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Shortly before the apocryphal series Schrodinger's Heroes was cancelled, several key members of the production and writing crew happened to go out for coffee together in the wee hours of the morning. One thing led to another, and they all wound up brainstorming ideas for the second season. The major story arc concerned a dimension-spanning organization trying to protect the manifold, although not all the episodes focus on that. Titles and key concepts for several episodes were jotted down on a napkin, but the episodes were never plotted or scripted in full. These notes were among the tidbits released into the wild by someone on the crew. They remain very popular seeds for fanfic.

The Napkin Episodes

"The Spider in the Web"

Mysterious uniformed guy shows up in compound.

Introduce Time And Space Association.  Logo design: spider or web?

Will our team want to join TASE or not?

needs subplot conflict / contrast

"Ash and Smoke" 

Explosion sets part of compound on fire.  Lots physical danger & FX. 

Tef active / inactive?

Alex and Ash arguing over who's in charge of what

1) Defy authority.

2) Destroy property.

3) Take people's clothes off.

"Silk Stronger than Steel"

TASE is a dimension-spanning organization supervising efforts to keep the manifold safe.

Showcase several TASE teams / installations.

Alex interested in implications of TASE re: connections between dimensions.

TASE interested in Alex's theories & genius.  Bailey very suspicious.

Midge shows up & makes things worse.

"Her Hidden Face"

Shadowy intrigues --> need more muscle! but sneaky muscle!

Dusty has assembled a stealth strike team of lesbian mercenaries.  Alex hires them to help. 

Chris makes passes at all the mercenaries.  Does he not know what "lesbian" means?

"The Trembling"

Shot-to-hell TASE team stumbles into compound bleeding & crying.
Kay, Morgan, Pat & Tim clean up the mess.

Alex & Bailey listen dubiously to pleas for help.

Chris volunteers everyone's help.  Everyone mad at Chris.

Some kind of doom --> Chris needs rescue --> who will save him?

* * *

1. The numbered list in "Ash and Smoke" is from the movie Sweet Liberty.

For more about the episodes of Schrodinger's Heroes, see:
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"The Television Show (Part 2)" for unaired episodes
"The Television Show (Part 3)" for unscreened episodes


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