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Date: 2013-12-04 01:01 am (UTC)
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Neat! I'm reminded actually Watchmen, Bruce Timm talking about comics, and why I came to really loathe Batman - if you have a superhero versus a supervillain, it's a fair fight, it's cool, but once you have a superhero beating up normal criminals, you start getting more interesting and complex questions about just how just and fair it is.

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Date: 2013-12-29 03:42 pm (UTC)
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Ah ha!

I'd forgotten about this thread, but now I remember the names in the Timm interview. He was talking really specifically about Alex Ross, and how Ross had done a gorgeous full-color book where the big "action scene" had Bats stop a 12 year old from robbing a convenience store (the story was about inner conflict anyway) - and how to Timm, that's kind of joyless, the whole point of Batman is to be kinda hugely over the top. Which I remember connected up to the part in Watchman (comic, never seen the movie) which talks about how the public really was more interested in superheros when there were supervillains around, and got bored/faintly anti-superhero when there weren't.

The bit with me burning out on Batman specifically; okay, like I think a lot of other comics fans, Batman was appealing to me because he wasn't innately superpowered - Bat-villains are part of that too, 'cause their abilities and personality are a really good fit. Because I'd enjoyed Batman: The Long Halloween I read some of the other Loeb/Sale books, and I got to the part of Dark Victory where he really messes up some Mafia soldiers, and somehow that flipped me. Instead of seeing this heroic figure fighting against psychopaths as badass as he is, I saw a rich WASP beating on a couple of immigrants from an unwanted/unaccepted minority, guys who never got the chance to train in Tibet for years because they were trying to make rent instead, etc. That was the switch, that's what flipped Batman from being The Coolest Ever to just another DC character I didn't care about.


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