Re: Neato

Date: 2015-11-08 05:48 am (UTC)
ysabetwordsmith: Cartoon of me in Wordsmith persona (Default)
>> All too true. Sad but true. <<

Sooth. :(

>> It just always sucks when someone, even a fictional someone (at least in this reality) is being hurt because other people's stupidity. <<

Agreed. And I did base those examples on real ones, just shifted details around. Smart-shaming is a serious problem, and it's much worse for girls and for blue-collar folks. The more of that you stack up, the worse it gets.

>> I can understand her not wanting to lose the people she's loves. That kind of thing can and does destroy people. <<

Yep. A purely dysfunctional family, people can sometimes be convinced to leave. But a loving family with one serious flaw is a monkey trap -- most folks just will not let go of it.

>> But it sucks out loud that in order to keep them, she has to live a lie. <<

Yes, yes it does. There's no path readily in reach that does not tend to grind off parts of Shiloh's personality. this is a problem.

>> Still, here is to hoping that she can at least find some kind of healthy outlet. <<

I think she -- and her cousins -- will have opportunities to learn new skills and make new friends. That might help.

>> Because super-smart with no good outlet sounds like a disaster waiting for a place to happen - and one much bigger and uglier than fake berettaflies. <<

Abolutely. As T-American slang put it, that's the sort of thing that leads to kids riding to school on a 50-foot robot with Laser Eyes.
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