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I missed Midsummer, but I hope anyone who celebrated had a good one.

My brain has been doing weird things the last couple of days. I could definitely be worse, but it's still annoying, and also not making it easy to get stuff done. I'm hoping to fix that today, so we'll see what happens. I really want to watch things, but I keep telling myself to do things first, so that may or may not ever actually happen. Also on the list of things I can't do while getting stuff done: sleeping, reading, Flight Rising, and listening to the same two songs over and over.

I will learn how to focus someday. I swear I will. Maybe.
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And so the day has come.

With the revelation of the New Moon, a new era is dawning on my beloved online journal. As it should be common knowledge amongst people who have long followed my various adventures and rants, I've been in the process of moving operations from LiveJournal to Dreamwidth.

After an extended absence from journaling, I returned to LJ to find portions of it in disrepair, and the climate it once enjoyed denigrated and anaemic.  it's been more than a little depressing to see a once thriving community deteriorate before your eyes, and that is the primary reason why I am leaving.  It's painful to watch, so I have chosen to no longer look.

It would be a lie to say I will not miss LiveJournal, but my remaining here will not bring back the LJ I came to know and love.  That place is long gone, and it's hard to navigate through all the weeds that have overgrown this digital garden.  My departure is long overdue, and so I go.


If you wish to continue reading my ramblings, I have set up housekeeping at Dreamwidth, under the same name, The Cliffs of Insanity.  You can click the title here in the text, or the image below, to be taken there.  If you subscribe to me, I promise to reciprocate!  I look forward to seeing you over on the new Cliffs, and to many more years of interaction, sharing, venting, and being as creative as possible, with my friends and Tribe.

Final Blists hill pics

Jun. 24th, 2017 12:41 pm
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 Back to sunny after a glitch yesterday.

We've been down to the POW (People of Wellington) festival this morning- a fun multicultural do in the churchyard and market square. We partook of Bryony's vegan pasties which are SO good!

Any road up- 't pics!

Further pics behind the cut: )


Jun. 24th, 2017 11:51 am
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So - have tried spinning a gym, have tried attacking a gym, have tried getting a Gyarados returned to me with a grand total of 3 coins, and is currently waiting for a Rhydon, which I put on "my" gym (well, it used to be the PokeStop I can reach from my usual workdesk - I've got ownership feelings) yesterday to return.

Also tried a raid battle today in a group with two total strangers. Which was fun, except - there were a few other local gyms counting down for more raids and I only had the free pass. (Also, it was threatening rain - which is now falling.) I suspect this might be a potential money machine for Niantic - what with the whole if you want to raid more than once a day you need to buy a pass. For that day. And I can easily see a group wandering from gym to gym, battling and catching raid bosses. If the raids happen like they did today.

Except I still don't quite feel like actually spending money on this. Though maybe. If I was with a group of likeminded individuals in a prime location.

Hey, [personal profile] lysanatt? How goes the hunting and raiding on your end? Tried it yet? (I mean, you are my go-to Pokemon Go expert).

Anyway, apparently Fisketorvet will have a Pokemon Go event on the weekend 8th and 9th of July, which I assume will include raids (I wonder how many gyms Fisketorvet has now). See, if I knew I had a likeminded group to spend the day with, and possibly going to see Spider-Man with at some point, that might be a fun thing to do, and I'd probably be willing to throw a little money at Pokemon Go for a day-pass, at least, if I hadn't saved up the coins at that point. If I had a likeminded group.


Jun. 24th, 2017 09:26 am
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Had one of those "feel like I didn't do anything" days yesterday but I did loads of stuff.

I think I felt like that because I did spend the morning in my pajamas wasting time on Twitter. But also, I was fielding comments on a Lib Dem Voice article introducing our new group, Lib Dem Immigrants (which I am super excited about). Unfortunately, anything about immigration attracts some trolls, even if it's as innocuous as "here's a new internal party body" (I did like that we also got a comment saying "we waste too much time on internal party shit!"). I found this set of comments dismaying for an interesting new kind of separating the wheat-from-the-chaff approach to immigration: even the people telling me they want to end freedom of movement and other such things tell me that they support me having rights, and right away, because I married a British citizen. Hm.

Anyway, I eventually made myself do a bit of tidying, sort out the room booking for Plus's AGM at Autumn Conference (which I don't know if I'll be able to go to because I can't afford accommodation, which is making me very sad), call up our soon-to-be-ex-home-insurance-company which gosh that phone call made me glad of because it was agonizing, get a Plus parcel ready to post and send it off, go to the shops to buy boring things like a light bulb, stand precariously on a too-short ladder to replace the light bulb, go see my friend Katie for a couple of hours, come back via a different shop to buy dog poo bags which we were suddenly out of, and watch Lego Batman with Andrew which we'd been trying to find time and energy for all week.

That is an okay day. I didn't do all the things I wanted to do, but I did a lot of good things.

Today I'm going to see fictive-nephew (who's almost eight already, how is that even possible) in some local am-dram production, and then Games Night has restarted so I get to see my Brighouse people twice in three days! This should be a good day too.

Well it's not Watergate....

Jun. 24th, 2017 08:30 am
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...except in the sense of the cover-up being worse than the original offence, but the strange goings on at Holman Fenwick and Willan's Christmas Quiz have livened up what was otherwise a rather dull crop of stories over at Roll on Friday.

(The most interesting thing which happened recently in the legal world prior to Quizgate was the merger between Bond Dickinson, a firm memorable for one associate complaining that "I have more chance of being savaged to death in the gents loos by a walrus than I have of making partner at Bond Dickinson" during a RoF Quality of Legal Life survey, and Womble Carlyle , a US firm, creating a "transatlantic giant" to be called Womble Dickinson which, as per a lawyer I bumped into at a recent course on digital rights confirmed, is as a result in the middle of a mass exodus of talent, since it's bad enough being expected to work US legal hours on a UK legal salary, but having all your peers at other firms singing, "Remember you're a womble" at you on every conceivable opportunity puts the cherry on top of the shit sundae.)

Anyway, Holman Fenwick are a traditional shipping firm, and those always have a bit of a reputation for excessive machismo, especially the "wet" shipping specialists, and as per people chipping in in comments, the partner in question has the reputation of being the biggest wanker in a tough field. When his team won the Christmas quiz by a large margin, it was whispered in the ears of HR that there might have been dirty work at the crossroads, and, indeed, it transpired that the quiz question and answer document had been opened on said partner's computer hours before the quiz commenced.*

Where things then took a turn for the worse is that the partner alleged that it wasn't him, squire, his computer must have been hacked. And while cheating on the Christmas quiz barely registers on the list of batty things I've heard of partners in law firms doing in my thirty-odd years in this profession (in no particular order, these include but are not limited to: ordering one's trainee to iron one's jodhpurs in time for hunting at the weekend, throwing a Company seal at the head of a trainee, ordering a trainee to mouth-siphon petrol out of another car in the office carpark during a fuel shortage, resulting in hospitalisation of said trainee, asking a dark-skinned and a light-skinned secretary at a Christmas party, "Well, girls, how do you feel about cafe-au-lait?", inviting two interviewees to a brothel as soon as the interview had finished with the words, "Well, now that's over, let's go and get our nobs polished" ....) allegations of hacking into partnerial computers** get the IT team really interested, officially because it threatens the integrity of client communications, but really I suspect because it gives them a chance to give the thing a right going over in the hope of being able to go "Good God, I'm glad you brought us in. The same person who framed you for the Christmas quiz must have also tried to frame you for the possession of porn! Look, this file here --and here -- and here -- there's terrabytes of the stuff! We'll have to extend the search to all your mobile devices too, I'm afraid."

Anyway, I'm going with "watch this space."

*HFM clearly take a Kingscote-like approach to security of examination questions and the like. It would never have happened in the Airedale Quiz league, in which I played for about five years.

** Which is usually like taking candy from a baby, tbf; I once many years ago took advantage of the habit one of our partners had of leaving his computer logged on and unlocked while he went off on hours-long gossip sessions with the other team partners to send round an email warning the department of the dangers of leaving one's computer logged on and unattended, and then departed on holiday before the fallout happened.

Sea or Sky

Jun. 24th, 2017 12:45 am
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Twist-souled sister, an untamed curl

As Diana a goddess, a tom-boy-type girl

The traveler soul sits restless within

Sending you far from safe shores and kin


Bloody Fox, fear of the seas

Always too fast, your prizes to seize

The Hound who dogs your trail on the blue

One day, someday, will catch up to you


Home in the arms of family dear

You embrace the lady you’d grown to fear

Silks that you stole cut into a gown

Perfume from crimes ‘gainst the Crown


Across the bow of a ship that you espied

The bulk of the Hound of the Crown you defied

He’s come home to rest, no cause for alarm

Except that to dinner he’s decided to come


Your stays are now armor of ladylike mold

Your foe now a Hound to rest in your hold

He calls you his lady and blushes so well

A flower you give has something to tell


But the wild sea calls and soon the stays bind

You get back on your ship, role redefined

Sailing the junk-rig with your brigand band

Back to the life of a pirate and man


You see once more the Hound of the King

Now your Hound as well, if he could see anything

But he curses your name as you sail away

For he sees only who you are today


Many months sailing and a becalming truce

Your feud is cooling as love sparks between crews

You long for your baubles, your lace, and your tea

And you sail back to the home off of the sea


Your Hound there is waiting, faithful and true

To the Lady he loves, and that lady is you

He doesn’t suspect, and it stings all the more

When he sails away thinking you’ll stay onshore


On the seas lust turns into love and regret

For although he wants you, he cannot forget

The Lady left waiting, his angel of light

You bid sad adieu and sail out of sight


He comes to trouble, you come to his aid

You charge into battle, heart unafraid

He calls out as you fall, he sees you hit

And a gun in his hand to remember it


At home you recoup in lace and soft bed

He comes to visit and you about lose your head

Trying to hide what he doesn’t know yet

And now you understand his love and regret


Long months pass and you’re well to ride

He goes with you, his love hard to hide

You do the hard thing, he asks for your hand

He kneels at your feet, and you tell him to stand


A long engagement is required say you

He does not know all you need him to

Out on the sea you help him to find

The truth of your heart and your kind


Now back at home, you are planning a trip

Down past the Horn, the perilous tip

Your kinfolk are muttering, as is their due

But Lady or Pirate, you know he loves you.


This was inspired by Thorinsmut's smell the sea and feel the sky
, and while that technically makes this a fan-work, is so seven-degrees-of-separation that I feel okay posting it on my orig-fic page.  Go check it out for more genderfluid pirate adventures!  Although I may have just spoilered the entire plot.  Oh well.

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Detours and Obstacles
by Dialecticdreamer/Sarah Williams
part 3 of 3
word count (story only): 1683

:: This story follows immediately on the heels of Speed Bump!” and continues the theme of unexpected events and unexpected reactions. I do apologize; I usually plan better than this! Enjoy the last part of the story! ::

back to part two
:: Thanks for reading! ::

“We're going to Its Your Body Shop,” G began, shrugging diffidently, as only a teen could.

“In Humboldt?” the young woman blurted. Her fingers clenched, revealing large, white knuckles beneath her golden skin. “Like, really?”

“Yeah,” G brightened. “It would make the whole thing more fun if I knew somebody wading through things at the same time. I mean, my friends are great, but the only person who came close to understanding was almost literally run out of town by her family's reaction.” The teen pointed out the tinted side window on the van. “Dad, the tow truck's almost here.”

“Already?” Joshua frowned, then smoothed it away. He wasn't trying to overly influence the young woman, and she had every right to back out because of the emotional upset of the day.
Read more... )

Elf Babble

Jun. 23rd, 2017 11:30 pm
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I'm about to turn in for the night, but before I do, can I just say that I never expected to have a post on Tumblr be as popular as 'The full list of words in alphabetical order'? I get a lot of hits but not a lot of feedback, and I'm not really sure why. From the stats it looks like a lot of people are going to my askbox but then maybe changing their minds about asking, and that gives me a sad. :(  I always welcome feedback, positive or tomatoes, on what I'm doing. You can all talk to me and at me anytime!


Solstice baby!

Jun. 23rd, 2017 10:55 pm
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Well, close enough. :) Stella Jaye Floyd arrived earlier tonight. Mom, kidlet and dad all doing fine, so far as anyone's told me. 7 pounds, 13 or 14 ounces (speaker phone made that blurry), and my conversions are rubbish, so... 3 kilos and change?

I need to find a figurine, and by that I mean a proper marble or similar carved one, not a rubbishy plastic one, of a Stellar's jay (I believe that's the name of the bird in question) and present it to her. Not to her folks, although they'll see it. The figurine will be hers.

Leetle not-feathery feathery star baby. :D

I need your help!

Jun. 23rd, 2017 10:32 pm
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But first My body is broken Three days of gardening and cleaning has done me no favors. No, that's a lie, it's done me one. It might be the kick in the ass I need to get back into shape. This is ridiculous.

Know what else is ridiculous, how filthy the water in the bucket gets after one swipe of the mop. I had to rewash the damn floor a second time. Also I had SO MUCH food stored under my table. At least it's now all in the container mom gave me to store books (oops). When I get back here for the semester, I need to seriously get into my pantry and use up ALL this damn food before I'm allowed back in Kroger's.

I'm not sure everything got back where it belongs in that damn kitchen but it's as good as it's getting.

Okay here's the part where i need help even though I pretty much know what my answer is. Yesterday E.S. sent me over something from Tor, a pitch fest and if someone likes you, you get to send in your synopsis & three chapters. I got that almost too late to do it and I probably SHOULD have let it pass (but man I wish I had a better way of getting notice when these things were happening). Anyhow I tossed Splinters of Silver and Cold Iron and someone liked it.

Naturally I was over the moon but the reality set in. I'm wondering do I send in the chapters or not (honestly I'm leaning to not)

Stirling Robyns publishing it's a publishing company made only last year and in the last 2 years I've been through how many indie publishers crapping out in Jana's world? (This story would not be one of hers). That makes me nervous.

They said on their submission page to set up something on duotrope which mentions they charge for editing. So that's a huge red flag.

I tried to find anything they've actually published and even their facebook page and I can find nothing. I did find that preditors and editors seems to be out of business.

So do you agree this is one I should say thanks but no thanks.

June and summertime

Jun. 23rd, 2017 10:16 pm
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The spring was quite scattered, with medical appointments and tests, meeting with the grief counselor, fussing with cooking and diet and puppies. The tree pollen season finally passed, and I returned to exercising, again. With the change in weather, I have gone back to using the old, falling-apart exercise bike, because it seems to use more of my leg muscles for pedaling than does the elliptical machine, which is more of a walking stride. The bike has more a strenuous feeling akin to climbing a tall hill.

This week, I had my six-month A1C and lipid panels done at the clinic's lab. Quite satisfactory, other than the cholesterol reading, which is too high, again. It does go up and down with my exercise or lack thereof. I found that to be the case during the years when I was donating blood every 8 to 10 weeks, when I received the cholesterol and hemoglobin test results from the technician who did the screening and filled out the paperwork. I should have kept notes on those test results, but I didn't think of it at the time. I had to quit donating blood when I started having breathing problems (and my hemoglobin level fell from 16 to somewhere just above 12.)

At any rate, having recently begun on the exercise bike again, I have increased from a mile or less a day to 3 miles morning and again in the evening, to adding to that a couple of miles before lunch. My A1C has decreased from 11.7% to 6.5% over these six months, and I have lost 30 pounds in weight. That's in addition to the 45 pounds I had lost over the previous three or four years, after having gained so much when I couldn't breathe properly and had trouble even getting out of bed some days or walking any distance at all for weeks.

My garden is sporting some wildflowers, but no blue wild flax, so far, either the annual or perennial variety. Nice California poppies, though, and what I believe are wallflowers.  (Photos on TheMomentsBetween at wordpress (dot) com.) I still have 3 ounces of wild flax seed that I intend to plant when I get peat moss mixed in with the "organic free" black dirt that was hauled in to bank up against the house.

Interrupted by puppies etc.


Jun. 23rd, 2017 10:30 pm
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Working so many Saturdays makes me feel like a two day weekend is a vacation!

Work was pretty ok. Nothing of note, pretty quiet. After work I went to Boston Market for dinner as usual for Friday, and then I went to sit on the steps at my meeting and wait for the FWiB to call, which he did. Got off the phone in time for my meeting, which was a bit small but pretty good.

And that pretty much sums up my day, feeding the cats right now, and making decisions about tomorrow. I am going to try to get to the vet before they close at 12 in order to get food for Bjorn. I figure if I get up at 9 I should make it.

Something I meant to mention before. Started reading a book by Sherrilyn Kenyon (I think I spelled that right). I found one of her books in the discount section of Barnes and Noble the last time I was there and figured I'd give her a try. That's how I discovered Jim Butcher's Harry Dresden books, so I hoped I'd make a similar discovery. Alas, it was not to be. Really pretty bad imho. Doubt I'll bother finishing it, and that is _rare_ for me. Oh well.

So I'll have to find something else to read. I still have things left from my recent bookstore visits.

Gratitude List:

1. My meetings and the people there.

2. The FWiB.

3. Don't have to finish a book I dislike.

4. Calm day at work.

5. Dunkin' Munchkins.

6. Weekend!

Everyday stuff

Jun. 23rd, 2017 10:45 pm
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 I've kind of fallen down a politics-hole lately. I've been watching and reading a lot about the new AHCA/"Trumpcare" bill. I even pulled myself together enough to make a post on Facebook about it, asking my friends to contact their senators and ask them to oppose Medicaid cuts. 

Today and yesterday we did laundry, and today we packed Sparkly's clothes for eir work trip. Tomorrow ey's going to pack eir carry-on with all the paperwork and stuff ey will need-- they want em to bring eir birth certificate, so they can give em eir work ID. 

still present

Jun. 23rd, 2017 07:28 pm
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Still present. Staying with things. Uncle slept all day, is declining, no longer able to drink liquids. Aunt got out of the house for a few hours while we (Dad and I) were there. Cousin age 5 is a handful and a delight. We fought many monsters, took the dog for a walk, and ate gorilla food (gorilla munch brand corn pop cereal, yogurt, sliced fruit). At lodge to rest now. I am sad and not okay, but I am okay with not being okay, and I am here.

DCI Showing

Jun. 23rd, 2017 09:06 pm
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Last night, I went to the movies to watch the opening performance of six of the corps that make up the Drum Corps International, thanks to Fathom Events. DCI is like professional marching band - routines are complex, entertaining, real productions. The marching is precise, the flag is intense, and the athletic skill needed is as rigorous as any sports training. Forget most sports seasons, DCI is the super-competition.

The theater I went to last night almost didn't let me in, though. The boy at the counter told me they had to close the screening room because the AC had gone out, and it wasn't fit to sit in, and asked if I wanted a refund. I sadly said yes, and he went and got his manager. The boy had just turned away people asking to buy tickets, also. The manager came out and apologized, and scanned my QR code on my phone to print the tickets to start the refund process, and mentioned that there were only two screens in the theater that could stream the Fathom stuff.

Wait, I said. They were still going to show the DCI? I had a student in one of the corps, and I wanted to see them perform. He said they were, but they couldn't put the audience into the second, air-conditioned theater until 8:50, because there was another film in there already. But, you're still honoring the tickets? I can still see this? Yes, if I didn't mind the inconvenience. I did not mind at all. So, got my ticket and headed to the snack line.

I'd spoken loudly enough that the people who'd been turned away and had been off to the side talking about how they'd have to call their parents (teenagers), went back to the ticket window before the manager could walk away, and managed to purchase tickets as well. And then a group of adults got into line. I'm glad I spoke up about my desire to see the performance and asked clarifying questions. The boy at the counter had not been aware of the possibility, it seemed - it's a busy theater, and I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. He probably wasn't aware of more than the basics of the situation.

The poor theater was under-staffed last night. There was only one person behind the snack counter, and he was running back and forth between the register and the back room to fill orders. He kept smiling, kept up his good humor, and everyone who was around me in line was very patient and kind with him. It's hard being the only person at a register when you can "just" stand and ring people up - the fact that he was making food, pouring drinks, checking stock, and ringing us all up? I hope the management was kind to him.

The screening room itself wasn't as bad as the ticket counter had made it seem. There was some air flow, so we weren't hot and sticky. It was a bit stuffy, but nowhere near the oven I'd been expecting. There were a ton of teenagers there, along with parents of people in the corps, band directors, etc. Most of the group was either a middle school or high school band, based on the snippets of conversation I heard. We were moved to the AC screening room between the first and second performances (I'll talk about those in a moment), which was a convenient time, because the feed itself had some issues and had stuck at that point. We all moved quickly to the new room, and everyone did the sensible thing of go as high as you can, or as far in as you can to the row you're on. There was an empty space next to a couple of teenage girls on the end of a row, and I asked if they were holding the seat. Nope! I plopped myself down just as the second corps began its performance.

As to the performances themselves, they were very fun! This is the first of the season, as I'd said before, so not everything about each program is finalized. They've been rehearsing for about a month now. My student who's in one of the corps left school as soon as seniors were done, and missed his own graduation for training. Some of the corps were in better shape than others. The cameras also had the unfortunate luck to focus in on some of the guard just as they missed catching their batons. The programs were diverse in tone and theme, and each one was a treat for both ears and eyes. I enjoyed the commentators, who, just like sports commentators, gave some background about each of the corps performing - their world class wins, their previous season's programs, changes in leadership among the adults (there's an age range for performers - I think it's 16-23, but don't quote me on that; I know there are 18 y.o. because that's how old my student is). Unlike sports commentators, they were quiet during the performances themselves, commentating on them only after the performance had finished. They spoke with directors before each corps performed, and got an "on-the-ground" perspective after from one of the corps members who was leaving the field.

In August, there's going to be another showing in the theaters, before the DCI finals. The top 15 corps' performances will be streamed to audiences, so they can see who the contenders are for the finals. The scoring is done by a panel of judges, and is kind of complicated - though the commentators kindly broke it down with overlay graphics for the movie-going audience. The corps my student is in came in 4th out of 6 - not bad for an opening volley, especially considering how tight most of the performances already are. I hope they make it to the top 15. If they do, I'll definitely go to the other showing. If not...I still might. I really enjoyed the routines I saw, and want to see how they evolve over the season.


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