Oct. 23rd, 2017 11:49 pm
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The dog now has a pink elephant. It has been lovingly transported out into the yard and left there several times.
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Risk Everything for Family
by Dialecticdreamer/Sarah Williams
part 8 of 14
word count (story only): 1233

:: Part of the Polychrome Heroics universe, the Mercedes story set, and picks up immediately after “Popping In,” continuing from Graham's viewpoint. ::

It took only a few minutes of small talk, and one unreprentant check on both Aida's practice in the salle and the blanket fort in the great room to reassure Graham that the discussion with Mr. Spencer had only taken a minute or two. In the blanket fort, Saraphina hugged a small Floppit toy while Edison read a wordless picture book about butterflies, carefully naming each color in English, which Saraphina repeated, then listening as the toddler named the same color in Haitian Creole, which he repeated back.

Graham smiled as he settled into the same dining chair as before. “They're still working on the first book, and Edison is at the 'fair' stage, so it's going to take a while to get through every page.”
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I... don't listen to the radio anymore.

Is there a link for the Marketplace theme?

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 We probably didn't get the thing.

My costume is shaping up okay, though. Glad & validated to find that all my little hand sewing technique things did indeed come right back to me as soon as I started.

Tomorrow I'm going grocery shipping and I have to remember to get more soda for Sparkly.

Very tired

Oct. 23rd, 2017 11:04 pm
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Got to work on time this morning, miraculously. The class visit that I had scheduled for 10 didn't sow up, however. Which, considering how tired I was, was probably a good thing. Did the gaming program with the teens, small but good participation.

The FWiB called and we had a good talk.

Just after I finished dinner, [personal profile] mashfanficchick called and asked if I wanted to join them for dinner. I said I'd go for company and just have something snacky, which is what I did. We went to Buffalo Wild Wings and I got their garlic fried mushrooms.

Just checked my Spectrum bill, they never took the extra money off it. I shall have to call again tomorrow.

Now time for bed.

Gratitude List:

1. Friends.

2. The FWiB.

3. Sleep.

4. Late roses.

5. Halloween is coming.

6. Mushrooms.
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1) going for a run in the town forest (still wearing work clothes, khakis and a blouse, with a red sweatshirt over them for visibility which lasted about half a mile) - always wear sneakers and a minimizer bra, just in case a walk in the woods turns into a fun trail run. I even saw deer!

(which reminds me, there were dozens of monarch butterflies at rockfest. I keep forgetting to note that somewhere I'll see it and remember in the future. over the beach and roads and marshes; maybe migrating through at the beginning of october?)

2) thinking about nanowrimo - it turns out that my first idea, which I was pretty keen on, is the exact same one I didn't write last year, so I'm guessing that's not going to work out this year either. I'm studying what did work last year: clearly there should be a lot of parties, multiple points of view, an ensemble cast and possibly medals.

3) second mountain was kinder than the first (lower, shorter, and better weather too) with just as beautiful views. Glenn got us both walking sticks, and he took a picture of me using mine to point something out to Mimi on the side of the mountain - it looks like we're standing in front of a scenic green screen. it's the new and delightful background on my phone.

4) putting more air in my balance ball at work: I am taller now. and my feet don't touch the floor.

5) free bagel-a-day month at panera: did not know chocolate chip bagels existed. also, they can be ordered through the app, mitigating the awkwardness of going up to the counter and asking for free things.

6) still getting used to the pull-down second keyboard in iOS11, but battery life is rebounding with additional updates and disabling unnecessary things like extra motion and background app refresh. I've now gone two days without needing to charge my phone (iPod) in the middle of the day!

(next experiment: battery case. and a waterproof pouch for taking pictures underwater! because we are planning to meet some exciting swimming friends in florida, and hopefully not ruin our phones in the process.)

Until Every One Comes Home (NaNoWriMo 2016)

"He didn’t mean to laugh. The fact that Kat’s lab instantly fell to pieces without her--every time!--probably shouldn’t be funny. But it was. It was one of the most reliably slapstick scenarios on the base."

Jack: “Boom, Sophie, Charon? You okay here for a while, or do you want standby firefighters until you get all of this under control?”
Boom: “Oh, it’s never under control. Kat just acts calmer about it than we do.”

Jack: “What are the chances of them actually blowing up a significant amount of the base before Kat gets back?”
Sky: “Bridge tried to calculate it once. Maybe a few times. There were too many variables.”
Jack: “But low. They’re low, right?”
Sky: “They’re probably lower when Kat’s not here, actually. She doesn’t have the same sense of mortality as the rest of us.”
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HWA Poetry Showcase Volume IVHWA Poetry Showcase Volume IV by David E. Cowen

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

[Disclaimer: I have a poem in this collection. Furthermore, it's one of the "special mention" poems the jurors chose to recognize this year. Please consider this review as more of a buyers' guide.]

This year's HWA Poetry Showcase celebrates the poetic side of the Dark Art of horror writing, as practiced by the HWA membership. It functions as both a contest and a showcase -- there are 3 Featured Poems (winners) and 3 Special Mention poems ( runners-up). The Kindle edition is fully indexed, and all the poems appear to have survived the conversion from print -- at least, so far as I could tell by comparing to a PDF copy. This in itself is notable!

The poems themselves are very diverse -- mainly free verse, but with a fair number of formal works as well. Most of the poems here are narrative. Subject matter and tone vary widely, though there was quite a bit of graveyard/ body horror. Almost all the works here would be very accessible to readers of prose horror.

An optimistic "Note from the Editor" -- David E. Cowen -- celebrates and comments upon the survival of dark poetry and other speculative verse, even in a time when mainstream poetry seems to be struggling in America.

View all my reviews

Stuff I want to write

Oct. 23rd, 2017 06:29 pm
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Okay, I'm still pretty sacked out from MICE, but here's some posts I've been considering making.  Let me know if any of them strike your interest (or that you really don't want to see).
  • Explaining cognitive distortions via tumblr etiquette.
  • Talk about comics I got and love--Ye Olde Gay Comix or new indy queer stuff, take your pick.
  • System governments, contracts, or rules, and why these things are important and what they're actually supposed to DO. (Namely: they're for when things go bad, not when things go well, and you have to do those things all systems need to do at some point like choose between external or internal life, make a decision when you are deadlocked but MUST make the decision, and dealing with problem people, external or internal.)
  • I might start selling other people's comics, because the con scene is brutal and extremely demanding of very specific abilities and temperament, which I feel many (if not most) people do not have. (Especially my fellow disabled folks.  This is becoming extremely clear to me as time goes on.  Comics in general is this impenetrable maze of access barriers, and that's terrible.)
  • Balancing external and internal life, and what happens when you fail it.
  • I really want to talk about that... that thing plurals do where they treat each other in ways that you would hope they'd never treat external people, and why it kinda horrifies me whenever I find out systems take immense stock in how functional they are on the outside, but only because they do absolutely godawful things to each other on the inside and run themselves like some kind of YA dystopia novel.

hey, look, a yuletide letter?

Oct. 23rd, 2017 05:59 pm
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Dear Yuletide Writer,

I have had this letter at the top of my to-do list for weeks, but when I finally sat down to write it, I couldn't really think of any reason to do it. You have years and years of this tag and so many previous letters if you're the sort of person who wants to dig really deep, and if you're not, you can stop reading now and go back to just my sign-up.

I could go into great detail about where to find the fandoms I requested and so on, but let's be honest, that would be almost entirely for people who might want to write me treats, not for you.

(Although super-quick: all the links you need for Mr. Trash Wheel are in this entry downtag; Njal's Saga is a medieval Icelandic saga which you could probably get a doctorate in but didn't so all I can suggest is gutenberg or a good modern annotated edition of which there are several in many languages, or if you're really ambitious, you can listen to all 12 Njal's Saga episodes of the SagaThing podcast, which is what motivated me to request it. But also I think of stories as old as Njal's saga as living stories rather than a fixed canon so if you want to just find a good summary and work from that, that would be a-ok with me; Murderbot Diaries is so far just one novella, All Systems Red by Martha Wells that came out this year and is probably available at your local library; Girl With The Silver Eyes is a kids' novel from the '80s that is probably not still at your local library but is definitely on Amazon for cheap, at least in the US; and the Barbara Hambly are both many-volume historical mystery series that are still being published, although I would be ok with side-character fic based on characters that only appear in the first volume of either.)

I could also go into great detail about why I like these canons, but you don't actually need thousands of words of rambling about the fundamental essence of Baltimore and urban solarpunk; or about the parallel roles of Hannibal and Simon in re: the construction of Whiteness and classical monsters as racial metaphors; or the performance of gender and honor in medieval Scandinavia; or about the portrayal of neurodivergence mediated through otherness in SF/F stories; and anyway if I did all that it would be totally misleading because really my reaction to these stories is more GIANT GOOGLY EYES and CHEESE CSI and TALKING CATS and SANCTUARY MOON and I read all the Hambly in a month straight while ill last year so really mostly I just LOVE IT ALL on a very shallow and inarticulate level.

I could go into more about my DNWs but honestly my DNWs are usually more about the spirit of the story than the details so it would be just as likely to make you worry about things you don't need to worry about.

(but real quick: please no environmentalism doomy doom for Trash Wheel- post-apocalyptic would be fine but make it hopeful and optimistic no matter how unrealistic that seems sometimes these days; please no doomy doom for Njal either, like, we all know how it ends, it's in the damn title, but he lived to old age which is pretty much a happy ending given the odds for a saga hero and a lot of other stuff happened before that; for Murderbot I think I covered it pretty well in the letter; Silver Eyes and Hambly I'm pretty much good with whatever as long as it's in the spirit of canon more or less and you're careful with the more sensitive bits of the history in Hambly.)

I could give you more prompts but you read my sign-up; do you actually need more prompts? I mean, let me know, I have plenty, but I kind of suspect you are begging me for fewer prompts at this point.

(Crossovers always good, setting-swap AUs also good, the weirder the better, outsider POVs and background characters always good, worldbuilding and setting always good, basically anything in these canons is fine?)

Anyway here is a link to my previous post of my sign-up just for convenience, it is slightly cleaned up with a few more prompts at this point: Yuletide signup

Most importantly, have fun! I promise nothing you write can ruin yuletide for me.*


*That's not a dare. But you would have to try pretty hard to manage it. Truly.
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Gerard pauses for a minute then looks down, unbuttons his pants, and carefully slides the zipper down. He starts to wiggle them down his hips, but they're really fucking tight, and he's having trouble. "Fuck," he says, kind of under his breath.

Gerard keeps trying to push them down, and Frank tries really hard to pretend he's not noticing. Gerard's making it hard, though, as he uses both hands and squirms around even more, even bumping into Frank a few times. Frank's concentrating so hard on not watching the epic struggle between Gerard and his pants that when Gerard suddenly stops moving he glances over, only to see that after all that, Gerard has only succeeded in getting them halfway down his ass.

Frank can't help it then and collapses onto his other side, cracking up. "Pants: one; Gerard: zero," he gasps out between giggles.

- [archiveofourown.org profile] shiningartifact's More
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Until the 30th. (That site was easier to navigate than Amazon's, which is all flashy flashy, of course.) There are also book giveaways this week, though you probably won't win.


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