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I found this analysis of gender in comics to be fascinating.  In many categories, I've written against the mainstream pattern, such as having females with super-strength and males with psychic powers.  In a few areas I may have replicated the pattern; with pheromone control and prehensile hair, I could only think of female characters, although I'm sure there are males with pheromones.
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(Obviously NSFW.)

Been there, had that conversation. LOL It's amusing to think, oh yeah, the artist must have been there too. Because this is totally what happens when you try to explain to pirates how not to knock up their favorite whore and where is the little man in the boat.

Meanwhile in Terramagne, Grainne Nuala is probably still throwing occasional treasure at sex ed programs. Imagine some Planned Parenthood office manager opening the dropbox and then ...

"Well, nuts! Some darn fundie must crammed this thing with brass pirate tokens."

"Uh, boss? These are heavier than brass and some of them are bent."

"Holy Mary Mother of God this is all REAL?! Who would do that?"

"Maybe a pirate who loves sex ed."
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While researching a poem, I found this page about the Holocaust.  Scroll down, and below the main article in brown there is a little red box with a thumbnail summary including illustrative icons.  If you just read the highlighted keywords and their icons, you get "holocaust, systematic, state-sponsored, six million Jews, Nazi."  That's a brilliant nutshell for people who may not be verbal or fluent in English.  While I rarely see it in local-America outside of resources designed for people with special needs, it's quite common in Terramagne, although it usually appears above the main article to serve as a quick introduction.
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 [personal profile] bairnsidhe has been writing a setting called Super-Queers.  Check out "Questions" and "Under the Hood."  If you like Polychrome Heroics, you'll probably love this.
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Any of you vision-impaired folks like to cook?  A friend tipped me to this spice merchant, and I noticed they advertise Braille labels are available upon request.  The blends sound quite promising.
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You know you've picked a good one when your husband does this.  Mate selection = WIN.

One time I was in a grocery store line, listening to all the women complaining about all the things their men wouldn't do.  Not having a dog in that fight, I didn't say anything.  Apparently this was weird, because after a while one of them turned to me and said, "What about you, sweetie?"

I shrugged and said, "Mine cooks East Indian feast food."

This is what you get when you select for personality and life skills, rather than a pretty face and a big dick.
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... would a hospital make a McDonald's its adjunct restaurant.  Think about all the times doctors nag people to eat better and lose weight, and all the people who can't  eat McDonald's due to special dietary needs.  I am just boggled by the loss of opportunity, because this shit is routine in L-American "health care" -- they push people around, but refuse to lift a finger to help.  Hospital food is almost universally slop of exactly the kind they tell people not to eat, and the cafeterias or adjunct restaurants are barely better.  What they should be doing is serving delicious well-balanced meals to show  people how that works, and then doctors should eat that in public, because humans are prone to imitative behavior.  I've read about outliers having an organic restaurant, but in terms of access, that's still a unicorn hunt.  But McDonald's?  Really?  WTF.

Fortunately someone working there does NOT have their head up their ass, and has started a petition to replace it with a restaurant serving healthy food.
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Here's an interesting essay on disability in SF.  It's not just about representation.  It's about adventure.  We need characters who have serious physical or mental challenges, but go on to do exciting things anyway.


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