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2017-07-22 01:15 am


You can tell how hot it is because the squirrel's tail is so flat
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2017-07-17 12:11 pm

Monday Yardening

Today I walked around the yard.  It's getting warm and moist.

There are bees everywhere.  In the wildflower garden, I saw a big bumblebee visiting every flower on this plant.  I saw a small black bee and a tiny metallic green one on the echinacea.  These are probably native species, some of which are rarely seen. All had large panniers of yellow pollen collected from the flowers.  :D  Beeeeeees!

EDIT 7/17/17: Round 2, I picked a few blackberries.

EDIT 7/17/17: Round 3, I planted some morning glories and watered plants.

EDIT 7/17/17: Round 4, I weeded about half of the septic garden.
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2017-07-16 11:49 pm

Garden Photos

I posted two batches of garden photos today, pots and prairie garden
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2017-07-16 05:03 pm
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We got a little rain.  We might get more.  Meanwhile, we have a rainbow to the west of us.  I think it's the flattest one I have seen, arcing low along the horizon.  :D
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2017-07-16 04:25 pm

Sunday Yardening

Today I took pictures.  I have several batches that I haven't even had time to post.

Just now, I went out and watered plants.  It is starting to spit rain, so hopefully we'll get some more. 

Jalapeno peppers are getting bigger, some about thumb-size now.  Blackberries are ripening.
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2017-07-11 01:41 am
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Badger Engineering

 For the first time, a badger has been filmed burying an animal larger than itself.  A cow.  \o/
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2017-07-09 06:18 pm

Sunday Yardening

Early today I took some pictures.  My pink ice plant is finally blooming.  :D

I watered plants, sowed a few morning glories, then collected seeds from the white allium and planted them in the purple-and-white garden.

Round 2, we hauled a small pile of grass and gathered a few sticks.  I also picked the first two peppers from the pot.  :D  It looks like one jalapeno plant also survived and has tiny peppers on it.

Round 3, I picked the first few blackberries.  

Tonight is warm and muggy.  Fireflies are out in force.  :D  Cicadas have been singing the last few nights and are out also.

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2017-07-04 07:18 pm

Tuesday Yardening

I managed to get out and water plants, but I probably won't get much else done outside.  It's warm and muggy tonight. Something new is fixing to bloom in the wildflower garden. 

EDIT 7/4/17: I went back out for a walk at dusk.  The air is warm and moist, so the fireflies are all sparking it up.  :D  The breeze is heavy and sweet with corn pollen.

Fireworks are starting up. Someone's doing quite a show just to the east of us.  I can't see anything due to the corn covering the whole horizon, but I can hear them thumping and banging away back there.  To the south and west I have a better view, and got to see a few fireworks.  Mostly I'm content with the great show our northerly neighbors did just the other night.
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2017-07-03 08:16 pm

Monday Yardening

Today was warm and muggy.  We moved two piles of grass to the grass wall. 

EDIT 7/3/17: I went out and watered plants.  

Fireflies are out.  They like the warm damp weather.

Most of today, like yesterday, has been focused on cooking up the ingredients bought on Saturday.  My house smells like sloppy joes right now.  :D
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2017-07-01 08:11 pm

Today's Adventures

We went to the farmer's market for the first time this year, and bought supplies for making Sloppy Joe filling and Wild Tidy Joes (bison version).  We also had lunch with my parents and visited a bookstore.

There's a new mushroom vendor, Flyway Family Farm, who had lovely batches of fresh oyster mushrooms for $5.  Very sweet and tasty, we had those for supper with garam masala.

Biggest score was Prairie Rim Bison / Ruhter Bison.  Lovely ranch running about 40 head of buffalo at present.  Aho!  In addition to the usual ground bison and less common things such as ribs, they had something I've not seen white people selling before: bison soup bones.  Not just meatybones like I was expecting but actual slices of limb with quite a lot of meat around it. I bought two fist-sized packages for $6.50 and opened them to find that each contained two slabs the size of large lamb chops, nearly as big as my hand.  *victory dance*  So I have crocked those with about a gallon of water now simmering away in the kitchen, and we shall have bison broth!  :D  We also bought cheesecloth so I could make a bouquet garni  instead of chasing bits of leaves around the pot.  I put in two bay leaves, a bunch of peppercorns and juniper berries, a big sprig each of fresh sage and rosemary, and some sea salt.  I had fun rolling the fresh herbs between my hands to bruise them and release the flavor, so now my hands smell like rosemary and sage.

I also trimmed some brush from the forest garden, watered plants, and sprayed the Japanese beetles.  Little bastards have almost denuded my firecracker plant.  And I couldn't find my can of Sevin.  >_<  I prefer to avoid pesticides, but when the JBs swarm there's little other choice because nothing will eat them.  Must get a fresh can.  Blackberry lilies have tiny buds on them now.
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2017-06-30 04:58 pm

Friday Yardening

Today we went out erranding.  It's been raining off and on for much of the day.  \o/  Weather is warm and damp at the moment with sun coming out.  I bought some plants, a couple more thymes and a gorgeous purple sedum.  I may go outside presently and try planting those. 

EDIT 6/30/17: I planted a Red Canyon sedum in the purple-and-white garden. It's really pretty, although more of a soft lavender than red.  (There is genuinely red sedum.)  I hope it is as unpalatable to wildlife as the other sedum I have.

Japanese beetles are eating the barrel garden.  >_<  I cannot dust them in wet weather.  This displeases me.

EDIT 6/30/17: I planted two German thymes in the Goddess garden.  That's eight in total, which fills the ring nicely.  \o/

EDIT 6/30/17: I put out more saucers under potted plants.  Then I cut low branches from the forest garden.

It's still warm and damp out.  The sky is partly clear, but with gray and white clouds like long skeins of wool.  The corn is just beginning to tassel and I can smell it faintly on the breeze.  In another day or few it will be heavy and golden in the air.
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2017-06-29 04:00 pm

Thursday Yardening

Today is mostly sunny, warm, and breezy.  

I watered plants and then rearranged some of them.  I moved two of the long planters from the porch to the picnic table.  They will get more sun on the picnic table, and hopefully the long shape of the pots will make them less prone to tipping over in the wind, a serious problem I've had this year.  The first pepper is pretty much ripe now.  If I grow peppers again next year, I am going to look for more long planters or wide shallow ones for better stability.  It's not like peppers have deep roots anyhow. 

EDIT 6-29-17: I cut some brush.

EDIT 6-29-17: More brush cutting.

EDIT 6-29-17: Even more brush cutting!  

As  it is getting dark, I am now done for the night.

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2017-06-28 04:49 pm

Wednesday Yardening

Today is mild, hazy, and blustery.  Earlier I went out shooting pictures.

Doug and I had a nice long session in the ritual meadow, cutting live brush and dead branches.  \o/  We found an empty bird nest in one bush (I checked that it was empty before we cut the bush).

EDIT 6/28/17: Round 2, I cut more brush.

EDIT 6/28/17: Round 3, I picked up sticks and picked a few mulberries.  Didn't even get a handful, but it's enough to add a bit of flavor to mixed berries.
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2017-06-27 04:12 pm

Tuesday Yardening

Today is beautiful, cool, and sunny.  I trimmed brush around the purple-and-white garden, finishing that round.  \o/   

EDIT 6/27/17: Round 2, I watered plants.  Then I hauled 4 garden carts full of brush from previous projects to the brush pile in the ritual meadow.  I have not yet picked up the giant ring of trimmings around the purple-and-white garden though.

EDIT 6/27/17: Round 3, I sprayed week killer in the old raspberry patch and in the streetside yard.  In some places there is poison ivy as far as the eye can see.  >_<  I expected that, because it is a "bandage" plant that appeared in disturbed earth, but I do not want it here.  I have firmly suggested that Gaia patch the ground with something else, such as the grass I spent two weeks planting there.  Some of the grass has grown in beautifully, but other areas remain stubbornly bare dirt or noxious weeds.  Ah well, it's a work in progress.