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This poem fills a square on my card for the [community profile] kink_bingo fest. This fest encourages people to push the limits of their comfort zone by creating erotica, pr0n, smut, and other sexy stuff in the many flavors of kinky, sensual, and otherwise exotic activities. I'm hoping to attract some new readers for my writing.

The following story belongs to Schrodinger's Heroes, featuring an apocryphal television show supported by an imaginary fandom. It's science fiction about quantum physics and saving the world from alternate dimensions. It features a very mixed cast in terms of ethnicity and sexual orientation. This project developed with input from multiple people, and it's open for everyone to play in. You can read more about the background, the characters, and a bunch of assorted content on the menu page.

Fandoms: Original (Schrodinger's Heroes)
Kink: Masters, doms, slaves & subs
Medium: Poetry
Summary/Preview: After Midge creates havoc that Kay has to clean up, Kay is looking forward to having her arrested. Midge makes a better offer. Kay takes advantage by claiming Midge's service for an equivalent amount of time.
Content Notes: No standard notes apply.
Additional Information: NSFW. Canonical woman of color (Kay is Hispanic). BDSM. Bootlicking. Spanking. Body worship.


As soon as they returned to the Teflon Tesseract,
Kay marched Midge down the hall
toward one of the empty storage rooms.
Kay's strong hand clamped around Midge's slim wrist,
pushing it up high against her own back,
which kept the smaller woman constantly off balance.

"You have caused me so much trouble,"
Kay said grimly. "I am seriously looking forward
to calling the police to come get you out of my hair."
"Please don't," Midge begged. "This is Texas.
The cops here aren't always on the up-and-up."

"That's true," Kay said, without a shred of sympathy.
"You should have thought of that before
you stole Alex's portable terminal for the Tef
and got your fanny in a trap
in a dimension far, far away."
"You saved me, though,"
Midge said, which was also true.
"You could just let me go."

"Now why would I do that?" Kay drawled.
"I've got mud on my uniform, blood on my boots,
and I lost my favorite tac knife rescuing you.
Not to mention the twelve hours of my life
that I wasted on your no-good account,
so I mean to get something out of this sorry deal
even if it's just the satisfaction of watching
some trooper shove you into a squad car."

"I could offer you something better," Midge said.
"Such as?" Kay said, skeptical. "It would take
one hell of a forfeiture to change my mind."
"Anything you want from me," Midge said.
Kay spun Midge around, pinning her against the wall
with a forearm pressed against her throat.
Midge tilted her chin up.

"Anything at all?" Kay said,
her voice dropping to a cougar's purr.
"Anything," Midge whispered
high and breathy against Kay's skin.

Well, Alex had put Midge's disposal in Kay's hands.
"All right," Kay said after a long moment.
She hauled Midge off the wall
and swung them around, heading for her own room.

Kay did take the precaution of notifying the team
before locking herself and Midge in the room.
"First, I don't want to hear a word out of you
unless I ask you a direct question,
or something is seriously wrong. Understand?"
"Yes," Midge said.

Then Kay tossed her a pad of paper.
"You write down everything you can't do,
everything that might break you physically or otherwise,"
Kay ordered. "I don't intend to do any permanent damage,
but I surely do aim to get my own back.
So anything not on that page is fair game.
I get my twelve hours -- and once we start,
you don't get to say no.
You'll just have to trust me. Deal?"

"Deal," said Midge,
and began to write her list.
When she finished, Kay read it
and was impressed with her honesty.
Midge had named only a handful of things,
mostly extreme enough to be outside Kay's interest.

"Strip off," Kay said.
Silently Midge removed her clothes.
Kay watched; it was a good view.
Rich red curls bounced free
over pale shoulders dotted with freckles.
Kay dragged a fingernail over one pink nipple
and watched it contract to a hard nub.

Then Kay took her boots off
and plunked them on the floor in front of Midge.
She brought out the box of polish and buffing cloths
and dropped that next to the boots.
She put a toothbrush in Midge's tiny hand.
"Get started," Kay said.

As Midge started to scuff off the clotted blood,
Kay shucked out of her muddy uniform
and tossed it in the hamper.
She pulled on fresh clothes,
khaki pants and a camo t-shirt saying,
Pain is just weakness leaving the body.

Kay sat down at her desk
and began to clean her weapons.
The familiar routine soothed her irritated nerves.
Midge got under her skin like sand
in a bad case of road rash.
Kay quirked a smile then.
With Midge silent and at least faking penitence,
she was a great deal more bearable.

When Midge finished brushing and washing the boots,
Kay stopped her from reaching for the can of polish.
"Spit polish first," she said, stamping her feet into place.
Then Kay wound her fingers in the unruly curls
and dragged Midge's head down to her toes.

Midge growled, and Kay tightened her grip.
"I want to feel that busy little tongue of yours
right through the leather," Kay added.
Midge started licking, her tongue
startlingly pink against the black leather.
Kay wiggled her toes against the fleeting pressure.
Maybe that rescue trip had been worth it, after all.

Spit polish completed,
Midge was sent back to the box
with boots in hand to finish the job
with the polish from a can.
Kay went into the bathroom
and ran cold water in the sink.

As soon as Midge put the last item away,
Kay threw the filthy uniform at her.
"Go scrub that," Kay said to Midge.
"Hang it over the shower bar when you're done.
If I see any stains left on my clothes,
I'll take them out of your milk-white hide."

So Midge used a nail brush to remove
as much of the dried mud as she could.
Then she dunked the uniform in the water
and added soap to work up a lather.
Midge hunched over the sink,
scrubbing at the tough fabric,
her breasts bobbing with the motion.
Kay watched her through the open door.

After Midge had wrung out the uniform
and draped the damp cloth over the bar,
Kay went in to run inspection.
"Adequate," she declared at length.

She noticed that Midge's hands
were faintly blue from the cold water,
and goosebumps pebbled her skin.
"You seem cold," Kay said.
"I'd better warm you up."

With that, Kay guided her to the bed,
sat down, and turned Midge over her knee.
"Now, let's see how you look
with your ass the same color as your hair,"
Kay said to her.

"But I did everything you asked!"
Midge protested.
"I'm amazed you managed
to keep your mouth shut this long,"
Kay admitted, dumping Midge to the bed.
She stalked into the bathroom,
grabbed a hairbrush,
and put Midge back into her lap.

"See, you've made up for my boots
and my uniform," Kay explained.
"The rest of this is all about making up
for my inconvenience and aggravation.
So you don't talk back to me --
but feel free to scream."

Kay started with her hand,
intrigued by the way their skin tones contrasted,
for her own was the color of vanilla latte
while Midge's was that impossible shade of pale
that only redheads ever seemed to attain,
like skim milk so thin that blue showed through the white.

The fair skin quickly turned pink
under Kay's brisk attention.
Midge started to squirm against her.
Kay popped her once on the thigh and said,
"If I have to hold you down,
this will get a great deal rougher."
Midge stopped squirming.
Kay continued until both butt cheeks
showed an even shade of rose.

Then she picked up the hairbrush.
Meticulous strokes made their way
up one side and down the other,
adding long bars of darker red.
Finally satisfied, Kay chose a target
right over Midge's right sit-spot
and whacked it over and over again.

Midge lasted a surprisingly long time
before she screamed.
Kay's respect for her endurance
went up a reluctant notch.

"Up you get," Kay said,
and Midge crawled off her lap,
trying not to cry.
Kay handed her a tissue
and waited for Midge to blow her nose.

Then Kay got a stick of black camo paint
and wrote "MINE" across Midge's pale breasts,
then scrawled her signature underneath.
"I'm hungry," she said, unlocking the door.
"Go fetch some food for both of us.
Much as you've snuck around our compound,
you damn well better know where the kitchen is."

Midge looked down at her naked self,
clearly hesitating.
Kay grabbed the hairbrush
and smacked her on the ass again.
Midge squealed and fled out the door.

A few minutes later,
Midge returned with a plate full of sandwiches
and two bottles of Alex's fancy lemonade.
She set everything on Kay's bedside table
and then stepped back.

Kay smiled her approval. "Good response,"
she said. "You can have half, though.
I don't intend to starve you."
She passed Midge a sandwich and a bottle.
Then she smirked.
"Sit down. I want to watch you."
They ate in silence, Kay watching
as Midge tried not to fidget.

Afterwards, Kay led Midge into the bathroom again.
"You got me dirty, you can get me clean," she said.
So Midge ran the bath and washed Kay very thoroughly
and shampooed the black curls of her hair.
Kay sighed as the suds ran down her skin,
leaning back into Midge's grasp.
Midge was careful enough
not to get soap in Kay's eyes.

Once Kay stepped out of the tub
and Midge toweled her dry,
Kay said, "Wash yourself now.
You have ten minutes. Then come out."

When Midge came out,
Kay was draped nude over the bed.
"Lotion's in the drawer there," Kay said,
pointing in the right direction.
"Start with my back."

Kay listened to the click of the lid
and wondered how thoughtful Midge would be,
but the lotion that touched her skin
was perfectly warm and Midge's fingers gentle
as they stroked from shoulders to hips and up again.

"Harder," Kay murmured,
and Midge obeyed, digging her thumbs
into the strappy muscles of Kay's neck
and along under her shoulderblades
and down either side of her spine.
Kay groaned in pleasure
as the day's tension finally let go of her.

When Midge finished rubbing the lotion
over every inch of Kay's body,
Kay lazily crawled out of bed
and went through her evening routine.
"Bathroom's yours if you want it,"
she said to Midge as she lay down again.
"Get yourself ready to sleep."

Afterwards, Midge started
to climb into the bed with her.
Kay fixed her with a steely glare and said,
"What do you think you're doing?"
"Um ... going to bed?" Midge replied.
"You said it was time to sleep ..."

"This is my bed," Kay said,
"and I did not invite you to share it."
She tossed an army blanket
between the bed and the wall.
"You lie down there."
She pointed at the floor.

Midge edged into the narrow space
and shook out the blanket,
flicking her gaze between the wall
and Kay's bed and the rest of the room.
Kay sighed. "Go ahead and ask," she said.

"Why did you put me here?"
Midge asked in a tiny voice. "I mean ...
not like at the foot of the bed or something?"
"I always sleep next to the door,"
Kay said shortly. "Go to sleep."
She turned off the light.

The next morning,
Kay walked Midge to the door.
The redhead watched her warily
but still said nothing. Kay approved of this.

"Are you going to ruin my day ever again?"
Kay asked Midge on the way out.
Midge opened her mouth,
and then slumped.
"I'll try not to," she whispered.

"Well, at least you're honest," Kay said.
"Guess I can't expect a leopard to change her spots.
Will you ruin my day on purpose?"
Midge shook her head frantically,
red curls flying.

"That'll do," Kay declared.
"Now get out of my sight.
I got work to do."
Midge obeyed.

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Not totally my kink, but I do have a thing for the redheads... and massage. :)

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*LOL* How 'bout we have *her* spank the Republicans? They've been VERY naughty, haven't they?


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