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... with the successful launch of 104 satellites from a single rocket.  That's almost three times the previous record, 37 from Russia.  Cluster rockets are fantastic tools.  \o/
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The Cherry-Picker in Chief is having a hard time keeping all his fruits in the basket.  His putz of a labor secretary nominee just withdrew.  You know, that severely anti-labor guy?  Gone.  \o/

Keep nagging.  The more humiliations heaped on the party, the easier it is to divide and conquer.  The resistance is working!
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There's a skit making fun of press secretary Spicer.  Apparently, it's getting him in hot water because the satirist is a woman. There should be more of this.
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The first step has been completed to impeach Doorstop Twat.  Yay, progress!

I am aware that he is likely to squiggle out of this.  However, based on his performance to date, I remain confident that he will provide many more opportunities  to impeach him over sundry unconstitutional and illegal behaviors.  Among the serious political ones is also his apparent inability to keep his hands to himself or his fly zipped for more than five consecutive minutes.
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Definition of a feminist: a woman who won't shut up when she's told to.

Note that the letter from Coretta Scott King has received far more attention after the censorship than it would have if simply entered into the record as intended. Furthermore, at least four male senators quoted from that letter too. The people with penises were not censored.

What to buy this week to poke a bigot in the eye: "Nevertheless, She Persisted" swag in various shapes.  Are you selling any?  If so, advertise it here.


Feb. 4th, 2017 05:30 pm
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Currently in development: robot astronauts.

Now all we need are astronauts comfortable with bilocation and we can have "manned" missions using a distal body. Cyborgs could probably handle a distal body just fine. Look for people who are blinging up their prosthetics. Hell, look at quadriplegics who need a whole prosthetic body. I wonder if we could get Stephen Hawking to drive one of these things.

Think about all the other jobs this could open up for people with flimsy bodies.  Search-and-rescue.  Deep-sea work.  Nuclear reactor repair.

Terramagne probably has some of this in place already, since their robotics are a couple decades ahead of ours.
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 [personal profile] ng_moonmoth has written a description of the "fascism watch" posts by [personal profile] solarbird.  If you want a feed of disturbing government activity, there it is.
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A law named after Alan Turing pardons all men convicted for homosexual acts. 

Well it's about sodding time.

I wonder if cyberspace will run any better now. ;)
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Given the rate at which the Ignoramus in Chief has been violating the Constitution, it would be useful for someone to track these offenses.  So far these examples have been noted:

* his conflicts of interest
* the Muslim ban
* the attack on sanctuary cities that don't persecute undocumented immigrants
* the rise of the police state

The ACLU has some cogent remarks on the Twat's generally unconstitutional bent.  Furthermore, since filing a lawsuit against the Muslim ban, the ACLU received over $24 million in online donations.  That is six times their annual rate  for a typical year.  So another thing someone could track would be unexpected benefits from the Turdmeister's rise.
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[livejournal.com profile] my_partner_doug found this amusing cartoon about the Idiot in Chief.

In completely unexpected news, [livejournal.com profile] my_partner_doug also identified a beneficial side effect of the Head Illiterate: more people are reading.

After Dingus Turnip ranted about Rep. John Lewis, Lewis' books sold out, including the civil rights graphic novel set The March. (Yes, we bought that one.)

After Kellyanne Conway's 'alternative facts' confabulation, sales of 1984  nd other dystopian novels skyrocketed. (Been there, read that.  Also don't miss the televised Brave New World  starring Leonard Nimoy.  "Work! Earn! Buy!")

Who would have thought it?  But this is awesome.  :D

Several of my friends have begun collecting rude nicknames for Donut Tripe.  I think what we need now is someone to track all the stuff that the Panjandrum's bloviations cause to sell in backlash.  You know like, "Poke a Bigot in the Eye: what to buy this week to support Twerp's opponents."  As soon as he picks a new target to lambaste, look to see if they've published any books, albums, webcomics, or anything else for sale.  Then advertise that.  Bookstores could even put it on a special table with a 10% markdown.  Libraries and book clubs could put it in their read-and-discuss lists.  Any blogger could make a post about it with links to the original attack, the target's bio, and the item(s) to buy in protest.  If we start now, four years later we should have one hell of a canon built up -- enough for a series  of college literature classes.  Won't this be fun?

Remember, sidestep the attack and strike back directly at your enemy's base goals.  The Trotline relies on ignorance. Literacy is his enemy.

im in ur plantation educatin ur dudes!

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Doorstop Twat has attempted to ban Muslims from immigrating to America.  The ACLU is fighting back and won a stay, although it remains to be seen how courts will respond. 
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Astronaut Eugene Cernan has passed away. He was the last man to walk on the Moon.

"We leave as we came, and, God willing, we shall return, with peace and hope for all mankind." -- Cernan's closing words on leaving the moon at the end of Apollo 17

We haven't been back since, alas.  Perhaps he locked it.
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It's early, but this piece of news crossed my desk and I wanted to share it:

Governor Rauner declares May 2017 to be Monarch Butterfly Month in
Illinois 2016-324 Monarch Butterfly Month

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 [personal profile] rix_scaedu tipped me to this page about coping with traumatic news.  It's an illustrated guide, but they get bonus points for inclusivity because the written instructions appear in text below the pictures.  \o/  This ties into the excellent advice from Mr. Rogers, "Look for the helpers."

Newspaper and news broadcast sites in Terramagne-America customarily have some kind of EFA section like this, and video instructions are often tacked onto the end of reports about a major tragedy.  They have more materials though -- theirs is usually broken down into subsections like "I am upset by a tragedy," "I don't like the politics," "I am offended by a scandal," "I am scared of a soup incident," etc. with a general "I am unhappy about the news" for everything else.  Under the symptoms and basic coping skills is a set of tips on how you can help.  For instance, the tragedy section would have information on aid organizations, fundraisers, volunteering, etc. while the scandal one would have stuff about virtues and gossip.  This modular format makes it easy to add individual pages for current events, like folks did with the Berettaflies in Easy City, which is how they managed to raise money and acquire butterfly-indifferent plants so quickly.  Then all they have to do is link the individual pages at the bottom of the topical pages under "Current Events." Citizens always know where they can go for help on these issues; it stays in the same place and format so it's easy to find.

This concept is replicable here for anyone who works with a vulnerable population easily upset by distressing news, any large organization that has a public relations office, any kind of emergency response organization, etc.  If you deal in things that upset people or people who get upset, then it helps to have a resource for healthy coping.  This can greatly reduce the amount of time you have to spend repeating the same information and the amount of stress caused by people freaking out.  It also engages one of the most important resilience factors: restoring a sense of control.  Helplessness causes traumatic stress.  Giving people a gentle nudge toward self-help and citizen response materials will get most of them moving forward again.  The ones who don't budge are the ones you really need to worry about, and you'll have more resources to handle the one or two people who flip into acute stress disorder if you've successfully routed the others into solving their own problems.
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For those of you seeking an action plan to deal with President Grab'em by the Pussy, I present #grabhimbythemidterm. 
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For some months, the Science Fiction Poetry Association has been squabbling over the definition of speculative poetry, what qualifies as "speculative enough," and in a slightly overlapping discussion, the name of the organization and whether it should say something other than "science fiction." I and several other folks experienced in poetry and small organizations have pointed out that trying to force your pet definition on other people will consistently start arguments and frequently cause people to leave.

Now it's Rhysling Award nomination season, and the officers rejected a poem for not being speculative enough. Said poem was originally published in a speculative magazine, Strange Horizons -- which means the author, the editors, and the nominator all thought it was a speculative poem. But their opinions are irrelevant; the poem is excluded from consideration because someone else doesn't think it's speculative enough, people in a position of power that allows them to dictate other people's actions.

Predictably, this happened. Here is the poem, "I Will Be Your Grave."

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Jan. 15th, 2017 01:55 pm
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:D  One of our fox squirrels has finally discovered the birdfeeders again.  I saw him doing acrobatics on the hopper feeder this morning. 
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 Often it's not about education anymore.  And yet people are still pressured to attend, whether they can afford it or not.


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