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This poem is an example of asexual affection, like a love poem but without the sexual aspect. It's typical of ace!Ash interacting with Alex in Schrodinger's Heroes  fanfic and poetry. Sometimes fan writers leave Alex's sexuality unspecified, as it is in canon -- which is easy to do when writing about a relationship with her from someone else's perspective.

Why Ash Loves Alex

Ash loves Alex for her mind,
for the way their thoughts
move into and through each other
like two tufts of grass in the wind,
blown together and apart
and then together again,
long leaves whispering
as they brush past.

Ash loves Alex for her hands,
the fine pale skin stretched softly
over the long graceful bones,
fingers dancing across keyboards,
thumbs strong enough
to knead loose the tension
from tired shoulders
yet never wander too far.

Ash loves Alex for her heart,
large enough to hold the team
in its quiet hall, large enough
to hold even the whole world and
to keep it safe from harm, yet
sturdy enough to survive a hero's work,
its sound a steady drumbeat
murmuring alive, alive, alive.

* * *

If you're new to the imaginary fandom of the apocryphal television show Schrodinger's Heroes, you can read more about Alex and Ash in the character descriptions.


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