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Here is a video about a man who has invented hundreds of musical instruments.  Each is a one-of-a-kind creation.  Some mimic standard instruments, while others are completely unique.  He presents the Anarchestra as a public, interactive art show.  People can go in and just jam on the instruments.  Because the instruments are unique, that discourages the tendency to say, "Oh, I don't know how to play that."

In Terramagne, there are lots of gizmologists like this.  Most towns have at least one tinker who just loves to make stuff.  It could be anything -- musical instruments, tools, baby toys, buttons, circus trees, cycles -- done as a hobby or a profession.  Because most people make enough money to live on, there are many more folks who have hobbies, and people who want more than one job are much more likely to make the second one a passion job.  Towns take pride in their creative folks, like the Real Live Writers in Bluehill.  They get a kick out of telling out-of-town guests about the cool dude who makes one-off playground equipment or whatever.  

When people here try to imagine what it would look like if people didn't have to work themselves to the bone just to survive, well, it looks a lot like this.  You have these guys everywhere doing cool shit you would never have thought of, and they're happy to share it with other folks.

Bird Nests

Aug. 23rd, 2016 04:20 am
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 ... have gone through interesting evolution.  I am amused to recall a myth in which the Weaver Bird attempted to teach all the other birds how to build a nest, but they all quit before getting the whole lesson.
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Here's an interesting discussion about the relationship between fans and creators

My thoughts:

1) Without creators, there would be no content.  Somebody has to make this stuff, and it's a lot more work than merely coming up with an idea.  Fans should respect the hard work that creators do.

2) Without fans, there would be no market.  A creator without an audience is just a hobbyist.  Creators should respect the investment of time, money, and energy that fans make through consuming entertainment.

3) There are many different ways to produce and consume entertainment; what consenting adults do is up to them.  For sake of everyone's sanity, however, people should be clear about what they are doing and what they want.  Creators and fans who wish to interact should do so, and communicate to established desired parameters.  Crowdfunding, for example, is a high-feedback approach to making fun stuff.  Creators and fans who do not wish to interact should not be pressured to do so; boundary violations cause problems. 

4) Most of the problems described in the article come from a lack of respect whether that's in society, creators, fans, or frequently all of those.  Which brings us to Wheaton's Law: Don't be a dick.

5) I love crowdfunding partly because of  the difference in opinions.  Yes, it can get fractious at times.  I try to be patient with that, because it also goes to places I'd probably never find on my own.  My fans routinely spot things I've included, because my holographic observation picks up and records things I haven't paid close enough attention to that I noticed the details yet, but when pointed out, there it is.  Case in point, Shiv's history of sexual abuse; I had known that he had a rough past, but it was a reader who spotted that specific detail.  The signs were already there.  For another example, discussions of the relationship between Calliope and Vagary have brought up fascinating points about interpersonal violence, transness, appropriate force, responsibility, what therapy is for -- all kinds of stuff.  When I started the arc between those two characters, I had no firm expectations for how it would go; the developments have come from readers who want to see various things.  If that means a certain amount of tugging back and forth, it's cool, because I think that often mimics the way things go in real life when people have mixed feelings.
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I noticed this poster about autism.  It lists inappropriate laughter/giggling as a symptom.  That is so iconic of the fey -- laughing at funerals, for example -- that it's in a number of fairytales.  It's often one reason a human husband slaps his fey wife, and she leaves him for it.
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This poem is spillover from the July 19, 2016 Poetry Fishbowl. It was inspired by a prompt from [personal profile] corvi. It also fills the "caroling" square in my 7-1-16 card for the Winter Fest in July Bingo fest. It has been sponsored by [personal profile] janetmiles. This poem belongs to the series Polychrome Heroics.

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I found this list of "Universal Human Needs."  Certainly they're natural and common, but not universal.  Some people, for instance, want to be seen while others very much prefer to pass unnoticed.  Conversely, I think that many of these are general to most sapient beings, not just humans.  There's species variation, of course; any group-oriented species will tend to care about belonging whereas a solitary race usually will not.  

What really fascinated me about this was how differently people feel about these things, particularly the priorities.  Even the most basic survival needs vary; one person may care a great deal about sleep, but not worry much about food; another may scant sleep but fixate on food.  The whole thing came up when I was studying Calliope and Vagary.  The real reason they keep butting heads?  It's not just that they're a superhera and a supervillain, or stuck in an awkward relationship.  It's that their needs have very little overlap.  When their goals for survival, sanity, and comfort are opposed then they keep getting in each other's way.

It's a very illuminating character exercise to go through and mark what people's different needs are.
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 [personal profile] thnidu has posted the thoughtful demifiction "Dear Ms. Aquariana" which introduces her to Microfyne.
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The July 2016 [community profile] crowdfunding Creative Jam is now open on Dreamwidth and on LiveJournal. This month's theme is "Good and Evil." Come give us prompts, or claim some for your own inspiration.

What I Have Written

"Under Her Coat"
Your wing prompt inspired the free-verse poem "Under Her Coat." A strange woman appears in Bluehill, and Turq doesn't know what to make of her.
130 lines, Buy It Now = $65

A prompt about evil as action inspired the free-verse poem "Where All Tears End," posted as today's freebie.

"In the Darkness of the Soul"
The prompt about your own good inspired the free-verse poem "In the Darkness of the Soul." Turq struggles with nightmares from his past.
152 lines, Buy It Now = $76

"An Ugly Shadow Cast by Myself"
Your spectrum prompt inspired the free-verse poem "An Ugly Shadow Cast by Myself." Aquariana and Irene talk to Steel in the aftermath of the trial, regarding the last of the Japanese whalers. Steel has a lot of survivor guilt to work through.
180 lines, Buy It Now = $90

"A Shadow the Length of a Lifetime"
This inspired the free-verse poem "A Shadow the Length of a Lifetime." No matter how old Alicia is, some damage never really heals. (Warning for graphic child molestation.)
124 lines, Buy It Now = $62

From My Prompts

Your title prompt "All That Is Necessary for Evil", with additional inspiration from your prompts "Good people cleaning up the mess after evil people" and "Neutrality can do a lot more damage than evil", spawned a poem of that title, sponsored by my Patreon patrons.

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Quoted from Vu Le, creator of the nonprofit management site Nonprofit With Balls:

"The events of the past few days are horrific, and many of us get into this line of work because we are empathetic by nature. That means that often we will feel things acutely and also absorb others’ emotions like a sponge. In light of all this, we should take a moment to acknowledge:

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My partner Doug found this video about patriotism as an inclusive value. (I am now happily imagining bigots with smoke pouring out their ears as their brains explode.)  Keep a sharp eye on background parity, it's very well done here.  This level of diversity is typical of Terramagne-America, and indeed, this is the kind of public awareness video is the sort of thing that Hefty or Officer Pink would do.  If you look closely, you can even see the kind of live-work buildings common in T-American downtown streets.  :D
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[personal profile] shiori_makiba has written two lovely pieces.  Check out the other poems from the muse session too.

"Demifiction: Community Resources" is a list of services at the Unity Resource Center in Easy City.  T-American towns usually have a community center, and larger municipalities may have more than one facility that offers recreation, gathering space, educational opportunities, support services, etc.  This prevents a lot of problems due to isolation or social upheaval. In the wake of the berettafly incident, many places have announced their offerings so that citizens can find what they need.

"Friends" features Tsubasa interacting with friends she knew before the incident.  It does a wonderful job of capturing that awkwardness after someone's major life change.

Flappy Icon

Jul. 2nd, 2016 02:11 am
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I was looking for something completely different, but I spotted this set of emotion cards and just had to share.  Look!  The excited person is flapping his hands!  :D 3q 3q 3q  I almost never see any positive support for physical expressions of emotion like this, and especially hand flapping.  But here it is, along with other really good body language for feelings.  \o/

I've started keeping an eye out for good icons because some of my characters are highly visual.
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June 25 marked the 140th anniversary of the Battle of the Greasy Grass, aka the Battle of the Little Bighorn.  

I've long held a fascination for this one, and it got me kicked out of history class more than once -- one of those for bringing in personally collected photographic evidence that book and teacher were both wrong about a strategically relevant point of topography.  I mean really, that battleground has been mapped and modeled over every inch, you'd think people would be more careful.  There are whole shelves full of books about it, and I read a lot of them.  We had to do some serious hunting to find the ones written by Lakota authors, but they exist.

When I was in junior high, we made a couple of long summer trips out west.  One of the stops was the Little Bighorn, and we didn't realize it until we got there, but it was the anniversary of the battle.  It was an uncommonly cool, damp, foggy day for the middle of summer in the middle of the plains.  A low mist blanketed everything, stirring and stirring in the breeze.  Everyone else was huddled in the visitor's center, because apparently, this had a habit of happening and the ghosts would get restless, particularly around the anniversary.  Naturally this made us want to go out and hike around the site, since it wasn't broiling and wasn't crowded.  The staff all looked at us like we were crazy.  Well, we have houseghosts and some complicated distant connections to the folks on the Pine Ridge Reservation, so we were not deterred.  It was very exciting to see the battlefield up close and take pictures of the important places.  We saw a few of the ghosts, eddies in the mist, wisps of color seen through the corner of the eye.  They never bothered us.  Most of it was just sounds, whispers and hoof-thumps and such.  History, resurfacing occasionally to remind people that what is gone should not be forgotten.

Never forget.
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 [personal profile] aldersprig has written the ficlet "Damage Control" based on my prompts.  It takes practice to learn how to control Fire Powers.


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