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This poem is from the May 2, 2017 Poetry Fishbowl. It was inspired and sponsored by [personal profile] janetmiles. It also fills the "Cosmic Cobalt" square in my 4-1-17 card for the Month of Rainbows fest.

"Celestial Dehiscence"

The last of the sun's children
forms so far out on the fringe
that there is no keeping her:

she flies away into the endless night.

The sun thinks of the life inside her
secreted in small green seeds that
may someday, in a better space,
find the resources to sprout
into festoons of cells.

The rogue planet goes her own way,
a pod of celestial dehiscence,

and the sun smiles.

* * *


In botany, dehiscence refers to a method of seed dispersion where the seed pod splits open to release the seeds, or in some cases, catapult them a considerable distance.

Panspermia is a theory which posits that life can be transferred from one solar system to another, therefore meaning the galaxy does not have to reinvent the wheel every time.  The fact that we've found algae growing on the outside of the International Space Station lends weight to this possibility.

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Today is sunny and warm with a little breeze.  

Round 1, I planted the five tiny succulents in a large shallow dish.

I had planned to put the air plants on a sea sponge.  Regrettable the sponge is old enough that when I picked it up, it began to crumble.  So now I need to obtain a new sea sponge before I can set those up.  :/

Round 2, I carried three big pots of pansies outside. They don't need to be repotted, just set out.  These were on sale for $1 because they're past peak.  I don't care, they'll bloom for weeks yet.  :D

Then I took some plants to the white garden for planting.  The Silver Mound artemesia was in a gallon pot. There were two other white flowers in pints, and then a four-pack of white cleome.  I'll need to get the grass shears and trim around the white garden.  It has grass growing all up around it.

Round 3, I planted a firecracker plant in the barrel garden and a red million bells in the second hanging basket by the barrel garden.

Round 4, I planted a white poppy and a yellow poppy in the septic garden.

Round 5, I planted a Russian sage and more chives in the septic garden, a pink foxglove in the bone garden, and a yellow yarrow in the wildflower garden.

As it is now dusk, I am done planting for the day.  I put out all the gallon pots, and the equivalent of one flat of smaller ones.  I didn't quite empty the whole flat because I took a few plants from the other flats, but it evens out to about a flat.
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Today is sunny, breezy, and pleasant.  I took some pictures this afternoon.  I also cut weeds out of the septic garden and put more weed killer on the cut ends. 
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Here are a handful of trees and shrubs native to my area that I don't have and would like to acquire. I'm always watching for ways to improve my habitat.

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[personal profile] ari_the_dodecahedron found the link to the Plant Finder.

These are the trees and shrubs that I currently have growing in my yard here at Fieldhaven. We're in central Illinois, which used to be Zone 5b and is now Zone 6a. The tree that attracts the most species insects, I have several of: oak. If I remember right, we planted red oak, white oak, bur oak, and pin oak. That means my yard is hospitable to at least 342 species of winged peoples. :D I feel accomplished now!

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There's a lovely little e-newsletter with links to new articles about gardening for wildlife

"Growing a Better Birdfeeder" discusses the importance of using native species of caterpillar host plants, not just to benefit the insects, but also to attract more birds.  Someone is building a database to list plants by the number of caterpillars they host. This is a level of sophistication that not even I had thought of, which doesn't happen much anymore, so I am really geeking out about it.  :D  I waaaaaant that list.  I looooove not having to make the damn thing myself.  And they're building to run on your zipcode so the plants will automatically be local-to-you.

EDIT 5/3/17: [personal profile] ari_the_dodecahedron found the image-hidden link to the plant database.  \o/  You can look up plants to see what butterflies and moths they host, or look up insects to see their host plants.

Be a Butterfly Hero!  Because butterflies need saving too.  And these ones don't sting.  ;)

"Weedy to Wonderful" has ideas for making a wildlife garden look nicer.  Yes, we bought a sign for exactly the reason listed.  Also my favorite tip is to put your caterpillar host plants in a less-visible spot if people will be annoyed rather than excited by holes in the leaves.  Me, I see chewed plants and think, "Aww baby butterflies!"  But then I am weird.  When planting herbs beloved of the winged peoples, I plant extra parsley or dill for them and just move the caterpillars there.
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Climbing trees is a fun activity, but not everyone knows how to do it. The two no-gear methods of climbing are scrambling and shinnying. Scrambling means using your hands and feet to go up a tree with branches. Shinnying involves wrapping your arms and legs around a narrow tree without branches, and ratcheting your way up. Of the two, scrambling is much easier, thus generally the best way to start. Climbing with gear tempts people to ascend to great heights, and you have to understand your equipment. It is therefore best left until after you have mastered the basics of freehand climbing of small trees.

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Today I went out and cleared space to plant some morning glory seeds, then put those in the ground.

Although the weather forecast only calls for clouds, not rain, it is in fact still drizzling.  :/

On the bright side, a lot of the earliest planted grass seed is sprouting all over the streetside yard.  \o/ 
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Today is gray and damp, but not raining at the moment.  We took advantage of not-raining-right-now, so Doug raked the last part of the old raspberry patch and I put down grass and clover seed. 

EDIT 4/29/17: I planted the last two wildflowers.

The mourning dove nest above the door seems to have failed, as I found two eggs on the patio today.  I am not displeased by this, as I don't like birds nesting in the gutters.

It has been raining off and on, sometimes heavily, for days and the fields are flooding.


Apr. 28th, 2017 02:46 am
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 These owl paintings are awesome.  Look at how the brush strokes turn the paint into a sculpture medium to show the feather texture, especially around the faces.
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Today is gray and mild with a brisk breeze.  I planted four things in the wildflower garden before it started trying to rain.  Also Doug and I moved the big fallen log from the ritual meadow to the east side of the wildflower garden.

The first of the grass seed that I sowed in the forest yard is starting to sprout.  Yay.  Yay. 
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A male cardinal was engaged in trying to peck my window open, for reasons best known to him.  Not wishing to have my window pecked open, I gave him a territorial whistle in his own language.  He looked up and cocked his head in a listening way.  I whistled again.  He flew off.  This is quite different than a bird's feather-ruffling startle flight.  I have successfully communicated "You should not be doing that in my territory" to a bird.  \o/ 
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Today I took just a couple of pictures.

This yellow-and-orange purslane is in a hanging pot by the barrel garden.
This yellow-orange purslane is in a hanging basket by the barrel garden.

Here is the plant tower on the septic cap.  It had a little globe that lit up from solar power, but the tower blew down in today's wind and the globe came off.  I'll have to see if that can be fixed and reattached.
This is the plant tower on the septic cap.
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While cleaning house, Doug found some misplaced bulbs, so I went out and planted those.

Today is sunny, warm, and breezy. 

EDIT 4/25/17: Round 2, I planted a butterfly weed beside the barrel garden and prairie onion in the septic garden.  Then I watered plants.
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These pictures were taken yesterday, I just didn't have time to post them then.

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