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 This pattern shows how to make stacking sensory blocks with a fabric cover and foam core.  You could, of course, use the same concept to make other styles of dice than a d6 if you can find or make a suitable core.
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 This project aims to make Legos more inclusive with a holiday-and-magic themed set including minifigs in wheelchairs.
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Here is a mix of free and on-holiday-sale literature with seasonal queer themes. Don we now our gay apparel!  \o/
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So far there are no prompts in the "Pay It Forward" project to help a stranded relative, which I described in more detail here.  I figured I'd try posting again when more people are likely to be awake, since this started lateish last night.
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This is a good start.  For secular folks it really works and is beautiful as it stands. 

I've even done one on star stuff -- as stars live, they are very far apart and everything is quite ephemeral. When they die, their bones are blasted out through space to coalesce into and around new stars.  This process begets planets, which are the heaven of stars; and the life upon them, that's us, we are the angels.  We are what stars become after they die.  Why wouldn't we look up and think of them as home?

For me, life after death isn't faith, and it's not just memory either.  It's observation.  It's looking around the universe and seeing that everything exists within systems, within cycles.  Nothing is lost; everything is retained; it simply changes form.  Some of those changes are really exciting.  Just because we can't see the whole of a given cycle from the point we're standing in doesn't prevent us from mapping the part of it we can see, and that part tells us by its shape that it is incomplete and so there must be more which will only come into view after we have moved ahead some distance.  You can't see out of a womb when you're in it, either.

Faith is believing what you've been told.  Extrapolation is using what you already know to predict the parts you can't get at yet.

And funerals, well, they're for the community to patch up the hole that's left behind, and to make sure that the departed energy has in fact departed and isn't going to stick around loose to cause problems.  Do whatever works for you in that regard.
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I have been following with great interest the study of Tetris as a preventative treatment for PTSD and a way of reducing flashbacks.

So then I got to thinking, some people dislike video games or cannot play them.  But!  There are stacking-block games in real life too.  There are other pattern-matching games and puzzles.  I'm not into Tetris.  I love Bausack towers, and I also love tile sets that can be mixed around -- just handling the pieces and putting them into place is soothing.  I think that these would work for PTSD similar to Tetris because they use many of the same features.  You have to look at (or feel, if you're vision-impaired) the shape of the objects and the spaces to figure out what goes where.  As PTSD is fundamentally a sorting error in the brain, where you can't fit the file "EVENT.fck" into the "Past" folder, any kind of sorting activity should help facilitate that so it works better.  So having more options to explore for different ways to support that process should widen the pool of people who can be helped.
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So people are throwing a fit over this.

Me, I loved the remake, especially in terms of comparing it to the earlier movie with attention to what and how things had been updated.  I admired the "foster kid" remake including its song.  I adored the use of social media as the means of driving not just public opinion but several important plot points.  It was very astute.  And I think that choosing to tell this story with black protagonists spoke to multiple aspects of life that concern people of color -- being wanted, being unwanted, success, family of choice when birth families don't work out the way you want, etc.

People don't like it when somebody else gets a turn in the spotlight?  Wah wah, cry me a river.
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Here is an awesome new metaphor for being transgender.  It also works pretty well for being queer, transracial, species dysphoric, polyamorous, or other situations where your innate nature clashes with other people's major expectations so badly that it does damage.
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Here's an intersting post about teaching diversity. It's good as far as it goes. But it's missing a piece, and that missing piece lies at the heart of what's wrong with diversity today.

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[personal profile] siliconshaman has posted the story "Breaking Out, Breaking Down" about Ashley's superpowers making life difficult again.

[personal profile] shiori_makiba has posted "Expectations" about Tsubasa's big brother and his response to the berettaflies incident. 
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 My partner Doug tipped me to this comic, mostly for the awesome trigger warnings on the cover.  The inside is that good too.  :D
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 Butch, genderqueer, lesbian, etc. clothing in masculine cut for female forms.  Really expensive but it looks like you get what you pay for.

Period shorts for men who menstruate.  This is awesome because having to deal with mismatched genitals is hard enough for transmen, and it's a zillion times worse when the damn thing starts bleeding.  Many, though not all, transmen hate having to handle that part of their bodies.  A sanitary product that does not require getting his fingers in there is enormously helpful for some guys.
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LJ user Ng_moonmoth has posted the demifiction "KOBAYASHI Isao (1929-2032) [Interpress]." This details a broad range of developments in Terramagne-Japan conveyed through a biographical perspective. Readers should be aware that the content includes culturally sensitive and complicated topics.
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[personal profile] redsixwing has written "Butterfly Net" Part 4.  Madhukar and his lab assistants make an exciting discovery about berettafly venom.
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There are two new Berettaflies posts.

"Being Neighborly" by [personal profile] dialecticdreamer is a direct sequel to "Oops" and gives Ashley an opportunity to learn more about cooking.

[personal profile] siliconshaman has also posted a fun piece about Ashley.  This is a typical HAZMAT suit from local-America.  And this is Ashley's customized iso-suit after she finishes tweaking the SPAZMAT options around.  So. Much. Win.  :D
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 [personal profile] dialecticdreamer has posted "Merry Unbirthday, Mallory" in the Damask thread.  Staff members at the Sanger Women's Center arrange a little surprise for Mallory.


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