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March has no designated theme. The World Walkers: A Conversation with Joel is a fascinating bit of meta that reminds me of similarities between a writer's life and a character's life. Update: 14th March covers the upcoming prompt session, ebooks, and news about The Case of the Counterfeit Enchantments. March 2013 Raffle lets you enter with comments, links, or credits. Email Subscriptions have changed services, so pipe up if you want notifications of new content. Ask Me Questions -- any setting, any topic about the worlds, here's your chance to learn more.

Fiction: Thear: Trey: Trey’s First Encounter with Bast (part 2), yep, dealing with deities is like that. The World Walkers: Athare: Electra: Meeting a Rabbit (part 3) concerns how to provide decent living space for life clay animals. Afterlife: Gabriel: Finding a Friend (part 2) explores the nature and purpose of angels. The Deities’ World: Lucifer: Halloween (part 2) is about the disconnection between a deity and people who believe inaccurate things about him.

The World Walkers: Quiar: The Case of the Counterfeit Enchantments (part 8, sixth continuation) presents some unusual features about Kaito's charms. The World Walkers: Quiar: The Case of the Counterfeit Enchantments (part 8, seventh continuation) reveals more of Kaito's backstory.

Other Fiction: The Fae World: Idwal: How to Change the Past, The World Walkers: Labyrinth: Lance: Landing in Labyrinth (part 2), Thear: Bree: Meeting Quinn (part 2), The Fae World: Esra: On Earth
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