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 ... is not new, is more solid than ever, but people still aren't listening.
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Scientists have discovered a geometric shape at the center of reality, whose form defines the behavior of particles.  It's a lot simpler than trying to calculate by hand the way those things move.  It goes from hundreds of pages of math to one. 

Meanwhile I'm laughing my ass off because, well, om mani padme hum.  Not the sound of the chant, but it's literal meaning: the jewel in the heart of the lotus.  Mystical people have been staring at this thing forever, because A) it's inspiring, B) it's really pretty, and C) when you're out of your body on a lot of other dimensions it tends to be right in front of your face and kind of hard to ignore.  Which is okay because A and B.  :D  Anyhow, quantum mechanics might like to take a look at the prismatic branch of sacred art.  Perhaps it will prove inspiring.  Because quantum physics is where magic and science meet, which is why it's cool.  I may not be able to hack the math, but quantum physics still makes my existential intelligence sit up and go squee.

On the downside, this means people are getting reeeeeaaaalllly close to figuring out graviton technology.  This is about as relaxing as realizing that the toddler has just about figured out how to turn on the blowtorch.  O_O  
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Students who binge-learn do better than those who don't.  In addition to the reasons listed, when you consume mass quantities of data in a short time, your retention is better while reading the later chapters so you're more likely to draw connections than if you read it later and had forgotten some of the earlier stuff.

Also, this isn't new.  It's just easier now.  If I want to chug a subject I can just get online and read until my vision blurs.  I don't have to deal with a librarian saying there's a 3-book limit per subject or a 12-book limit per week.  I've always had a tendency to inhale whole topics.  How else am I supposed to load a database?
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Here is a detailed explanation of the Voynich Manuscript

Oh look, someone else has a linguistic coprocessor too.  This is very much the way I think, and how my mind matches up pieces of widely scattered information.  I use a similar process to hack languages I don't actually speak, or know only a little of. It's all about puzzle pieces and patterns and being able to match up disparate bits.  Well, that and having the linguistic coprocessor that provides enough speed and bandwidth to run the program.  :D  I totally get more use out of this than I would out of the factory version of human face recognition.
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This is the first example I've seen locally of emotional trauma care, rather than just emotional first aid. There's a Psychotrauma Unit out of Israel coming to help Houston in the wake of hurricane flooding. It's a volunteer service, but working at professional level: "The unit’s 200 or so members include medics, psychiatrists, psychologists and social workers who are trained by some of Israel’s leading experts on the psychology of crises."  

That's a useful distinction between emotional first aid, which most people can learn; and emotional trauma care, which requires more advanced training.  The idea is to provide support that reduces the risk of permanent injury, teach coping skills to help people through a crisis, and let them know what symptoms mean trouble and it would be advisable to seek further help.  I suspect that a good listener and some practical resources will knock down the rate of PTSD just because the keystone risk factor is feeling helpless; if you can stop that, it's like cooling a burn, it slows or halts the damage rate.

Tikkun olam, Israel, today you're doing it right.
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There has long been a theory that it could rain diamonds on Neptune and Uranus.  Scientists recently replicated this process in the lab.

:D  If you love it, put a ring on it!
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This is so exciting!  BBC has introduced a new pidgin service to make news more accessible to African viewers.  Click any of the article thumbnails to see an example. 

Because of my linguistic coprocessor, it's very easy for me to hack a pidgin if I know any of its main antecedents.  So for instance, I can clock "don" as the past-tense marker: "BBC Pidgin don start today" = "BBC Pidgin started today."  Take a look at the new materials and see what bits of grammar and vocabulary you can identify.  \o/

Meanwhile over in Terramagne, I bet their BBC offers a whole bunch of different overlays like this.  France probably does too, because they spawned a lot of colonial languages, including the Haitian French that Saraphina speaks.  Hmm, I wonder how long it'll take Aidan to catch onto that resource, because he's not much of a TV junkie.  But an hour of French-national Haitian French overlay would be good practice for them, and a nice change from the much scarcer pure Haitian programming.

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Modern medicine is juuuust starting to figure out how important food is, including its influence on mood.  The food you eat, and its quality, can have a huge impact on your mental health and brain function.

One reason I've been writing down a lot of T-American food choices and linking similar local recipes is because they're a lot farther along the path of using dietary choices to support health.  That's mostly replicable here.  You can see it with Shiv in particular, how much better he feels now than several months ago.  That's not all due to the extra psych support he's getting; it's also because he's eating better.
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Three drag queens save a gaybashing victim.

"Growing up gay, I’ve been picked on and bullied and there comes a time when you fight back and you don’t care if you’ll get hurt or what happens to your wig."

<3 heroic speeches.
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So this happened

The same principle behind this leads to this and this.

I told you so.  I have been saying and saying that when a society starts pulling down statues, it tends to mushroom, because people get it in their heads they can destroy all the art they dislike.  Sure it's tempting.  Everybody loves to pull down something they hate and stomp on it.  That's very gratifying.  But it's a bad idea because it destroys the past and then nobody has nice things for a long time.  It also sucks when other people pull down stuff that YOU like just because THEY don't, and there is probably not one piece of art on the planet which is liked by everyone.  

Seriously, people, stop doing this shit.  Unpopular art can be moved to a place where it won't annoy folks, but destroying it is counter-civilization.
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This is awesome.  Meanwhile, over in Terramagne, stuff like this is produced by Kraken.  Nerd science! 
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Famous mathematician Maryam Mirzakhani has passed away.  She came from Iran and won her first medal in a
mathematics competition in 1994.

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 ... are not just emotional, but biological.  It shortens a child's telomeres.  While death has the biggest impact, divorce or incarceration have similar effects.  Shortened telomeres correlate with shortened lifespan and worsened health.  Now consider that in light of policies from prison to foster care.  Losing a parent is the worst thing that can happen to a child.  If they are not literally in immediate risk of death, everything else does less damage.  That sucks, but it should be used to find other ways of solving family and social problems that do not butcher children's lifespan and health at a cellular level.

No mention was made of mothers.  Likely the effects parallel those of father loss.  I would not be surprised if they are worse.
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 For the first time, a badger has been filmed burying an animal larger than itself.  A cow.  \o/
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While fringe media sites are iffy on details, this article would explain the ~2 hours of domestic violence that is Civil War and how one of the greatest anti-war novels of all time got turned into a pro-war trilogy with rabbits pulling a sled. 

Fortunately we have the internet to provide alternative entertainment with inconvenient truths about what happens to soldiers and the results of systemic corruption.  Tell ALL the stories.


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