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The Poetry Fishbowl is now CLOSED.  Thank you for your time and attention.  Please keep an eye on this space, as I'm still writing.

Starting now, the Poetry Fishbowl is open!  Today's theme is "history written by the losers."  I will be checking this page periodically throughout the day. When people make suggestions, I'll pick some and weave them together into a poem ... and then another ... and so on. I'm hoping to get a lot of ideas and a lot of poems.

Click to read the linkback poem "Lead Us in Peace" (18 verses, Clay of Life). 

What Is a Poetry Fishbowl?

Writing is usually considered a solitary pursuit. One exception to this is a fascinating exercise called a "fishbowl." This has various forms, but all of them basically involve some kind of writing in public, usually with interaction between author and audience. A famous example is Harlan Ellison's series of "stories under glass" in which he sits in a bookstore window and writes a new story based on an idea that someone gives him. Writing classes sometimes include a version where students watch each other write, often with students calling out suggestions which are chalked up on the blackboard for those writing to use as inspiration.

In this online version of a Poetry Fishbowl, I begin by setting a theme; today's theme is "history written by the losers."  I invite people to suggest characters, settings, and other things relating to that theme. Then I use those prompts as inspiration for writing poems.

Cyberfunded Creativity

I'm practicing cyberfunded creativity. If you enjoy what I'm doing and want to see more of it, please feed the Bard. The following options are currently available:

1) Sponsor the Fishbowl -- Here is a PayPal button for donations. There is no specific requirement, but $1 is the minimum recommended size for PayPal transactions since they take a cut from every one. You can also donate via check or money order sent by postal mail. If you make a donation and tell me about it, I promise to use one of your prompts. Anonymous donations are perfectly welcome, just won't get that perk. General donations will be tallied, and at the end of the fishbowl I’ll post a list of eligible poems based on the total funding; then the audience can vote on which they want to see posted.

2) Swim, Fishie, Swim! -- A feature in conjunction with fishbowl sponsorship is this progress meter showing the amount donated.  There are multiple perks, the top one being a half-price poetry sale on one series when donations reach $300.

3) Buy It Now! -- Gakked from various e-auction sites, this feature allows you to sponsor a specific poem. If you don't want to wait for some editor to buy and publish my poem so you can read it, well, now you don't have to. Sponsoring a poem means that I will immediately post it on my blog for everyone to see, with the name of the sponsor (or another dedicate) if you wish; plus you get a nonexclusive publication right, so you can post it on your own blog or elsewhere as long as you keep the credits intact. You'll need to tell me the title of the poem you want to sponsor. I'm basing the prices on length, and they're comparable to what I typically make selling poetry to magazines (semi-pro rates according to Duotrope's Digest).

0-10 lines: $5
11-25 lines: $10
26-40 lines: $15
41-60 lines: $20
Poems over 60 lines, or with very intricate structure, fall into custom pricing.

4) Commission a scrapbook page. I can render a chosen poem in hardcopy format, on colorful paper, using archival materials for background and any embellishments. This will be suitable for framing or for adding to a scrapbook. Commission details are here.  See latest photos of sample scrapbooked poems: "Sample Scrapbooked Poems 1-24-11"

5) Spread the word. Echo or link to this post on your LiveJournal, other blog, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Digg, StumbleUpon, or any other social network.  Useful Twitter hashtags include #poetryfishbowl and #promptcall.  Encourage people to come here and participate in the fishbowl.  If you have room for it, including your own prompt will give your readers an idea of what the prompts should look like; ideally, update later to include the thumbnail of the poem I write, and a link to the poem if it gets published.  If there is at least one new prompter or donor, I will post an extra freebie poem.

Linkback perk: I have a spare series poem available, and each linkback will reveal a verse of the poem.  One person can do multiple links if they're on different services, like Dreamwidth or Twitter, rather than all on LiveJournal.  Comment with a link to where you posted.  "Lead Us in Peace" has 18 verses available and belongs to Clay of Life.

Additional Notes

1) I customarily post replies to prompt posts telling people which of their prompts I'm using, with a brief description of the resulting poem(s). If you want to know what's available, watch for those "thumbnails."

2) You don't have to pay me to see a poem based on a prompt that you gave me. I try to send copies of poems to people, mostly using the LJ message function.  (Anonymous prompters will miss this perk unless you give me your eddress.)  These are for-your-eyes-only, though, not for sharing.

3) Sponsors of the Poetry Fishbowl in general, or of specific poems, will gain access to an extra post in appreciation of their generosity.  While you're on the Donors list, you can view all of the custom-locked posts in that category.  Click the "donors" tag to read the archive of those.  I've also posted a list of other donor perks there.  I customarily leave donor names on the list for two months, so you'll get to see the perk-post from this month and next.

4) After the Poetry Fishbowl concludes, I will post a list of unsold poems and their prices, to make it easier for folks to see what they might want to sponsor.

5) If donations total $100 by Friday evening then you get a free $15 poem; $150 gets you a free $20 poem; and $200 gets you a free epic, posted after the Poetry Fishbowl.  These will usually be series poems if I have them; otherwise I may offer non-series poems or series poems in a different size.  If donations reach $250, you get one step toward a bonus fishbowl; three of these activates the perk, and they don't have to be three months in a row.  Everyone will get to vote on which series, and give prompts during the extra fishbowl, although it may be a half-day rather than a whole day.  If donations reach $300, there will be a half-price sale in one series.

Feed the Fish!
Now's your chance to participate in the creative process by posting ideas for me to write about. Today's theme is "history written by the losers."  I'll be soliciting ideas for historians, other chroniclers, invaders, the oppressed, the misunderstood, ordinary people, outcasts, refugees, fish out of water, abuse survivors, the women that men don't see, QUILTBAG folks, people of color, people with detested superpowers, "evil" races, untouchables, burakumin, former or current criminals, foster children, others on the fringes of society, fighting a holding action, retreating, losing everything, looking in the window, taking people for granted, expecting the unexpected, surviving oppression, hiding, upstanding, speaking truth to power, facing your demons, punching up, protesting, storytelling, battlefields, reservations, cities, slums, classrooms, hideouts, alleys, subways and sewers, liminal zones, government buildings, libraries, oral tradition history, poorskills, unpaid labor, self-sacrifice, emotional labor, disruptions, linchpins and ripplepoints, time travel, the Underground Railroad, unusual vulnerabilities, history books written by the loserspainted hides, minority languages, subversive literacysubversive education, humility, humiliation, appreciation, social evolution, and poetic forms in particular. But anything is welcome, really. If you manage to recommend a form that I don't recognize, I will probably pounce on it and ask you for its rules. I do have The New Book of Forms by Lewis Turco which covers most common and many obscure forms.

I'll post at least one of the fishbowl poems here so you-all can enjoy it. (Remember, you get an extra freebie poem if someone new posts a prompt or makes a donation, and additional perks at $100-$300 in donations.  Linkbacks reveal verses of "Lead us in Peace."  The rest of the poems will go into my archive for magazine submission.

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Date: 2017-05-02 05:39 pm (UTC)
alexseanchai: Blue and purple lightning (Default)
From: [personal profile] alexseanchai
what didn't you do to bury me
but you forgot that I was a seed

—Dinos Christianopoulos
(I expect this is more familiar to folks as the misattributed-as-a-Mexican-proverb translation "They tried to bury us; they didn't know we were seeds")

"Who Said It Was Simple", Audre Lorde

"Speaking in Tongues: A Letter to Third-World Women Writers", Gloria Anzaldúa—special highlight:
Writing is dangerous because we are afraid of what the writing reveals: the fears, the angers, the strengths of a woman under a triple or quadruple oppression. Yet in that very act lies our survival because a woman who writes has power. And a woman with power is feared.

deliberately centering the marginalized, focusing on the ignored, and highlighting the erased

reclaiming what conquest has stolen, restoring what conquest has destroyed (bonus points for doing this in context of reconstructing a polytheism with an interrupted tradition, an example being Hellenic polytheism)
Edited Date: 2017-05-02 05:40 pm (UTC)

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Date: 2017-05-02 07:38 pm (UTC)
stardreamer: Meez headshot (Default)
From: [personal profile] stardreamer
A very obvious connection here is to American history. After the Slaveholders' Rebellion, the losers spent huge amounts of time and effort rewriting the narrative of what happened, and to this day a lot of people still don't know the truth because the only history they ever get is in school -- which is taught from the losers' narrative.

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Date: 2017-05-02 07:43 pm (UTC)
dreamwriteremmy: dreamwidth: Everybody dreams. Come join us. (dreamwidth: Everybody Dreams)
From: [personal profile] dreamwriteremmy
"Your home language/mother tongue IS a language" (paraphrasing a Spanish educator I know to her students who speak Creole)

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From: [personal profile] technoshaman - Date: 2017-05-02 10:14 pm (UTC) - Expand

Losers? Who ya calling losers?

Date: 2017-05-02 07:52 pm (UTC)
ng_moonmoth: The Moon-Moth (Default)
From: [personal profile] ng_moonmoth
This may be uncomfortably close to "ripped from today's headlines" for some, but I'd enjoy seeing something about a culture that finds out, in the pursuit of something they abhor enough to seek its destruction, that they are becoming the very thing they abhor. See also: Croesus of Lydia, Bến Tre, Barry Goldwater.

Seems to me that the Iron Horses over in Terramagne share a characteristic common to many liminal groups of L-bikers of wielding their often considerable muscle in support of the downtrodden, even though that often leads to their being reviled and persecuted by the powerful. Something about that would be fun.

Signal boosted here.

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Date: 2017-05-02 08:28 pm (UTC)
siliconshaman: black cat against the moon (Default)
From: [personal profile] siliconshaman
I wonder about the orcs perspective on the battle of Helms Deep...

Hmm... I wonder what a Native American time traveller would do to change history?

Do liminal libraries house hidden histories curated by subversive librarians. [ran out of alliterations there.]

A shaman walks between spaces, between the light and the dark... but what about a shaman that walks between the light of the 'mainstream' world, and the shadow society of the dispossessed, the poor and the homeless...

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Date: 2017-05-02 08:32 pm (UTC)
technoshaman: Tux (Default)
From: [personal profile] technoshaman
Second that last prompt SO HARD.

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From: [personal profile] technoshaman - Date: 2017-05-02 10:06 pm (UTC) - Expand

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From: [personal profile] technoshaman - Date: 2017-05-02 10:07 pm (UTC) - Expand

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From: [personal profile] siliconshaman - Date: 2017-05-02 10:11 pm (UTC) - Expand

additional alliteration

From: [personal profile] callibr8 - Date: 2017-05-03 12:42 am (UTC) - Expand

Re: additional alliteration

From: [personal profile] siliconshaman - Date: 2017-05-03 12:45 am (UTC) - Expand

prompt 3 v2,0

From: [personal profile] siliconshaman - Date: 2017-05-03 12:48 am (UTC) - Expand

Re: prompt 3 v2,0

From: [personal profile] librarygeek - Date: 2017-05-03 02:02 am (UTC) - Expand

Re: Poem

From: [personal profile] siliconshaman - Date: 2017-05-05 08:19 pm (UTC) - Expand

Re: Poem

From: [personal profile] siliconshaman - Date: 2017-05-07 12:15 am (UTC) - Expand

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Date: 2017-05-02 09:56 pm (UTC)
mirrorofsmoke: The words "We are Groot" and a picture of Baby Groot on an icon with a swirly galaxy background. (Default)
From: [personal profile] mirrorofsmoke
YES! we didn't miss it! WOO-HOOO!

I'd love a poem about a multiple system and a transgender person meeting to discuss oppression and how it affects their lives differently and the ways that oppression is the same for both.

Also, a Native American teacher attempts to teach history from the point of view of their own people.

And your fishbowl is signal-boosted on the most recent entry of our DW.

OH, and one more because I just thought of it. Someone, or a group of someones, are thought to be evil because they have attacked people in power. However, it was a two-fold problem of a language barrier and the default culture or person oppressing them and they're not evil, just misunderstood.
Edited Date: 2017-05-02 10:08 pm (UTC)

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Date: 2017-05-02 09:59 pm (UTC)
ellenmillion: (Default)
From: [personal profile] ellenmillion
A Roluma view of some piece of Empire history.

The backfire effect (cognitive bias)

A warsailor spins a story about losing a limb.

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Date: 2017-05-02 10:05 pm (UTC)
technoshaman: Tux (Default)
From: [personal profile] technoshaman
Hmm. Jews taking in Muslim refugees...

Emancipation Day fell during Pesach this year. People with very different legacies of slavery talk.

Some years ago we considered Underground Rail for women in trouble... now we're considering it for folks ickle Donnie doesn't like...

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Date: 2017-05-03 12:39 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] chanter_greenie
Seconding your first prompt - yes please!

Dovetailing from your second: The black Seminole community. Maybe this could link back to a line in the bird species/fledging notes for Fledgling Grace that references American flamingo feathers appearing among the African American population due to African American/Seminole nation connections?

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Date: 2017-05-03 12:34 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] chanter_greenie
If nobody's pounced on that Burakumin suggestion, I will.

For another prompt... Could there be something exploring your supervillain Hannelore's (I forget her cape name, but she's able to intoxicate people, and she was the product of a Nazi breeding program ick!) connection to her own history? Maybe a personal take on an exploration of why certain histories should *not* be written by the ones who lost the war? I'd really prefer if she did not go full-on Nazi for this, please. She's a villain, but I'd hope she isn't *that* bad.


Date: 2017-05-03 12:38 am (UTC)
callibr8: icon courtesy of Wyld_Dandelyon (Default)
From: [personal profile] callibr8
Here's mine: disenfranchised grief, and those who struggle with it. Examples: former step-parents after a relationship breakup. Partners of people who committed suicide, especially non-married partners of such. Survivors of miscarriages. There are many others, these are just three that have affected me either directly or with only one degree of separation.

Btw, signal-boosted the Fishbowl, but only on DW. I'm no longer cross-posting to LJ, and plan to delete the account I had there, soon.

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Date: 2017-05-03 01:27 am (UTC)
peoriapeoriawhereart: line art Ecto-1 (Ecto-1)
From: [personal profile] peoriapeoriawhereart
Boosted on Tumblr, sorry for doing so so late.

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Date: 2017-05-03 02:10 am (UTC)
kyleri: (Default)
From: [personal profile] kyleri
Maybe sometimes even Amergin and/or Marjoram have a little trouble with the idea of being homefree instead of homeless, or maybe Marjoram had some trouble adjusting after leaving her parents' house, & maybe talking to Nebuly about it helps Nebuly feel a little more homefree & less homeless, himself.

Re: Poem

From: [personal profile] kyleri - Date: 2017-05-04 04:10 pm (UTC) - Expand

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Date: 2017-05-03 02:20 am (UTC)
librarygeek: cute cartoon fox with nose in book (Default)
From: [personal profile] librarygeek
Order of Hypatia, Burakumin member or Native American keeper of traditions? (Painted hides?)

I still want a Lacuna librarian. :-)

Someone chronically ill, probably at least female bodied, fighting oppression in unexpected ways...

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Date: 2017-05-03 02:35 am (UTC)
mdlbear: the positively imaginary half of a cubic mandelbrot set (Default)
From: [personal profile] mdlbear
Oooh! Second the librarian.

I would expect the Lacuna, and both arms to all have different points of view on the war.

After a war in which AI warships played a large part, the warships are the real losers.

Re: Poem

Date: 2017-05-04 04:11 pm (UTC)
kyleri: (Default)
From: [personal profile] kyleri
Ohhh this sounds DELIGHTFUL.


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