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Looking for something concrete you can do about the situation in Ferguson, Missouri?  Mary Engelbreit has created a picture and is selling prints, all proceeds going to Michael Brown Jr. memorial fund.  This is art as social awareness, a vital part of a culture's conversation with itself.  

Facebook took down the artist's original post, calling it "offensive."  You know what I find offensive?
* killing an unarmed man for Existing While Black
* leaving his corpse in the street for hours to terrorize the neighborhood
* using weapons banned for warfare against civilians
* assaulting and arresting journalists and protesters for exercising their civil rights
* censorship

Make news.  Make noise.  Make art, and sell it, and buy it.  Slip a caltrop under the jackboots of oppression.

I'm really glad to see other creators making cultural material inspired by this fiasco.  Mine was "Safety Rails," which is free for everyone to pass around in protest.

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The August Crowdfunding Creative Jam is open on Dreamwidth and on LiveJournal.  Our theme is "Communication & Community."  Come give us prompts or claim ideas to write!

[personal profile] dialecticdreamer is offering 100-word snippets in exchange for prompts.  You may have seen some of her demifiction or fiction floating around.

What I Have Written

"The Wind Traders" -- this month's freebie features sentient trees who communicate over the ocean.

"Father Sun, Mother Moon" / Pætair Sowel, Mater Mehin -- 16 lines, $10 (Polychrome Heroics)
It's taken me over an hour, but I managed to hack out a morning and evening prayer in Proto-Indo-European. It should resemble the reconstructed roots and some later words, but it's not identical -- this would have been one tribal dialect out of many. The verses are in English and PIE, and I counted both because of how long it took. "Father Sun, Mother Moon" is written in free verse, but if you look closely you'll see some alliteration and assonance, and cadence, that helps tie things together.  It's something from Aidan's history.

"The Other Way Around" -- 106 lines, $53 (Schrodinger's Heroes)
Your prompt about Vic inspired the free-verse poem "The Other Way Around," coping with differences in identity and communication between the dimensions. Fortunately he has Quinn to help. 

From My Prompts

"Brittle Words" -- [personal profile] dialecticdreamer has written a snippet about Drew Finn, one of her characters in the Polychrome Heroics setting, as they talk about a wedding.  In the illustration, Drew is the young man in the blue sweater.

"The Green Book" -- [personal profile] dialecticdreamer wrote this snippet about women mercenaries in King Uthyr's court, for the Ursulan Cycle.

"Foreign Perspective" -- [personal profile] dialecticdreamer posted the beginning of a story about Aidan and Hadyn learning to interact with each other.  This is another Polychrome Heroics story.

"Lettered" -- [personal profile] clare_dragonfly wrote this story about Morgan's education and the community of scholars in a monastery.  It belongs to the Ursulan Cycle.


Aug. 16th, 2014 03:58 am
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 Book benches -- they don't look like very comfortable seats, but they are lovely art.
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Here is an awesome new comic, "Spark," about a team of superheras. The viewpoint character is a telekinetic engineer. The heavy hitter is a fat girl. The shapeshifter is a woman of color. The art is charming and the storyline hilarious. I am loving this comic. I wanted to throw money at it, but couldn't find a PayPal button or anything else like that. :(

I did, however, browse through older posts, which have more superheras based on costumes worn by little girls. Some of them are brilliant designs. The prize for scariest superpower? Goes to Rainbow Heart, because "the heart on her sword makes ‘the bad guys’ have a change of heart and want to be good guys who do good things." Any self-respecting supervillain would run from that, lest his little black heart get chopped into pink confetti. O_O

Not All Men

Aug. 4th, 2014 02:27 pm
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Some men harass and abuse women. That's a lot of men. But it's not all men, and probably not even most men. Lots of men are decent human beings. Speaking as if people are necessarily bad because they have a penis is no better than speaking as if people are necessarily bad because they have a vagina. (Though of course, not all men have a penis and not all women have a vagina; that's just the standard version, so it's what people tend to fixate on.)  It's also a logical fallacy called overgeneralization.

So here's a comic about sexual harassment for guys, and what you can do to fight it.  Bystander intervention works across a wide range of bullying tactics, even self-bullying.  You do not have to put up with someone pissing in the public air like that.  Be the "not all men" that you want to see in this world.
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Captain America shares his views on immigration.  You really don't want to be leaning over that guy when he goes off. 
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These Chinese book covers for The Lord of the Rings are some of the most breathtaking stylized art I have ever seen.  There is more on the artist's DeviantArt gallery.
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The July 2014 Crowdfunding Creative Jam is now open on Dreamwidth and LiveJournal, with a theme of "Conflicts Where No One Is Wrong."  Come give us prompts about whatever you'd like to see, or claim prompts for your own creativity! 

From My Prompts

"Howl's First Lesson" by [personal profile] dialecticdreamer -- Aidan helps Nathaniel learn about his senses.

"Schrodinger's Prompt" by [personal profile] dialecticdreamer -- Pat gets a warning call.

"To Fight Like Brother and Sister" by [personal profile] moriwen1 -- Sinéad and Paul grew up together, with an adorable and heartwarming conflict.  This story belongs to the [community profile] nineforthenebulasheart  project.

"The Dragon We Feed" by [personal profile] chordatesrock -- A story about the fluid nature of good and evil.


"The Wolf We Feed" by [personal profile] alexconall -- We need both the light and the dark parts of ourselves to be whole.

What I Have Written

"Compromising Positions" -- A man slowly slides from hero to villain.
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Here's an adorable Norman Rockwell-esque rendition of Captain America

Steve: "Loki, if you light the matchbook you just slipped under my left boot, you're not getting dessert tonight."


Jul. 9th, 2014 03:38 am
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 Goldfish painting, lovely flowing lines.
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[personal profile] thebonesofferalletters is holding a free art day. Leave a character reference and get 300x300 line art. Signal boosting the art post will get you flat colors and tipping $3 or more will get you shaded color.

[personal profile] itsamellama is doing a free icon day, Icon Day 5.  Everyone will get an icon at clean sketch level.  Donations unlock other perks like ink or colors.

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[personal profile] dialecticdreamer found a photo and created text for it, as part of the Frankenstein's Family series. Then I used that to make an image of the back. This is something that the village children find, shortly after the itinerant priest is encouraged to leave.

In our history, durable photos were not invented until 1815. The novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley was published in 1818, and the later entries in the framing stories were dated 17--. Within that canon, and even more so in this series, science has advanced much farther than in our history. So a durable photo is plausible in this context, but it may not be made by the same process we think of as photography.
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 [personal profile] dialecticdreamer made this awesome bookmark as demifiction for the Schrodinger's Heroes series Don't Try This at Home.  TeJay is using this to keep his place in a library book.

The Mix It Up at Lunch project is a real activity designed by Teaching Tolerance.  There are lots of resources on the site explaining how it works.
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 See what's left of "The Centaurs," a piece of animation history.


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