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Today I discovered Raising Dion. It's about a single mother of color, who does not have superpowers, raising a son who does. Gorgeous art, adorable characterization, attentive ethics, really cool power use, positive family values -- all stuff I love. You can download a free PDF of the first issue, or buy a print-on-demand hardcopy here. Regrettably I could not find a plain donation button, but the hardcopy is only $4 so that should fit most budgets. If you want to support them more, you could always buy extras for some friends.

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This series of closeup acrylic paintings is entitled "Man Cunt," by and about a transgender man and his testosterone-improved genitalia.  Utterly gorgeous, incredibly hawt, and of course NSFW.
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Here's an essay that defends two of the greatest purposes in literature: to show the ugliness that humanity can manifest, and to make people think  about it.  This is true throughout art, whether it be genre literature or great paintings or whatever.  It's not supposed to come with a canned meaning.  It's supposed to provoke you, make you feel things, sometimes dark and sometimes light and quite often both at the same time.

I like exploring intense topics.  Some of them are bright, like building intimacy.  Some of them are dark, like when characters give in to base impulses and really hurt someone.  You can usually tell which things are good or bad ideas as you read them.  But the characters  don't always know that.  Sometimes what I write is disturbing precisely because it depicts something horrible through the perspective of someone who thinks is a grand idea.  Officer RAT, for instance, thinks that his prejudices make the world a better place by coming down hard on bad guys.  I rarely come right out and say something like, "Don't murder people; that is bad and wrong."  If you look at the action, however, you'll see that murder tends to have undesirable outcomes.  A lot of my characters are very mixed.  Look at, say, Steel and Dr. Infanta -- they can get incredibly violent if you trigger them.  But that happens because of how badly other people have torn them up in the past.  With people they care about, they're both quite protective.  That invites readers to think about where they draw the lines of what is justified or unjustified, who is a hero and who is a villain, and why.

Don't ever let anyone take that away from you.
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[personal profile] redsixwing has a thoughtful post about "impossible colors" and how they are not actually impossible but just places where our tools -- whether linguistic or mechanical -- break down.
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Yep.  What she said

It took me about 355 pages to reach one boob window.  (Dvorak uses her body as a distraction.)  I don't think anyone's running around in a bathing suit, though.  Jumpsuits are quite popular, and standard uniform for Kraken.  To be fair, I have a whole handful of soups who go nude, including at least a few in human form.
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The August Creative Jam is now open in Dreamwidth and Livejournal.  The theme is "science and scientists."  Come give us prompts or claim things for your own inspiration.

What I Have Written

I got the free-verse poem "The Most Powerful Force Available" from a bingo card about temporary disability. Cold Cash is still struggling to adapt to a whole bunch of physical problems after getting injured by a super-gizmo. Graham has some new pieces of adaptive equipment and other ideas that help.
334 lines, Buy It Now = $167

"To Raise New Questions" is today's freebie, wherein Victor and Igor talk science with the village children.

Your mad scientist prompt inspired the free-verse poem "Damaged Control." After the altercation in the park (detailed in "Forgotten to Breathe") Turq gets back in touch with Ansel, who finds out why Turq is such a wreck.
324 lines, Buy It Now = $162

Your first prompt inspired the free-verse poem "The Proper Thermodynamics of a Warm and Happy Home." It's from shortly after Victor and Igor moved into the castle, when Igor was struggling to figure out the huge complicated stove in the kitchen.
60 lines, Buy It Now = $20

From My Prompts

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Marvel is picking up Red Wolf again.  It's representation, but far from ideal.  I've listed my Native American superheroes here.
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The July 2015 Crowdfunding Creative Jam is now open with a theme of "Nobody Would Ever Write That."  Visit the jam on Dreamwidth or on LiveJournal.  Come give us prompts, or claim ideas for your own inspiration!

What I Have Written

"Their Unstoppable Momentum" -- today's freebie.

"Rooting into the Future"
This inspired the free-verse poem "Rooting into the Future." Alameda has always felt different, and one day she discovers why. 49 lines, Buy It Now = $20
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The Torn World Muse Fusion for July 2015 is now open!  Come give us prompts, or claim some for your own inspiration.  You don't have to be a member to play, although it does make things easier.  New to Torn World?  Start Here for readers or for creators

What I Have Written

"To Ride Death" is today's freebie.
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SQUEEEEE!!!  Ari the Dodecahedron has posted fanart of  Bruce and Natka under the coffee table.  Note that this is a practice piece for using the tablet more, which is a terrific purpose for fanart.  :D
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Adorable cartoon version, not the same as mine, but so funny.
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[personal profile] vexed_wench made me a custom banner for making bingo in the Relationship Bingo Fest.

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Here's a fascinating article about Native American superheroes

I like Cherokee!Superman, but I think my favorite is "Tewa Tales of Suspense" (I never get tired of seeing people beat the stuffing out of invaders) followed by Captain Paiute.

Over in Terramagne, my indigenous soups include the Native Alaskan superheras in "The Hand of Sedna," and they mention Katsina who is Hopi. The Iron Horses are an intertribal motorcycle gang, based on the challenges faced by people of mixed heritage.  There's a glimpse of them in "Turning Leaves."  Fireheart, introduced in "Glorious Accidents," is Aboriginal Canadian; he and his wife Jackie Frost (French-Canadian) have a daughter named Aurora.  The super-gizmologist Thingamabob has Native American heritage but has assimilated to where the only sign of it is her appearance: copper skin and straight black hair.  A fair number of other people have a trace of native ancestry, and I note it in character sheets when I know about it.
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 This comic is right up there with "Adventures ... nasty, uncomfortable things.  Make you late for dinner!"
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 ... in contexts other than sex. 

My favorite is that last one.  That totally happens.  Guys hate that.


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