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 This comic is right up there with "Adventures ... nasty, uncomfortable things.  Make you late for dinner!"
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 ... in contexts other than sex. 

My favorite is that last one.  That totally happens.  Guys hate that.


Jun. 22nd, 2015 10:47 pm
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Recently I got into a discussion with some friends that led to fun places.  Once upon a time, there was a species of giant shark called Megalodon.  They were legitimately terrifying.  They're probably extinct.  But the ocean is big and deep and we've barely dabbled in it, so there might still be some out there.  You don't really need to worry about them, though.  (Do not click with your mouth full ...)  This is why
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The June Creative Jam is now open on Dreamwidth and on LiveJournal.  The theme is "broken relationships."  Come give us prompts, or claim some for your own inspiration!

What I Have Written

"Broken Boughs" is today's freebie.

"That Basic, Wrenching Emotion"
Continuing to riff on my June Relationship Bingo card, I wrote the free-verse poem "That Basic, Wrenching Emotion." Amada and her sons show up on Danso's doorstep, distressed over a family upheaval.
96 lines, Buy It Now = $48

"Growing Moss"
I borrowed the forest picture to inspire the free-verse poem "Growing Moss." Constance (aka The Archivist) has trouble holding onto a romantic relationship. She copes by taking a walk in the Hoh Rainforest.
54 lines, Buy It Now = $20

"Strong and Fragile"
From this I got the story "Strong and Fragile." Eric and TeJay go into town with Uncle Chris to buy supplies. There they run into some of Eric's old friends. The encounter does not go as Eric expects. There's a lot of tension, but you can really see the relationship between Eric and TeJay progressing.
1,570 words, Buy It Now = $47.10

"Down New Paths"
This inspired the free-verse poem "Down New Paths." It introduces a couple of new characters I've wanted to get to for some time now. This is actually set a few years before the nominal now for Polychrome Heroics. So Lupê Hêdonê has her superpowers, but she hasn't learned good dominatrix skills yet; and Gray hasn't even gotten his superpowers so far. What starts out as a fun scene ends very, very badly. And Gray, gods bless him, can still make astute relationship decisions while utterly wrecked. This is hardcore hurt/comfort.
304 lines, Buy It Now = $152

"The Breaking of the Shell"
From this I got the free-verse poem "The Breaking of the Shell." Gray's friend Marcus gets him into a world of trouble with a rival gang. Gray decides that he has had enough of that shit from Marcus.  Ricasso and Thriver come to the rescue.
402 lines, Buy It Now = $201

"Stronger at the Broken Places"
No longer incorporating your prompt, but directly following the earlier poems that do, is the next installment about Gray. "Stronger at the Broken Places" is free-verse about his recovery from the beating, coping with two broken arms, and his first lessons in how to control his superpower. He worries about it getting out of hand, but other than that, this is mostly fluff.
510 lines, Buy It Now = $255

"Switching Out"
Ricasso calls Gray and Marcus into his office to resolve what Marcus did to Gray.  It does not go well.
478 lines, Buy It Now = $239

"How You Combine Them"
Gray deals with the aftermath of his situation, struggles with sleep disturbances, and decides to take a class on pastry cooking.  All the fluffy fluffness, with frosting on it!  And cream filling!  But they are still supervillains.
202 lines, Buy It Now = $101

"What Makes a Team Work" 
While recovering, Gray works in Ricasso's office until the casts come off.  Then he celebrates by baking chocolate macarons, and mulls over how to fit his new superpower into the gang's operations. 
212 lines, Buy It Now = $106

"No Feeling of Being Alive"
With the casts finally off, Gray is allowed back into the gym.  After that, though, Ricasso wants his help with another gang member, because Side-eye's blunted feelings make him crave intense stimulation.  Gray discovers a few other things besides pure pain that get through to him.
810 lines, Buy It Now = $405

From My Prompts

"Shaggy's Dog Story" by [personal profile] dialecticdreamer features the Scooby gang as children, in which Shaggy is so shy that he uses ventriloquism to 'talk' through his puppy.

Combining several of your prompts, including both pictures, "Rebuilding Home" follows Penny's long wait in the afterlife because she refused to reclaim a gift to meet the Great Worm's demands. (2385 words) by [personal profile] dialecticdreamer 

"Mending What You Can" by [personal profile] brides_koneko is Welcome to Night Vale fanfic about replacing one broken relationship with another.  Ouchy stuff, but a sharp reminder of the risks.


May. 28th, 2015 04:56 am
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 Including one of my favorites, the Go-Away Bird, whose alarm call really does sound like "Go away! Go away!"
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This poem came out of the May 19, 2015 Poetry Fishbowl. It was inspired by prompts from [personal profile] dialecticdreamer, [personal profile] eseme, and [personal profile] chordatesrock. It also fills the "getting a tattoo or piercing" square in my 12-20-14 card for the Rites of Passage Bingo fest. This poem has been sponsored by Anthony & Shirley Barrette. It belongs to the series Path of the Paladins.

Warning: This poem contains detailed descriptions of body modification and altered states of awareness.  Consider your tastes and headspace before reading onward.

Read more... )
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The May 2015 Crowdfunding Creative Jam is now open on Dreamwidth and on LiveJournal.  Our theme this month is "Hope."  Come give us prompts, or claim ideas for your own inspiration.

What I Have Written

"Pinpoints of Light"
"Pinpoints of Light" is a free-verse poem in which the Blueshift Troupers visit an alien planet, run into trouble, and find unexpected allies.
170 lines, Buy It Now = $85

"If You Could Bottle It"
Your bottle prompt inspired the free-verse poem "If You Could Bottle It." Bruno used to be an enforcer until mad science torture left him with nerve damage and a new superpower. Sometimes, hope is a thing you can't find, until you give it away.
106 lines, Buy It Now = $53

"Searching by Starlight
Today's freebie features pop culture research set in [community profile] nineforthenebulasheart.

"Moving Pictures"
Your prompt about innermost hearts inspired the free-verse poem "Moving Pictures." Merle likes to study humanity by watching movies.
26 lines, Buy It Now = $15

"Touching Scenes"
It takes months before Eric and TeJay can touch each other in a comfortable way.  This story belongs to the Don't Try This at Home series of the Schrodinger's Heroes project.  It has been partially sponsored by [personal profile] dialecticdreamer and will be posted once it's fully funded.
1,422 words

"Reveal Everything Mysterious"
Cuoio and Chiara go on a double date with Ruggiero and Olympia, so that Cuoio can learn more about how this kind of relationship is supposed to work.
534 lines, Buy It Now = $267

From My Prompts

[personal profile] dialecticdreamer has written the short story "Hope" based on my beach prompt, and featuring Dr. Infanta during the Victorian period.

[personal profile] alexconall has written "A Half-Whispered Prayer" based on my prompt about dragons, in which a young girl goes seeking help, and gives as much as she finds.

[personal profile] dialecticdreamer has written the story "Hope in a Bottle" which features Kristen and her foster mothers.  This one will be posted as a freebie later.
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This is my favorite Captain America speech ever.  This is what it means to be a hero.  It's not about powers or publicity.  It's about integrity.  It's about observing the world until you understand what's wrong with it, figuring out a solution to some part of that, and applying yourself to it.  It's about deciding your own personal code of honor from which you will not deviate no matter what other people do or don't do.  Heroes take responsibility.  An unsullied hero like Cap is just not budgable on this point. 

Conversely, this is my iconic villain speech.  Villains tend to focus on what they can do more than what they should do, and what people will think about them.  They're in it for their own purposes, their own desires, rather than what is good or what is needed.  When things to wrong, they consistently try to lay the blame on someone else, anyone else.
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This poem was written outside the regular prompt calls, and fills the "smell" square in my 9-1-14 card for the [community profile] ladiesbingo fest. It has been sponsored by EdorFaus. It belongs to the series Polychrome Heroics, where Danso & Family touch on what happens with Groundhog and Cassandra.

Warning: This poem deals with strong emotions brought up by a discussion of removing superpowers, along with some unpleasant childhood memories. Most of the content concerns coping skills, so it's hurt/comfort with emphasis on the latter.

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Widely known as the model for Rosie the Riveter, Mary Doyle Keefe has passed away.  Well, I guess the Pearly Gates will be kept in good repair.  This cultural icon helped women break into the working world.
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The April 2015 Crowdfunding Creative Jam is open on Dreamwidth and LiveJournal.  Our theme this month is "Impossible."  Come give us prompts, or claim prompts for your own creative pleasure!

What I Have Written

"Sinews" -- a Polychrome Heroics poem about Sendoff practicing her weapon skills.

"Logical Impossibilities"
From this I got the free-verse poem "Logical Impossibilities." It explores some oddities of nature and how science is always learning more.
18 lines, Buy It Now = $10

"Straws and Stars"
From this I got the free-verse poem "Straws and Stars" about hunting for the Nebula's Heart like a needle in a haystack.
10 lines, Buy It Now = $5

"Think Like a Bird"
This inspired the free-verse poem "Think Like a Bird." Merle goes to Tanzania to study birds and African mythology about them.
33 lines, Buy It Now = $15

"Worshipping the Sun"
Your prompt about Blaze and Ilyana inspired the free-verse poem "Worshipping the Sun." Love can't conquer everything, but sometimes it can help find a way about the obstacles... 
60 lines, Buy It Now = $20

From My Prompts

"Impossible Skies" by [personal profile] dialecticdreamer introduces Eunan's family when he is a boy, and shows how Piotr and Aidan help him cope with his fears.

"Possibilities" by [personal profile] brides_koneko is a Heliodrax poem about how nothing is really impossible.

"Conversations and Choices" by [personal profile] dialecticdreamer 

"Things that G-d wants not to happen aren't forbidden, they're impossible," helped shape the story, "Conversations and Choices," which would post in two parts due to length (2900 words plus notes) Any amount over $1 (to account for Paypal fees) will post it entirely. The donation button is on [personal profile] dialecticdreamer's profile page.

"Storm-Tossed" by [personal profile] dialecticdreamer (also partly based on my incessant wheedling for more of this storyline, and I routed my $5 donation for this series here)
The prompt "Impossible just means "no one has done it yet," has helped prompt the story "Storm-Tossed." You helped shape "Storm-Tossed." Sequel to “Storm-Brought . ” Wonderful symmetry, since the first story was from the Sept 2014 Creative Jam, while this was inspired by the April 2015 Creative Jam. Your private copy was sent via two private messages. For anyone who wants this published immediately, any donation to my Paypal (the link is on my profile page) over $1 will see immediate results. All funds are earmarked for medical bills.

"Opportunities in Science" by [personal profile] dialecticdreamer is steampunk in a new series, featuring a female scholar in want of work.
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I found this awesome series of paintings by a blind painter.

One of my Torn World characters, Rai, is legally blind.  He can see colors, and vague shapes at point-blank range.  That's about it.  But he paints as a hobby, rather charming work.  Most of it is not this detailed.  A couple of the sample paintings are more his style, though -- the one of the person with umbrella under trees, and the last one of the sailboat.  Very stylized, almost abstract stuff but it still forms images.
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Oh yeah.  That's a thing that happened.  New headcanon accepted.  :D 


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