a kick out of Hotel Transylvania.
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Here's an article about women in comics and art. Cool redesigns.

My experience? Women want AGENCY. (If that's you and you haven't seen the move "Lucy" yet, go do that.) They want female characters to have a goal of their own and some ability to influence what happens as they pursue it.

What do my readers ask for in female characters?

Women on the autistic spectrum.

An asexual, aromantic character with some good friends. "I am imagining a very affectionate biromantic asexual genderqueer character who has a passion for gardening, especially growing edible herbs and plants, and loves getting the children involved in the garden too."

Someone using origami to work magic.

A battered, world-weary paladin instead of a shiny, perfect one.

P.I.E. was my own wish: one night after wanting to throw an entire bookstore against a wall, I sat down and wrote a smart, strong urban fantasy hera who is courted by assholes and does NOT fall in love with them, but instead shows interest in a nice guy. Who does not turn out to be a demon, evil spy, villain, or corpse. He's just a little accident-prone.

Someone who could actually unite the squabbling municipalities of southern Louisiana. A gendershifting transwoman. A scientist addressing mental illness. What can happen when women with superpowers have to deal with sexism, glass ceilings, and other bullshit. And most of my female characters on either side of the cape wear practical clothes. Until I got to Dvorak, who uses a boob window for its original purpose: to make men stupid.

A black, British, female steampunk engineer.

This series began with a request for a lesbian couple, one of whom is Deaf and the other walks with a cane, fighting crime together.  Walking the Beat has turned into my only popular series that is ordinary instead of speculative fiction.

Folks, listen to your audience.  Fan ideas can be way better than another McFloozie in a poorly designed swimsuit.
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Leonard Nimoy has passed away.  He lived long, and prospered.  He both was and was not Spock.  But while everyone knows that role, I have another favorite too: he also starred in Brave New World, where it was utterly delightful to see him frisking around advising the other characters to be happy and have lots of promiscuous sex.

He taught us a lot about logic and emotion; more crucially still, the need to balance both in order to live well.  Along with the rest of the Star Trek teamfamily, he taught us about tolerance -- not just of others, but of ourselves.  He showed us glimpses, not just of one future, but of many futures.  In doing these things, he left an imprint that will last as long as our culture does.

So I'm sorry he's left us -- though he has left quite a lot to us -- and I'm really going to miss that man.  But on the other side...

Leonard Nimoy looks at the enormous mob burgeoning around The Great Con in the Sky.  Two cloud buses have arrived simultaneously.  One of them disgorges a flock of angels -- is that Metatron? -- while the other lets out a stream of tzadikim.  On the front lawn, a circle of Summerlanders are spit-roasting an entire ox.

Leonard shakes his head and sneaks around back in search of an open window.  Just as he is closing the window behind himself, a soft sound makes him whirl around.  "Gene!" he cries gladly.

"Hello, old friend," says Gene Roddenberry as they hug.  "Sorry about the crush out front.  People are excited to see you."

Leonard raises an eyebrow.  "Coming in the back way was a logical ruse," he says.  "But what are you  doing here?"

"Waiting for you," Gene replies.  "Since you made your peace with old Spock, I figured you'd take the logical route.  Come on, I'll show you where we stashed the secret Green Room.  If we hurry, we can get there before Isaac Asimov eats all the cookies."

Grinning, Leonard drapes a long arm over Gene's shoulders and says, "Lead the way."

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This poem came out of the February 2015 Crowdfunding Creative Jam. It was inspired by a prompt from [personal profile] chordatesrock. It has been sponsored by Anthony & Shirley Barrette. This poem belongs to the Aquariana thread of the Polychrome Heroics series.

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So there's a petition to set up the new MCU Spiderman as Miles Morales.  It's a longshot, but I am so rooting for this.  I haven't even bothered to watch the latest Spiderman movies, the trailers looked so awful; I prefer the earlier ones.  But if we could have Miles?  TAKE MAH MONEY!

I will never cease to be impressed by the fact that Miles came out of someone at Marvel saying, "I wonder what the demographics of New York are like today," looking up some actual facts, and then responding to the huge mixed race population by giving Miles an African/Hispanic heritage.  :D  
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... which is hardly a surprise. What really disappoints me is this:

"Academy president Cheryl Boone Isaacs -- notably the first black person in her position -- denies that the academy has a problem recognizing diversity, but the demographics of the organization's members tell a different story."

Since the demographics indicate a clear bias toward white men, the above statement means that she agrees  with that situation.  She sees it, but doesn't consider it a problem.  She thinks it's okay and should stay that way.

Lady, please go the fuck home.  Some of us are tired of Hollywonderbread.
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 Over on LJ, I have posted photos of building Leonardo da Vinci's trebuchet.
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Over on LJ, I have posted photos of building the Imperial Hotel Lego model. 
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Actor Gary Owens has passed away.  I knew him from his work as the voice of Space Ghost and the announcer of Sesame Street.  :''''''(

Meanwhile, outside the Great Con in the Sky, Laika the cosmonaut dog is licking all over this guy.
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 This short film draws on African lore, bringing it into contemporary Britain.  The effect is eerie and compelling.
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This is the bonus material perk for the February 3, 2015 Poetry Fishbowl meeting the $300 level.

In Terramagne, Tim Henson makes Floppits and launched a television show called Semolina Lane. One thing that distinguishes Floppits from Muppets is that Floppits are soft puppets (like Kermit, but unlike Bert) who can scrunch their faces, and they also have a very particular gesture of scrunching down so that the sleeve wrinkles, the way a human would slouch or cringe. They use foam in different degrees of stiffness to provide structure, with skin made from another material such as fleece or fake fur. They can be human, humanoid, anthropomorphic, or animal in shape. (There are also regular actors on the show.) A few of the larger Floppits require more than one puppeteer to manipulate.

There are tips on how to choose a puppet maker, how to build a quality puppet or muppet or a fraggle style puppet, and some general resources. Watch a video of Jim Henson that shows puppet making and characterization.

A few of the following Floppits have already appeared in poems or stories. Others may appear in future writing. These are some ideas that I and a few friends have come up with.

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Weta Legs

Feb. 12th, 2015 03:15 am
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Weta Legs are digitigrade stilts so elegantly designed that you can walk, climb, jump, or even stand still in them.  Better living through gizmology!
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... is based on a stack of fallacies.  Read diversity.  Write diversity.  If you select for a bookstore or library, stock diversity.  

I'm just glad to see someone else making the kind of arguments I make about this stuff.  I never felt shut out by books with mostly male characters; it never occurred to me that they wouldn't be for me.  However, I really enjoy books with strong female characters when I can get them.


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