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The April Crowdfunding Creative Jam is now running on Dreamwidth and LiveJournal.  Our theme is "characterization."  Ask for any of your favorite characters, suggest new ones, play around with what makes people who they are.  Claim prompts and make goodies of your own.  Come join the fun!

What I Have Written

"Not the Absence of Fear" 
Damask visit SPOON and a fight breaks out.
426 lines, Buy It Now = $213

"Eat Me, Drink Me" -- freebie
Wonderland food is all about transformation.
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The rules and card are up for Muse Fusion Bingo!  Creators can start claiming squares and making stuff.

UPDATE 4/17/14: Woohoo!  We have six creators active.  The top row has all been claimed or filled, so if the rest of the claims pan out, we've got our bingo.

UPDATE 4/19/14: We have reach claim blackout.  All but two fills have been declared.  *happydance*

UPDATE 4/20/14: ... aaaaaand BLACKOUT!

What I Have Written

"Off the Clock" -- the freebie for this session shows Ressa relaxing alone.

"From White to Blue" -- 10 lines, Buy It Now = $5
Triangle flowers bloom in spring.

"Sharing a Round" -- 630 words, Buy It Now = $18.90
Lenarai distributes scarce resources and a lesson in manners.

"Stalking Sleep" -- 28 lines, Buy It Now = $15
Long summer days can cause insomnia; there are several remedies for this.

"Fall of Duty" -- 1,400 words, Buy It Now = $42
A repairman strives to solve a power outage in the City of Lights.

"Beachfront Propriety" -- 2,240 words, Buy It Now = $67.20
A family moves to Tifijimi after a loss.
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Here is the opening post for the Solo Celebration Bingo fest running May 1-31 over in [community profile] allbingo.  It celebrates National Masturbation Month.  Vanilla, kinky, asexual, whatever floats your boat -- come enjoy your body for its own sake.  Play on the public card or make your own.
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We are now taking prompts for the Torn World Muse Fusion Bingo.  (New to Torn World?  Start here!)  Prompters are encouraged to leave 5-10 prompts, which may be specific to Torn World or generic, whichever you prefer.  A selection of prompts will be randomly sorted onto a bingo card, to be played collectively by Torn World creators.  (Not a creator yet?  Join us!)  There will be individual (for prompters and for creators) and collective prizes depending on how much activity occurs.  


Apr. 9th, 2014 09:57 pm
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 My partner Doug tipped me to these cut-paper sculptures.
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[personal profile] itsamellama finished this adorable icon of Kelly (on the left, blonde) and Dale (on the right, brunette) for me, from the series Walking the Beat
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 "The Firelight Isle" previously used IndieGoGo and is now on Patreon.  The first chapter is free online.  Things I noticed:

* Look at that depth of field!  Golly gee whiz wow.
* The protagonists are two childhood friends.  Yay, friendship story!
* The girl has freckles, and all of her clothes on.
* The boy has hair down his back, just like the girl.
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When a Tesseract and a Hypnotoad love each other very much, you get this.
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I love this comic about animal mating rituals from Humon Comics (which also has its own archive page).  It shows terrific sexual diversity.  I'll probably use some of these for F&SF races in the future.  (I already have   used some of these in the past; bonobos are a favorite.)  Remember, if your speculative fiction isn't at least as weird as what we have on Earth, it's probably going to fall flat.
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This weekend is the March 2014 Crowdfunding Creative Jam.  Visit it on Dreamwidth or LiveJournal, where you can leave or claim prompts.  The theme is "far future."  

What I Have Written:

"Finding the Lotus Flower" -- 134 lines, $67
From a prompt about a white man, I got the free-verse poem "Finding the Lotus Flower." The crew of the Omphalos wind up on a planet without a chance to prepare for it, and they don't match the local population. But the real challenge comes from a different direction. 
When the crew of the Omphalos
first made their way to Padma,
they found the planet entirely by accident
and they were unprepared for its particulars.

They came by way of Glasto,
an out-of-the-way world whose erratic gate
sent them in an unanticipated direction
"This Cleansing Spring" -- 68 lines, $34
The line about sufficiently advanced technology inspired the free-verse poem "This Cleansing Spring." It's about spring cleaning on an alien planet, and the useful things that a starship can and can't do.  
It is late spring now;
your crops are planted
and the little pink points
have opened up into leaflets
that look like tiny hands,
all waving at you from the fields
"The Stars So Far and Near" -- this session's freebie, about the changes made by instantaneous travel.

From My Prompts:

"Forgotten Hills of Earth" by [personal profile] alexconall 
Today's freebie from Alex is a beautiful diaspora piece about humans struggling to settle an alien planet that was supposed to be uninhabited by has a race of its own. 
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Here is a lovely piece of transformative work reversing the gender of Disney heroes.  This may be useful to folks who want to write genderbent characters and/or Disney femslash.  I'm impressed with how recognizable most of these characters remain, and the improved diversity of features.
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[community profile] allbingo is hosting a Spring and Autumn bingo fest organized by [personal profile] elizabeth_rice. That's spring for folks in the northern hemisphere, autumn for southern. The rules and public card are up now. Posting will be open April 1-30. This fest encourages some of the less common fanworks and original material such as poetry, podfics (especially of poems), art, meta, vids, icons, craft, picspam, rec lists, etc.  We hope to see you there!
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Some of these seem more accurate to me than others, but they're good illustrations of mental states


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