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This poem is spillover from the January 3, 2016 Poetry Fishbowl. It was inspired by prompts from [personal profile] janetmiles, [personal profile] mdlbear, and [personal profile] redsixwing. It has been sponsored by [personal profile] janetmiles.


In the febrile gap between
letters and numbers live
the Heisenbugs.

They bring the déjà vu
of things seen again and again,
a glitch in the matrix; and
the jamais vu of things
never seen before.

They perch on the tip of the tongue
and crunch numbers before
they can be summed,

words before they can be recognized.

They make the misconceptions
and the mistaken readings,
the lexical gaps and overlaps.

When is it fog, and
when is it a cloud?

Oh, wait, the word in the list
was humility, not humidity.

They live in computer programmers,
and thereby get into computers
and programs, far more fatal
than the wing of a moth.

The next thing you know,
December is January and
we're left wondering

how the glitch stole Christmas.

* * *


Déjà vu  is an eerie sense of repetition.

Jamais vu  is an eerie sense of unfamiliarity.

Tip of the tongue is a sense of almost knowing something: the query activates the correct memory packet, but it fails to make the transit up to the conscious mind.

The first computer bug was an actual moth.

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Watch a robot solve a Rubik's cube.  I actually saw something similar not long after the cube first came out, but the robot was much clunkier.  This one is elegant, faster, and demonstrates a better grasp of physics.
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This poem is spillover from the April 5, 2016 Poetry Fishbowl. It was inspired by a prompt from [personal profile] siliconshaman. It has been sponsored by [livejournal.com profile] lone_cat.

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My partner Doug tipped me to WolframAlpha, a search engine that calculates things and answers questions.
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There's a music video coming out of my poem "Origami Emotion," and a preview of that inspired my partner Doug to go looking for the poem online.  And it's everywhere.  This one has definitely escaped into the wild, passed around by word of mouth and blog and newsletters in a way that makes me suspect this one just might make it down to deep time.  This is a thing I value more than copyright.  This poem, flying around the world on its own wings.  <3  Apparently it's quite popular in sermons across multiple religions.  As an interfaith worker, that makes me happy too.

If you want to see the results, just google "Origami Emotion Elizabeth Barrette."
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 The online dating site OKCupid has added features to support polyamorous relationships.  It recently expanded its options for gender identity and sexual orientations too.
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Some of these predate the internet even in their slang usage, although social networks have greatly spread the usage. 
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 I enjoyed this dance for its subtlety as much as technical skill.  There is great potential in merging technology with dance, but too often it's overkill.  This is elegant.
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 Here's an interview about the excellent animated short "Get a Horse."  The bit I want to highlight is where they couldn't find a clip of Walt Disney saying the word "red" so they spliced it together out of phonemes spoken in other words.  This is a crucial step necessary to the evolution of technology which reduces and eventually removes the need for actors: the ability to create a 'library' of appearance, motion, and sound which users can employ to compose performances.  It's a very popular way to make entertainment in the future.
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Your location is intimate, sensitive information that can be used to hurt you.  But this app uses it to your advantage by relaying information about your planned route, progress along it, and safety level to designated companions.  This enables people to manage their own travel and safety more effectively, without tying them to a physical bodyguard.  It's a useful tool for some contexts.
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 Ingress is a phone game that involves traveling around to control territory, which at least gets people out of their chairs.  It teaches some interesting skills for grassroots organization and cell structure.
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This search engine can be set with a choice of several filters to weed out mainstream propaganda or target independent sources.  Furthermore, it's a safesearch engine that does not record user information.  That makes it a good choice for looking up things you don't want anyone to know you looked up.
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My partner Doug found this page of free map tools.   They do things like highlight a circle defined by a radius, calculate area, and give distances between two points.  Gee, this would've been useful when Ng_moonmoth and I were trying to do all the calculations for the Massacre of Cascabel.  (Yes, we did calculations, using some historic examples and modern statistics for inspiration.)  So if you're a writer, this may be stuff you can use too.  Especially the radius tool, that one is good for craters, kill zones, hurricanes, earthquakes, all kinds of stuff.
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This gaming community solved online harassment.  First they polled the community to determine local standards.  Then they created a learning system which allowed users to penalize behavior outside community norms, or reward particularly good behavior.  This is optimum because it allows each community to set and maintain its own standards.  Parameters are created by the community and enforced within its own interactions, not devised and imposed from outside.  This way, each little corner of cyberspace can establish its own ideals.  Everybody wins!
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I got to talking with some friends about the uncanny valley, and then I found this video of two chatbots talking together.  The imagery is basically two talking heads, with a voiceover. The uncanny valley effect works in audio as well as visual mode, and it is creepy.  For those of you whose impaired vision has left you out of the uncanny valley based on sight, here's a chance to experiment with hearing it instead.  Or anyone else who thinks it's cool.

The conversation runs 6:37.  I didn't last a minute before tapping out.  Other friends variably lasted about two minutes, and less than ten seconds.  How long can you make it?


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