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Some aspects of fanon were extrapolated from original episodes of Schrodinger's Heroes, actors and crew of the show, or from other sources than a specific piece of fanfic. Continuing examples are listed below.

* Jonathan Thomas Farkendorker is widely blamed for the cancellation of Schrodinger's Heroes. The names "Jonathan," "Thomas," and their variations are often used in fanfic for bit characters doomed to die. So a new character called "John" is the SH equivalent of a Star Trek redshirt. The inevitable death scene is sometimes referred to as a "Hey John."

* The term "fark" is a common expletive in fanfic, although it never appeared on the show. It most likely derives from "Farkendorker."

* Stacy Anderson is the tech genius behind the show's magnificent special effects. Someone at ILM once said "Stacy could have produced Star Wars on an Etch-a-Sketch." Consequently when a fan writer needs a brilliant character for some deus ex machina, the names "Stacy" or "Anders" are often used. This has become so ubiquitous that it can be a spoiler, so more exotic variations have started to appear. The first of those were "Cyan" and "Erson," appearing in unrelated stories almost simultaneously.

* The cast and production crew generally regret the cancellation of Schrodinger's Heroes. Most of the cast members have appeared in fan productions, convention skits, podcasts, etc.

* "Or Not To Be" is so widely reviled that fanon customarily behaves as if it never existed. Fanfic that acknowledges or builds on this episode is very rare.

* "The Fourth Wall" is frequently rewritten to allow well-known fans (or the author) to appear in the episode. Another popular motif riffs on the theatrical meaning of "fourth wall" and dumps the heroes into a play or movie production.

* Some of the "My fandom..." taglines for Schrodinger's Heroes include "My fandom likes smart women," "My fandom does it in the dark," "My fandom is ace!" "My fandom aced the Bechdel," "My fandom gets to have its cake AND eat it," "My fandom is chromatic," "My fandom breaks reality," and "My fandom cleans up after your fandom." 

* Several afghans have appeared in the show, particularly in the common room. These include a rainbow striped one (gay pride flag), a black-gray-white-purple striped one (ace pride flag), and a blue-pink-white-pink-blue striped one (transgender pride flag). Others have appeared in fanfic: a pink-purple-blue striped one (bisexual pride flag), a pink-yellow-blue striped one (intersex pride flag), a purple-white-green striped one (genderqueer pride flag), a magenta-yellow-cyan striped one (pansexual pride flag), a blue-red-black striped one with a gold π in the center (poly pride flag), a black-and-blue striped one with a red heart in one corner (kink pride flag), and one striped in shades of brown and gray with a black pawprint in one corner (bear pride flag). Fans have also made screensavers of moving tesseracts with the faces in different pride colors, after one of Ash's screensavers done in purple, gray, and white on a black background.

* As established in canon, there is an andervector relating to sexual orientation.  In the fan poem "The Alpha Vector," ace!Alex and ace!Ash discover a dimension in which almost everyone is asexual.  This dimension proves popular as a setting for acefic (and for showing sexual characters what it's like to be in the minority).

For more examples, see "Fanon (Part 1)."

Schrodinger's Heroes also has a menu post.

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And, of course, "John Thomas" is a dick.


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