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[personal profile] dialecticdreamer wrote this wonderful piece of demifiction for Schrodinger's Heroes based on my prompt. If you like it, please let her know too.  This is done up as an article in the Waxahachie Daily Light.

"Waxahachie Daily EXCLUSIVE!
Army Rolls In Ineffectually"

By Sarah Williams

John White is suing the United States Government. Again. “This is more
important than my name,” he stressed, motioning toward the fields where
all three of his water storage tanks had once been. Heavy tread marks from
military personnel carriers have gouged holes in all three steel tanks,
spilling their contents into a morass of trouble. The sun, and the
county’s ongoing drought, have turned a formerly productive field into
an alien landscape.

Mr. White, whose grandfather dropped the “Elk” from his legal surname
to illegally enlist in World War II, hopes this lawsuit will prove more
successful than his bid at age nineteen to have the Bureau of Indian
Affairs formally acknowledge his status as a full-blooded member of the
Kitsai tribe. “An’ it’s just like the government to send fools who
don’t know what they’re doing, just so they look like they’re doing
something!” he declared vehemently.

“Everybody knows they came tearin’ up the I-35, to my place,” he
insists. “Since my property is closest to the private science lab. You
can follow the tracks straight back to the highway! But they didn’t make
any effort to identify themselves, didn’t help gather up the bright
yellow snakes, just sat around in their vehicles, wrecking my crops but
too scared to open the doors.”

The “yellow snakes,” Pat confirmed, “were sentient refugees fleeing
conflict, and meant no harm to Mr. White, the local residents, or their
livestock.” He smiles warmly, leaning casually against a fence post
during the interview. “They’ve been relocated, and we’re repairing
our fence, which was also damaged by the military. At least we’ve just
got grassland over here instead of well over an acre of melons lost.” He
nodded toward the small dirt road, just a few feet from the fence posts,
marred by crossing treads form APCs. “That road’s plainly marked, and
stays inside our property line, and Kay monitors the gatehouse 24/7. I
don’t know what they were thinking,” he concluded with a diplomatic,
unhappy shrug.

Waxahachie residents have already confirmed that enough materials for
several water tanks have been ordered by Bailey, who handles payroll for
the group known both fondly and exasperatedly as “the Tef”.
Apparently, the next move is up to the courts.


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