Date: 2015-11-08 11:35 pm (UTC)
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>> As a highly intelligent redneck woman, who has been around rednecks all her life, I can say that not all rednecks are anti-intelligence. <<

This is true.

>> Some prize it. <<

I have met a few, but they have been very much stealth intellectuals. I have not personally met any who are both redneck and openly intellectual, although I came across a few in my research.

>> Some are okay if men are smart, but not women. Some are okay with anyone being smart, and some are okay with women being smart, but not men. <<

I've known a few who were okay with smart men. I have not found so much tolerance for smart women, and definitely not women-but-not-men. Fascinating.

>> I can go on about the various attitudes of these people, and some theories about why I think they are the way they are, but I just wanted to say that if Shiloh could find some of them, and start being around them, it would be good for her. The other two as well. <<

I agree that this would be awesome.

>> It wouldn't even be that difficult to find them. <<

My mileage varies on that point. So does Shiloh's, or she wouldn't be in this mess in the first place. On the bright side, current circumstances will drag her through a much wider group of people than she has previously encountered, which greatly raises the odds of her meeting someone with healthier opinions about intelligence.

I'm willing to follow up on this if you want to prompt for it later. But I'd need your help building a character who is equally comfortable with the redneck and intellectual sides of their nature, with particular attention to how they interface with the parts of each subculture that are less keen on those other parts. Because if there are solutions to those challenges, they definitely need more airtime.
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