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So this is the new ride that Ashley got by way of apology from Candy Cain, a 1969 Cadillac hearse.  (Candy just won the apology olympics.) Awesome.

I love this thing because it is not just the perfect car for Ashley as an individual, but the Platonic ideal of a superhero team vehicle for the city of New Orleans.
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Here at Fieldhaven, we're on one of the main migrating paths in central Illinois for monarch butterflies.  When I was little, they would come in their thousands, covering the trees.  Now they are few.  Most years they don't even flock anymore, so it's exciting to see even a few dozen of them chaining up like this.  There are more fluttering around overhead today.  I managed to catch these resting in the shade, so it's not a great picture, but you can see the density of butterflies.

Monarchs at Fieldhaven
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 I saw this photo and had to write a poem about it.  "Proton Aurora" is 16 lines, $10 if anyone wants it.
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If you don't like how other people portray you, then represent yourself!  That batch is from Africa.  Don't let other people control the conversations about you, your  people, your homeland, or whatever else they're busy botching.  Speak up.

As a writer, I heartily approve of this.  It makes research easier and more effective.  One challenge I face in writing diversity is that most references aren't diverse.  They've heavily slanted.  If I search "African women" I get A) pr0n and B) pity pr0n.  This is not helpful when I am trying to find, say, a picture of a Nigerian woman or a park ranger.  Projects like the one above help broaden the material available.  Then I can do a more accurate rendition of Africa even though I haven't visited it in this life. What makes an African city distinctive from an American or Russian or Chinese one?  What about the landscape is unique?  I need sample of more than just giraffes!


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