Mar. 8th, 2019

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This article talks about weeds and the failure of herbicides.  Well, duh.  That's basic biology.  For any stressor, surviving individuals will breed together and pass their resistance to offspring.  Spray herbicides and you are literally breeding for superweeds.

Thing is, we didn't always have herbicides and farmers managed to raise food just fine.  When I was little, the most common summer job for older kids and teens was weeding.  You went out in teams of several dozen, each person armed with a hoe or a hook, and you cut the weeds out of the corn and bean fields.  Those jobs are gone now.  But if herbicides stop working, all we have to do revive those jobs.  The farm bills  might need to be adjusted, but before you assume that, compare the cost of spraying multiple herbicides over and over through the season.  Food has to stay affordable or the country will come apart at the seams; if that means a bigger boost from taxes, that's doable.  Don't panic over the loss of herbicides; we still have hoes.
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Victims of stabbing or gunshot have a lower survival rate if transported by ambulance than by private vehicle.  The same likely applies to other gory injuries, because they can't be fixed in the field.  The amount of time required to reach a hospital makes a big difference in survival rates.  An ambulance often has to make a round trip; most people have a car pretty close.  

So think about ambulance response times in your area.  The longer the response time, the longer the round trip, the more advisable it becomes -- especially for injuries that EMTs can't help much -- to put the victim in a car and floor it.  In rural areas the response time often exceeds half an hour, sometimes even more than an hour.  But if you live in a area where the response time is very fast, having expert care may still be preferable.

EDIT 3/9/18: Also, if you live in or otherwise frequent any area where ambulance times exceed reasonable safety limits -- about 8 minutes -- then consider learning first aid for serious issues such as CPR and bleeding control.


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