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The Winterfaire spreads out as far as the eye can see. Some booths show streamers of red and green, while others sport blue and silver. All of them offer treasure after shining treasure. Music fills the air with lyrics of Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanzaa, Solstice, and Yule. From the Wordsmith's Forge comes the bright chiming of words being hammered into literature. Delicious scents of hot chocolate, spiced cider, peppermint, baking cookies, and gingerbread tantalize the appetite. Smiling, laughing shoppers amble from booth to booth with lists in hand. Vendors grin back, calling out, "Come try, come buy...!"

I know a lot of artists, writers, musicians, crafters, and other talented folks who make some of their living from their creative endeavors. I don't always have the money to support them as much as I'd like, but what I can do is set up a virtual faire where vendors can offer their wares to an audience that likes crafts, literature, and small businesses. For those of you doing your holiday shopping, here's an opportunity to buy something made with love, something unusual or unique, in a way that helps make it possible for creative people to go on creating wonders. And there will be no traffic jams, stampedes, or gunfights at the Winterfaire!  Enjoy the seasonal offerings on Dreamwidth or on LiveJournal.

Vendors: If you have goods or services suitable for holiday gifts, please put up a booth by replying with a description of what you sell, an estimate of your price range if possible, and some kind of contact information so shoppers can reach you.  If you have a website (Etsy, DeviantArt, personal, whatever) showcasing your work in more detail, include the link(s).  If you have holiday freebies, such as downloadable greeting card imagery, you're welcome to promote those too. For ease of identification, I recommend titling your reply starting with "BOOTH:" followed by the name of your business or type of goodies.

Shoppers: If you're looking for something specific and it's not posted yet, feel free to ask. Someone else may know where to find it! "SHOPPING FOR:" and the topic would be a good title.

Everyone: You may help promote the Winterfaire by linking to this post from your own blog or site. If you have a similar holiday-networking post, you may link to it in a comment on this post.

Participation Perk: I'm offering poetry for participation, beginning with verses of "No One to Greet the Season" (72 verses) from the series Frankenstein's Family.  Because, you see, all of these activities will unlock a verse each time someone does them:
* link to this Winterfaire page to boost the signal
* comment posting a Booth of your wares/services in the Winterfaire
* buy something from a vendor listed in the Winterfaire 
* host a similar holiday market in your own blog or other venue
LiveJournal will notify me of comments to the Winterfaire post and links to it elsewhere on LJ; for everything else, you need to TELL ME in order to get credit for it.

Similar Markets:
Do you know of another indie holiday shopping post?  Let me know and I'll link it here.

Whatever Holiday Shopping Guide 2013 by John Scalzi

Happy holidays! 


Date: 2013-11-30 12:37 am (UTC)
perfectworry: meet me in the door with the desert in the morning I am there (have yourself a merry little)
From: [personal profile] perfectworry
Please try some of our free story samples!

Frances J.'s booth is small but well decorated with lots of glitter and it smells like cake and cookies. Inside, she is bustling around baking stories.

"いらしゃいませー!" she chirps, holding a piping hot pan of flash fiction in her hands. "Welcome to my shop! It's nice to meet you! My name is Frances J., but you can call me Meep."

"This is my first Winterfaire," she continues as she sets down the stories to cool, switching out the pan with another tray of short fiction ready to be frosted. "I'm so excited to sell my stories and see what else is for sale once everyone gets set up."

She directs your attention to a handwritten menu board.


no bake drabble bites scrumptious mini morsels of stories (between 100-250 words)
short story shortcakes a single serving of fluffy fiction (between 500-750 words)
a much longer layer cake more than enough sweet storytelling to satisfy you (starting at 1000+ words) only available by special request

Take home a tasty set to save for later! We offer no bake drabble bites and short story shortcakes for any occasion in sets of six or twelve connected stories.

rainbow sprinkles delectable queer stories cover a range of identities and relationships, to taste
cake we heard you like cake, so we put cake on your cake: stories with nonsexual intimacy
galentine's day sweethearts wait, wrong holiday! it's always a good time to write woman-centered stories
lembas bread a little fantasy or a lot? add some magic to your order!

Don't see something you like? Talk to Frances about a custom dessert order.

"I specialize in sweet stories," she says, "especially during the holiday season! I'd love to write something cheerful to warm you right up."

Frances has kept busy while you've been reading the menu, and she's put the icing on the cake of many stories from the pan. She holds the finished products up shyly: some are science fiction or fantasy, some are historical or contemporary fiction, most are woman-centric stories and all of them are very sweet.

"Can I tempt you with something?" she asks, smiling. "I've saved some plain stories to bake just for you! What are your favorite flavors?"

She takes notes on the pad hidden in her pink apron. "Don't worry about paying me, dear! I'll accept tips and donations this year. What I'd really love to do is swap my services for yours!"

Questions? Comments? Please contact us!
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Date: 2013-11-30 09:02 pm (UTC)
cesy: "Cesy" - An old-fashioned quill and ink (Default)
From: [personal profile] cesy
Ooh, I like the sound of this, and the snippets on your journal. You say tips and donations - do you mean donations to specific charities, or to your stall?


Date: 2013-12-01 01:30 am (UTC)
perfectworry: like magic play aces stay with me go places (universe & you)
From: [personal profile] perfectworry
I had been thinking tips/donations to me, but you know what? I like the idea of donations to charity better. 'Tis the season, and all that. If you'd like something from me, please PM me here and we'll work out the details.

I'd appreciate donations to Amnesty International or the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.


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