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While writing Polychrome Heroics, I've noticed that the commercials in Terramagne-America are often more entertaining than the shows are in local-America. So I've started writing them down. Since I can't actually do video clips or even slideshows, I have instead pasted suitable images into the text. Also worth noting: this concept is replicable with local resources.

"Good Feelings Exercise Program Commercial"

Everyone knows that exercise is good for you,
but not everyone finds that exercise feels good.

Does exercise feel like a waste of your time?
Do you spend the entire session thinking
that you should be working instead?

If you're nodding, then Good Feelings
is the exercise program for you!

Most exercise is only designed
to burn calories and build bodies.
At Good Feelings, we believe that
exercise should accomplish something!

So we put together a program where
you exercise your body, mind, and spirit
while doing something productive for
people who need a helping hand.

Dog walking = light lower-body workout
+ moderate animal interaction workout

Leaf raking = light upper-body workout

Shopping = light whole-body workout
+ light social interaction

Gutter cleaning = light lower-body workout
+ moderate upper-body workout
+ light to moderate height tolerance workout

Housework = light to moderate whole-body workout
+ moderate socializing workout

Gardening = moderate whole-body workout
+ heavy nature interaction workout

Taking kids to park = moderate whole-body workout
+ heavy social skills and interaction workout

Snow shoveling = heavy upper-body workout

Chopping and carrying wood = heavy upper-body workout
+ moderate lower-body workout
+ renewable energy support

Furniture moving = heavy full-body workout

Great Dane walking = Oh dear Lord I'm gonna die!

Good Feelings is an exercise program that
takes care of your body, mind, and spirit.
It helps you feel better by helping people,
so it doesn't seem like a waste of your time
the way other exercises often do.

Mobility limits? Social issues?
No transportation? No problem!

Exceptional capacity?
We've got your back!

Talk with our personal trainers
about designing a program that works
for the body and life you have.

Good Feelings: the whole-body workout
for people who want to feel whole.

* * *


Exercise includes pretty much anything that gets people moving. It has many benefits, and just as many reasons why people don't do it. Chief among these is feeling that exercise is a waste of time. Conversely, helping others creates a sense of meaning. Here are some ideas for getting more exercise through everyday activities and helping other people.

Components of exercise should span a range of intensity levels. Incorporating exercise into everyday life helps extend healthy lifespan.

Physical disabilities can make exercise more challenging. There are some exercise programs designed to counteract this such as the martial art Criptaedo. Mental disabilities also create barriers that require creativity to overcome. Here are some more ideas for exercising with disabilities.

Body, mind, and spirit are three aspects of the person in holistic practice. Follow the tips to balance these aspects.

Great Danes are gigantic dogs with enormous energy. This means they need a lot of vigorous exercise. Consequently some folks use a bicycle leash to get the dog up to a decent speed. Another method is to have several people stand far apart and throw a frisbee, or run, to encourage the dog to join the chase around the ring of people.

A personal trainer can help someone develop an exercise plan that suits their goals and abilities. Understand how to get the most out of your personal trainer.

Feeling whole is an important part of life satisfaction. Self-love is one way to work toward feeling whole.
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