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Today I found the funniest nerd sex joke I have ever encountered. It was written on a throw pillow: "Na-ma-ste ... in bed." At first glance, it looks like a simple pun on "-ste" and "stay." However, the ending puts it into the category of "... in bed" jokes. What made it so funny that I cracked up when I heard someone reading it aloud is: namaste is Sanskrit for "the god in me sees the god in you." ... in bed. ROTFLMAO!
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(Obviously NSFW.)

Been there, had that conversation. LOL It's amusing to think, oh yeah, the artist must have been there too. Because this is totally what happens when you try to explain to pirates how not to knock up their favorite whore and where is the little man in the boat.

Meanwhile in Terramagne, Grainne Nuala is probably still throwing occasional treasure at sex ed programs. Imagine some Planned Parenthood office manager opening the dropbox and then ...

"Well, nuts! Some darn fundie must crammed this thing with brass pirate tokens."

"Uh, boss? These are heavier than brass and some of them are bent."

"Holy Mary Mother of God this is all REAL?! Who would do that?"

"Maybe a pirate who loves sex ed."


Jul. 4th, 2017 07:20 pm
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We watched Logorama over supper tonight.  It the most disturbing, hilariously apt depiction of America that I've seen in a long time. 
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This is the freebie for today's fishbowl, inspired by a prompt from [personal profile] thnidu.


Once there was a rabbi
who wished to keep his money
as safe as it could be.

He had heard the tale of
Pygmalion (and got it all wrong)
so he crafted a golem of pygg and
made a slit in the cheap orange clay
that he could put the coins through.

Pyg(gy-bank)malion jingled
when he walked, but no matter
how hard the thieves and bandits tried,
they never could get it out of him,
for he was still a golem and
therefore very strong.

When at last the golem
became so full that the coins
no longer chimed inside him,
the rabbi went to smash him and
thereby retrieve his cache.

But Pyg(gy-bank)malion
pushed him down and ran away
(no longer jingling) into the night,
whereupon the rabbi sadly realized that
he had indeed made his money completely safe --

even from himself.

* * *


This is not part of the Clay of Life series proper, but it was a solitary prompt and a funny idea, so I wrote it anyway.

Pygmalion is a mythological figure who carved a statue and then fell in love with it.  The statue's name is Galatea, but because the sculptor's name is more famous, people often confuse the two.

A piggy bank is a hollow receptacle for money, traditionally made out of ceramic and shaped like a swine.  It probably got its name from a cheap clay called pygg.

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Now I've been calling him that for a while, but this actually happened.  The Force really can  have a strong effect on the weak-minded!

Ladies and gentlebeings, start your memes!
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Apparently, Dimwit Twerp has annoyed the lexicographers at Merriam-Webster enough for them to engage in a traditional form of retaliation also favored by linguists, journalists, and satirists: issuing corrections. :D  Sic 'im!
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My partner Doug found this video of duelling bagpipers.  :D  Be patient, it's amusing from the beginning but takes a while to get to the really relevant part.
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Do Not Read With Mouth Full

Recipe titles suggested by AI program

My observations:

1) There's a lack of computer-relevant separation; i.e. it helps to tell the computer what nouns and adjectives are, and not to duplicate words.  Learning how to do this without explicitly programming it is a useful challenge.

2) Some of these are encouragingly similar to what toddlers will suggest.


Mar. 27th, 2017 01:52 pm
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New game.  Do not read with mouth full.

Okay, everyone, roll for initiative ...
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Some of these are funny, others are kind of sick.  But ... It's Your Body, you can laugh if you want to.
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I was amused by this article about a wizard war between two guys who make comics.  This explains so much of the mayhem in the multiverse.  ;) 
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[livejournal.com profile] my_partner_doug has this idea about referring to President Pence and his puppet. Then I saw this puppet and thought it would be funny for protesters to hold them up with a sign saying, "Dear President Pence, we want a turn too."

Imagine how Dongus Taint will respond to millions of people shoving their fist up his ass in effigy.
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Today we went to watch the movie Monster Trucks. It was hilarious and entertaining. I was expecting a pulp science fiction / teen adventure flick, and it turned out to contain quite a lot more science fiction than I anticipated. If you are at all into SF or adventure films, I highly recommend it. There are some excellent twists in it, so if you like being surprised, go see it now instead of reading further. It's not often that any entertainment can surprise me, but this one did.

Details and spoilers below the cut.

Read more... )
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What you will hear if you click on this link is Mark Hamill, in his best "Joker" voice, reading Donald Trump's New Year's greeting tweet.  Courtesy of my partner Doug.

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In listening to descriptions of Trump's reaction to finding out how much Presidential work he can't delegate, I'm reminded of an African-American folktale about a black man and a white man racing to open a pair of boxes.  The black man gets there first and goes, "Oh, I got de biggest box!" ... but dat box full of hard work.

You can read a couple different versions here.

I am also reminded of Spock's observation about wanting vs. having.


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