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A while back, someone raised the topic of religion in Schrodinger's Heroes. This matter is not addressed much in canon, just hinted at based on various people's relationship with their home culture(s). However, diversity is part of the base premise, so that means religious diversity must follow along with ethnic and sexual diversity.  

Also worth noting is that Three Weeks for Dreamwidth marks the anniversary of Schrodinger's Heroes, which I launched in 2011.  It's come a long way since then -- most notably, the "imaginary fandom" has turned into a very real following, and there are now several folks contributing content.

Alex -- She displays a deep sense of wonder and reverence for the world, and an awareness of the numinous. She has advanced understanding of quantum physics and other subtle structure of existence. However, Alex doesn't seem inclined to personify divinity. She also lacks a strong connection to religious culture or church as a social activity.

I couldn't find a really good match among extant religions, and fell back on guessing about possible descriptions. Reverent scientific agnostic? Panspiritual naturist? Transcendental scientific humanism?

Ash -- She leans strongly toward tribal religion but doesn't ... quite ... fit perfectly. She's a technoshaman, which sets her aside from the traditional shamans because her gifts differ from theirs. She is asexual, which some might consider within the broad category of "two-spirit" people with atypical sexual identity or orientation. Two-spirits are widely considered holy people.

Further consider that Ash comes from intertribal heritage, with a Wichita mother and part-Navajo father. She has Lakota cousins, and probably connections to other tribes as well. While the practices of different tribes share a great deal in common, they are at least as different as the diverse branches of Christianity, and in some cases really are whole separate religions. Ash seems to gravitate toward the Navajo tradition but probably incorporates other things too.

Again, I couldn't find a close match in established religions. Scientific ecstatic panentheist maybe?

Bailey -- He has no strong indicators. He is mixed race, even more than Morgan. He might be a Christmas Christian or a secular humanist.

Chris -- He is almost certainly Christian because he is a white Texan. Texas began as exclusively Roman Catholic during Mexican rule; later on Baptist, Methodist, and Presbyterian influences arrived. Given the prevailing good ol' boy flavor of the family, I suspect Southern Baptist as a childhood faith.

Chris has undergone some of the biggest shakeups to his worldview, looking at canonical events and comparing him to other characters. He may be moving away from his original faith as a result of that and heading toward something more inclusive.

Kay -- She is Hispanic, from a working class family, with military and medical training. She is probably Christian, of which Roman Catholic is the most likely, but it might have a streak of Santeria. She likely reveres the saints and Virgin Mary. That's if she still practices; it is equally true that there are no atheists in foxholes and that war can break people's faith.

Morgan -- Heritage is a mix, and likely so is spirituality: a little Christian, some Buddhist, and a sizable chunk of native Hawaiian. But it glides and bends and doesn't hold too tightly to any one thing. Morgan comes from a blended culture and it shows. Note that many people who live in Hawai'i follow certain practices even if they don't "believe" in them, particularly in terms of respecting the goddess Pele. The most common denominations of Christianity in Hawai'i include the United Church of Christ (Protestant) and the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel (evangelical Pentecostal).

Female!Morgan leans more kānaka maoli (native Hawaiian). She is probably familiar with traditional Hawaiian practices and the somewhat modernized Huna principles.

Male!Morgan leans more Asian, primarily Japanese. Jōdo Shinshū was the first branch of Buddhism to establish a temple in Hawai'i.

Pat -- He is black, with a strong connection to that community. But he also goes his own way, being polyamorous. So he might be Christian, might be Muslim, might be something else. The African Methodist Episcopal Church is one example of a denomination popular within this ethnic group. So any of that is plausible as a family background.

The first thing that popped into my mind, though, is something the Dalai Lama said: "My religion is kindness." I was also reminded of the Hindu "Namaste" for "I honor the divine in you." I considered a description like reverent humanist. But really, I think Pat's religion is love.

Quinn -- He is willing to try everything but disinclined to commit to anything. I suspect that he goes by Bruce Lee's rule of "Absorb what is useful." The closest extant match to that would be Unitarian-Universalist.

Quinn also loves chaos and whimsy. I could easily see him exploring far-out things such as Pastafarianism, the Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster; or Discordianism, the worship of Eris.

Given Quinn's role as a trickster in canon, he may also feel an affinity for deities within that category. Ash has probably introduced him to the Navajo trickster, Coyote.

Tim the Tentacle Monster -- He is not human, so human religions don't necessarily apply. However, he is a person and therefore has a soul, so he may have some interest in spirituality, alien and/or human.

Tim probably falls closest to Alex, with aspects of science and reverence, and a deeper wisdom along with the intelligence. He reminds me of the line from the Church of All Worlds: "Thou art god, I am god. All that groks is god." This is divinity as an expression of the scientific fact that everything in existence is connected.

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Date: 2013-05-09 10:42 pm (UTC)
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Thanks for typing this up. Obviously something I'd been wondering a lot about myself.

Re: You're welcome!

Date: 2014-03-28 11:30 pm (UTC)
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Play around with this? I - live - this. I could list religions followed in my immediate family, but it would really, really begin to sound like an episode...

and I love every minute of it (except the nosy questions from people who can't grok 'community'.)



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