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Here is the first piece of fanon rather than canon content for Schrodinger's Heroes. Since I'm a writer rather than an artist, it's a description of an early piece of graphic art.  If someone wants to illustrate it, that would be cool.

"Make Them Do It"

During the first "Make Them Do It" fic fest for Schrodinger's Heroes, someone posted a full-page cartoon featuring ace!Alex and ace!Ash with a fanboy attempting to mash them together so he can watch the hot lesbian action. Frames 1-2 fill the first row, frames 3-5 fill the second row, and frames 6-7 fill the bottom row.

Frame 1 (horizontal rectangle): A copy of the MTDI banner with a tangle of scantily-clad bodies under the headline text.

Frame 2: Fanboy typing madly at his computer, text appearing onscreen.

Frame 3: Fanboy pushing Alex toward the right side of the frame, Alex digging in her heels. Fanboy: "You wanna kiss the girl!" Alex: "No! I don't wanna!"

Frame 4: Fanboy pushing Ash toward the left side of the frame, Ash holding onto door frame. Fanboy: "Aw, come on! It'll be awesome!" Ash: "No, it will not!"

Frame 5: Alex and Ash clad only in their underwear, Alex fleeing leftward and Ash fleeing rightward.

Frame 6: Fanboy sitting in front of his computer, its screen blank. Fanboy: "Huh?"

Frame 7 (horizontal rectangle): Fanboy stares in horror as black smoke pours from his computer and tiny skulls dance around it. White letters inside the smoke repeatedly spell out: tʼááłáʼí   naaki   tááʼ   (the numbers 1, 2, 3 in Navajo) in various combinations.

This fanart draws on Ash's canonical asexuality and adds Alex as a match, one of the first examples of Ash/Alex for sufficiently flexible definitions of /. It also highlights Ash's epic computer skills and the fact that she designed her sophisticated computer language with Dinè (Navajo) influence.

You can read more about these characters and their adventures in the Schrodinger's Heroes  tag.


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