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This awesome new project involves commissioning composers (including our own [personal profile] artsyhonker) to create new, wordless lullabies to be sung by Megan Ihnen. I gather the intent is something akin to scat singing.  This project is at $3,923 pledged of $5,650 goal, with 78 backers, and 4 days to go.  It's an all-or-nothing project so it only funds if it meets the goal.

For my friends with insomnia or anxiety, think about whether such a recording might help you sleep or relax.  A pledge of $25 gets you a downloadable copy of the digital album upon completion.  For anyone else with such friends, note that a pledge of $15 gets you listed as a backer in the liner notes, while a pledge of $85 allows you to dedicate a song to someone you know. I'm waffling between the $15 and the $25 levels, and wishing that I'd heard of this darn thing a week ago when people were asking what I wanted for my birthday!

This project just seems like a fantastic way to support people with the invisible disabilities of insomnia and anxiety.  It's a practical aid that should work for many people, given the popularity of extant soothing music, and it's a nifty new idea.  It alos offers an opportunity to support the arts.  If you wish you were in Terramagne-America, this is the kind of project often sponsored by their awesome public art grants, but people do these as crowdfunding too.


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