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Some linguists rendered a legal brief in Klingon. Okay, that's cool. But then I saw this and cracked up laughing:

a California nonprofit devoted to supporting "constructed languages" — is trying to convince a court that the alien language from "Star Trek" is a real, "living" form of communication.

Guys, it's a pidgin now and has been for, gosh, probably more than a decade by this time. It didn't take long to become a household language. Over in Europe it's customary for people to learn multiple languages, and the home language is whatever two people have in common. For several couples that was Klingon, and so their kids learned it as a native language. Well, anything that's spoken live by native speakers counts as a real language. It's a pidgin, technically, because it's "borrowed" from elsewhere so kids aren't learning it from older native speakers. It's going to have carryover from English (or French, Italian, etc.) and will take a while for that to rub off. But all they really need to prove the case is convince a native speaker of Klingon to show up. Which would be awesome.

CBS and Paramount have sued, alleging that the unlicensed use of Klingon amounts to copyright infringement.

*headdesk* You cannot copyright a LANGUAGE. It is words. It is not an arrangement of specific words which is what can be copyrighted. It is not a logo or a trademark. You can copyright The Klingon Dictionary but not the language itself.  A movie is pretty obviously not a dictionary.  You also cannot copyright plain words. TSR tried copyrighting "dragon" once and lost. Words belong to everyone. You can only copyright what you do with the words.

"There would be great danger to allowing the copyright power to extend to prevent others from speaking a language," Duan wrote in a blog post Thursday.

Thank you brain-having person for pointing out the gigantic clusterfuck that would ensue from all the native peoples and their conquerors simultaneously trying to copyright the same languages.  Coyote would have so much to do, he'd have to invite all his Trickster friends from every pantheon just to cover all of that.  0_o
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Here's an astute suggestion on how President Obama should handle the Senate's attempt to prevent him from doing his job by refusing to do theirs: He can give them notice that if they don't act, it constitutes a waiver of their right to participate in selecting a Supreme Court judge, and then he can simply appoint one.  It's a terrific way to ensure that they have a chance to exercise their right, while making sure they can't logjam the government.
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It's always worse, because people haven't found more than a handful of the horrifying effects in progress.  This one is about cloud composition
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This morning when I got up, I noticed the title on Doug's computer: "The two scariest words for Hollywood studios in 2016: animated movie."  

So I asked him what was scary about animation, and he said it was the risk.  A successful animated movie has the highest profit margin of any format.  But they also cost the most to make, so it's a big loss for movies that don't succeed.  CGI movies are even more expensive, unless you cut corners on things like water and hair.

I thought for a moment and said, "So do the movie in traditional cels and pay more for a better script."

In my sleep.  Remember, it takes my brain about an hour to boot up after waking.  I solved a problem, that Hollywood is pissing and moaning over, in my sleep.  With nothing more than the part of my brain that can run an automatic routine but fumbles even that if even one detail is different -- which immediately happened because of the conversation.  

Wow.  I knew Hollywood was bad at solving problems, but worse than my autobrain?  Dudes.  That is lame.

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The movie Finding Nemo has been dubbed into Navajo as Nemo Hádéíst’į́į́’.  Any talking beast movie is likely to come across rather differently in a tribal language.  Before this, they did the first Star Wars movie.  I imagine that parts of its dialog are a great deal shorter -- as Navajo is an excellent language for discussing mystical things -- while others are probably much longer (I've watched the video about describing an iPod).  In any case, I'm pleased to see people not only working to keep their language alive, but engaging the children who are needed to carry it forward.
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So this guy did a fashion show with black models, and people bitched.

Here's the thing about clothes: they go with people's skin tone.  Or they don't.  So if you want to see what clothes look like on the right body, you have to put them on people with the skin tone those clothes were designed for.   People whose skin is some shade of brown look good in different colors than people whose skin is some shade of cream.  Or gold. Or red.  You get the picture.  Those clothes aren't white girl clothes.  They are black girl clothes.  Nice, rich, deep colors.  What people are saying when they bitch about the show is that 1) those clothes wouldn't look good on them and therefore aren't worth making, and 2) black women don't deserve nice clothes.

Fuck that noise.
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Brood V (5) 17-year cicadas will emerge in the spring of 2016 in Maryland, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia.
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 Republican obstruction over the Supreme Court nominations is drawing harsh criticism from voters.  \o/
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 Here's a new invention: a wearable third arm for drummers that jams along with them.  I could see Soundwave rocking a pair of these things.

Sure, Marvel has Doc Oc with those creepy extra arms, but not everyone is a supervillain.  There's nothing wrong with cyborg tech.  Normal, healthy people just think of normal, healthy applications like music instead of trying to take over the world or whatever.
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These tardigrades were found frozen in Antarctica, kept frozen for decades longer, and then revived.  I know that technically, superpowers are abilities unusual  to a species, and tardigrades as a species are fucking indestructible.  I don't care, they have superpowers.  They're resistant to cold damage, heat damage, desiccation, radiation, you name it.  Seriously, if we blow up the Earth, there will be tardigrades on some of the fragments and a zillion years from now they're going to smack into some unsuspecting alien world and POW!  Panspermia.  No deliberation required.
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My partner Doug tipped me to this article about new cosplay patterns from McCall's.  They are designed with input from costumers, so the patterns are printed on heavier paper, including both variations and instructions for customizing.  This is very similar to the high-end historic patterns, and indeed, they're priced in the same range.  I'm betting you get what you pay for, even without having seen one personally.
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 Inevitably the Republicans are trying to prevent Obama from doing his job again.  They don't care that he's the President, they only care that he's black.  >_<  Dudes.  When the music stops, the President gets to pick the next player.  That's how this game works.  STFU.
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So Jughead is asexual.  That's cool. 

I also discovered a couple of other terms.  

Skoliosexual refers to an attraction toward nonbinary people.  Hey, that's me!  It is an accurate but incomplete description of my sexuality, adjacent to redheads.  There are very few things that will really grab my attention on a purely observational level, without knowing the person, but those are them.  (This is also what I got dissed for at the trans party.  Making fun of skoliosexual people as "tranny-chasers" is not cool, folks.)  So it's nice to have a word for that.

Lithosexual refers to having romantic feelings but wanting them not to be reciprocated.  I had to laugh.  This is so not new. This is half the Courtly Love custom of romance (the other half being star-crossed lovers) because lots of people practiced it but would have been horrified  if their distant adulation was actually returned.  It was enormously popular some centuries ago.  If this is you, look into historic literature and you'll find it.
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 ... to communicate with people, you have to speak their language.  Sometimes that language constitutes waving a fist in their face.


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