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So people are throwing a fit over this.

Me, I loved the remake, especially in terms of comparing it to the earlier movie with attention to what and how things had been updated.  I admired the "foster kid" remake including its song.  I adored the use of social media as the means of driving not just public opinion but several important plot points.  It was very astute.  And I think that choosing to tell this story with black protagonists spoke to multiple aspects of life that concern people of color -- being wanted, being unwanted, success, family of choice when birth families don't work out the way you want, etc.

People don't like it when somebody else gets a turn in the spotlight?  Wah wah, cry me a river.
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Here's an intersting post about teaching diversity. It's good as far as it goes. But it's missing a piece, and that missing piece lies at the heart of what's wrong with diversity today.

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 My partner Doug tipped me to this comic, mostly for the awesome trigger warnings on the cover.  The inside is that good too.  :D
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LJ user Ng_moonmoth has posted the demifiction "KOBAYASHI Isao (1929-2032) [Interpress]." This details a broad range of developments in Terramagne-Japan conveyed through a biographical perspective. Readers should be aware that the content includes culturally sensitive and complicated topics.
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Here is a fascinating look at the evolution of Italy and its languages, including the spillover of mostly-southern-Italian immigrants into America.

Over in Terramagne, you can see how this influences some of the main characters.  Ham, as part of the Damask collective, has a Sicilian grandfather.  So Ham has a very Italian-American flavor of expression.

The Marionettes as a Family have spread throughout much of Italy, and beyond, but their highest concentration remains in the southerly parts -- Sicilia, Calabria, Puglia, and so forth -- whose regional differences contribute to the cultural flavor.  T-Italy is less assimiliated but more tolerant than local-Italy.  It's more common for people to speak a regional dialect as their home language and keep Standard Italian for public or official discourse.  I've caught a few instances of my Marionettes codeswitching not only between English and Italian, which they do a lot, but also into Sicilian, which they pretty much restrict to people they consider family.  This little extra bit of flexibility is also why Italy has one of the more integrated soup cultures -- there are more than a few soups on the police force, mostly strongmen and speedsters -- and the Mob conflict is a periodic nuisance rather than a culture-wrecking disaster.
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I am fascinated by this essay.  While the plot connections are interpretive, the move-by-move comparisons of Jar-Jar to a Drunken Master, and to various Jedi Masters, are exquisitely precise.  Whether you agree with it or not, this hypothesis should make the movies a lot more entertaining to watch.  Especially under the influence of copious caffeine.
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This study showed how names influence imagination

I've always annoyed people trying to apply these tests, because I stop with, "I don't know anything more about that person.  All you've given me is a name.  That doesn't contain the information you're asking for."  Or a picture.  Or whatever.  Because it could be boy named Sue or a white Irish kid named Javier.

Sometimes when I'm naming characters they just tell me.  Sometimes I go looking for things that match.  I like using ethnic names because it's a chance for wider representation.  I often look up the demographics of a region to find locally common names and ethnic groups.  But every once in a while they do something off-pattern, like sex-swapped names, or the Louisiana woman who started screaming curses in Italian.

Assumptions are bug spots that'll stop you from seeing what's really in front of you.
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 [personal profile] lynnoconnacht has done a terrific analysis of the Hugos by country.  Readers are cordially invited to replicate those results.  Discussion of implications is also welcome, as long as people keep it civil.  Basically, this analysis shows the overwhelming slant toward U.S. works, although the Hugos are theoretically global.  We're making progress toward diversity, but have a long way to go. 
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 This interactive map shows the vast variety in sex/gender identities in cultures around the world.  Stuff that in the binary hat and wear it.
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[personal profile] rix_scaedu wrote the story "Recovery Action" inspired by my poem "silkbag."  Please join me in bewheedling the author for an extension of this very fine industrial espionage.
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This poem is spillover from the September 1, 2015 Poetry Fishbowl. It was inspired by prompts from [personal profile] alexseanchai, LJ users Ng_moonmoth, and My_partner_doug. It also fills the "lyrical" square in my 8-31-15 card for the Tones Bingo fest. This poem has been sponsored by Ng_moonmoth.

Warning: This poem contains combat scenes described in moderate detail.

Note that I have used color-coding to help distinguish the threads as they are braided together, so if you can't see colors this will be harder to grasp. However! This type of poem is meant to be read aloud, and all you need to make the braid pop out in audio version is have three people read it.

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Here's an interesting post on convention panels about diversity. Now for some further discussion of particular points ...

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Here's another essay about the Hugo Awards and whether science fiction is devolving into social justice stories. 

Devolving?  Really?  The genre that began with Mary Wallstonecraft  Shelley's scathing condemnation of a protagonist who was everything society lauded and also an imbecilic dick?  The genre where Gene Roddenberry cast his bridge crew with all the colors?  The genre that has, basically, made a profession out of screaming "NOT THAT DOOR!" at society and occasionally giving us a Tomorrowland-esque vision of awesome the future could be if humanity would only pull its head out of its ass?

Shut.  The fuck.  Up.


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