Sep. 15th, 2017

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Students who binge-learn do better than those who don't.  In addition to the reasons listed, when you consume mass quantities of data in a short time, your retention is better while reading the later chapters so you're more likely to draw connections than if you read it later and had forgotten some of the earlier stuff.

Also, this isn't new.  It's just easier now.  If I want to chug a subject I can just get online and read until my vision blurs.  I don't have to deal with a librarian saying there's a 3-book limit per subject or a 12-book limit per week.  I've always had a tendency to inhale whole topics.  How else am I supposed to load a database?
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This poem was commissioned by Rachel Sommer. It also fills the "Take It Easy" square in my 12-1-16 card for the iPod Shuffle Music Fest bingo. It belongs to the series Polychrome Heroics and the threads Calliope, Officer Pink, and Antimatter & Stalwart Stan.

The Youth Villages Continuum Program provides in-home support for troubled youth and their relatives, with the goal of keeping families together while improving behavior. They use growth-oriented approaches such as Collaborate Problem-Solving rather than Applied Behavior Analysis or brute force. Similarly, Lives in the Balance focuses on teaching collaboration to defuse power struggles. This poem was commissioned in honor of an outreach specialist who used to do this work, and is now moving to a desk job in another caretaking context. It's important to cycle out of rewarding but high-stress jobs to something less stressful, so as to avoid burnout. This is like seeing a little slice of Terramagne. Even superheroes need a break sometimes.

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Today is cool and mostly sunny.  I trimmed some weeds around the forest garden and Doug helped me set up the new birdfeeder.  Then I filled that one, the hopper feeder, and the fly-through feeder. 
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Last time we went to Harvest Market, we picked up a carton of skyr, which is Viking-style cultured milk.  It is similar to yogurt, but not quite the same thing.  It doesn't smooth out when stirred, but tends to stay chunky, not my favorite thing.  It is the sourest yogurt relative I have tasted.  :P  There are notes strongly similar to sour cream and cream cheese.  I do not like it at all for eating by itself.  However, it could make an excellent ingredient, for example in cream cheese or pastries.  For people who dislike sweet things and find regular yogurt too insipid, try this.
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The general fund sent $20 and [personal profile] mama_kestrel added $25, so there are 25 new verses in "The Inner Transition."  Stylet gets a much-needed shower.


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