Jun. 12th, 2017

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These are some posts from the later part of last week in case you missed them:
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The Poetry Fishbowl on Tuesday generated plenty of prompts and discussion.

Poetry in Microfunding:
"A Hope and a Promise" belongs to Polychrome Heroics.  Aidan and Mrs. Ozenne discuss secure attachment.  "Essential for Human Survival" belongs to Polychrome Heroics: Cassandra.  Groundhog and Cassandra explore the snack room. "The Inner Transition" belongs to Polychrome Heroics: Berettaflies.  Valor's Widow finds out what Stylet has in his backpack.  "To Know After Absence" belongs to Polychrome Heroics: Shiv.  Shiv explores his apartment above Blues Moon, then heads for the storage building.

Weather has been hot and dry.  Today is broiling, so I gave up on my camera walk quickly.  :P  There's a chance of rain starting tomorrow.  The mourning dove squabs both fledged successfully.  \o/  Currently blooming: violets, dandelions, carnations, marigolds, petunias, lantana, million bells, snapdragons, zinnias, firecracker plant, torenia, yarrow, blackberries, white and red clover, penstemon, yucca, daylilies, rose campion.  Mulberries and black raspberries ripe, but I haven't bothered to pick them for more than samples.
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Today is broiling, so I gave up after a few minutes and a couple of pictures.

I finally got around to putting the Goddess back in her garden.  :D  She is surrounded by four thyme plants.  The weed cover is deliberately left to disguise the herbs from rabbits.
This is the Goddess Garden with the statue in place.

Snapdragons and petunias are blooming.
Petunias and snapdragons are blooming.
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It was too hot to shoot much, but I wanted to show you the Goddess Garden
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Today is broiling.  

Eventually it cooled off enough that I could get the last of the planting done: two white bleeding hearts, one in the woodland garden and one in the white garden.

EDIT 6/12/17: After supper, we went out and moved four small piles of grass.  It is still hot but no longer unbearable.

EDIT 6/12/17: I went out and watered plants.  As it's now dusk, I am done for the night.


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