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I got to talking with some friends about the uncanny valley, and then I found this video of two chatbots talking together.  The imagery is basically two talking heads, with a voiceover. The uncanny valley effect works in audio as well as visual mode, and it is creepy.  For those of you whose impaired vision has left you out of the uncanny valley based on sight, here's a chance to experiment with hearing it instead.  Or anyone else who thinks it's cool.

The conversation runs 6:37.  I didn't last a minute before tapping out.  Other friends variably lasted about two minutes, and less than ten seconds.  How long can you make it?
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SQUEEEEE!!!  Ari the Dodecahedron has posted fanart of  Bruce and Natka under the coffee table.  Note that this is a practice piece for using the tablet more, which is a terrific purpose for fanart.  :D
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This post includes written and vocal samples about tribal affiliation.

For what it's worth, Wazí Aháƞhaƞ (Pine Ridge) is the reservation where my father's brother has kin by marriage. Yes, that's complicated. It's also perfectly ordinary for tribal people to trace connections through long trails of relatives.

On my mother's side, our Cherokee ancestor, we don't know who she was.  She was one of the ones who survived by assimilating.  But I am still finding bits of things, all this time later, where family traditions overlap Cherokee culture.  Burying fishheads in the garden, that one was obvious!
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Adorable cartoon version, not the same as mine, but so funny.
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This article talks about how live music is largely inaccessible to people with disabilities.  Much the same is true of any large outdoor event, or indoor ones held in older buildings: problems I've encountered with Pagan events. 

Things you can do about this:

* If you are a site host, check accessibility recommendations and accommodate whatever you can.  Measure access ways and list things like door width, number of steps, etc.  Make sure there is at least some seating for people who can't stand for long periods.  If you charge extra for seating, reserve some at the usual price or better yet free for people with disabilities -- anyone with a car sticker should be able to get the reserved seating.  Include contact information so people can ask questions.  Use input from them to expand the information you list.  Can't afford upgrades you want to make?  Do a fundraiser for a bigger bathroom or a new ramp that won't ruin the historic look of your building.

* If you are a musician, insist that your venue hosts do the above.  Do you do house concerts?  Try to find fans with disabilities who would like to host some!  Chances are, their homes will be accessible.  Sometimes that is one heck of an asset: a house built from scratch for a wheelchair user has a minimum of walls, with spaces instead defined by columns or changing floor style, so that sound carries better.

* If you are a fan, encourage site hosts and musicians to make reasonable accommodations, whether or not you have a disability yourself.  You might also boycott the ones who don't.
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These are the rules for the Coyote & Roadrunner cartoons.

Except, you know, I always preferred the Roadrunner.  He had the better skill at reality manipulation.

And of course, we also have Southwest tribal stories about Coyote to thank for the whole series.  There really is, I swear, a line in the original folklore that translates to, "and Coyote was squashed flatter than a grass mat!"
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Here's a fascinating article about Native American superheroes

I like Cherokee!Superman, but I think my favorite is "Tewa Tales of Suspense" (I never get tired of seeing people beat the stuffing out of invaders) followed by Captain Paiute.

Over in Terramagne, my indigenous soups include the Native Alaskan superheras in "The Hand of Sedna," and they mention Katsina who is Hopi. The Iron Horses are an intertribal motorcycle gang, based on the challenges faced by people of mixed heritage.  There's a glimpse of them in "Turning Leaves."  Fireheart, introduced in "Glorious Accidents," is Aboriginal Canadian; he and his wife Jackie Frost (French-Canadian) have a daughter named Aurora.  The super-gizmologist Thingamabob has Native American heritage but has assimilated to where the only sign of it is her appearance: copper skin and straight black hair.  A fair number of other people have a trace of native ancestry, and I note it in character sheets when I know about it.
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Here's a thoughtful article about pricing your crafts.  

I typically look at time + materials for crafts.  With services, I look at time and compare with what other people are charging. I've done simple mending at an hourly rate, because it just isn't that difficult.  Sewing from patterns I charge a bit more for, and I've done at least one pattern that I decided was too fussy to do again.  But basic skirts?  Still pretty easy.  

I pay a lot of attention to difficulty and time.  With poetry, I can afford to sell it relatively cheap because I write it fast.  I'm still making better money than I would from most magazines, because poetry in the mainstream pays shit wages.  You can get a poem from me for less than a paper book -- smaller product, but based on your prompt or maybe you just picked something you liked from a thumbnail.  Writing fiction takes longer, so I tend to charge more.  Editing is mostly charging what I can get, not what I'm worth.  The only place I make an hourly rate suited to my experience level is poetry.
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"Coda" is a beautiful short film about a lost soul and Death. 

The story, of course, is familiar to me.  People die and think they're not done yet so they wander off and/or drag their feet, then somebody has to trundle along behind to find them.

So I noticed a lot of other lovely little details.  The crowd scenes have women and people of color.  Yay!  The delicate use of light and shadow.  Outlines of leaves.  The exquisite control of Death's cloak.  <3
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 You can now buy a molecule quilt of your very own.  And gosh, part of the background development is Mathematica, a program my mother helped create!  These are ridiculously bargain prices for a quilt, too, and the standard size will fit a queen or king bed.  If you are into technomagic, note that molecules DO things, so these quilts make a terrific base for charm magic.
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This article explores what happens when two emotions mix.  A key benefit of the movie Inside Out is that it encourage people to think and talk about feelings!  So. Much. Win.
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 This comic is right up there with "Adventures ... nasty, uncomfortable things.  Make you late for dinner!"


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