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[personal profile] melannen created a good basic set of characters in her "101 Asexy Sex Scenes" post on [community profile] asexual_fandom. I couldn't resist adding a few of my own, though. I rolled up their sex and ethnic traits much as I did for the characters by [personal profile] melannen .

Ysabetwordsmith's Characters

Chris -- The muscle of the team, Chris gets involved while repeatedly saving Pat's life in "Why Pat's Not At Work." His friendship with Pat grows slowly but deeply. Chris is somewhat of a good ol' boy but unable to stand by and watch anyone suffer when he can stop it. (His relatives are less good and more ol' boy, a source of some tension.) Strong and fierce in combat, he is most formidable at hand-to-hand but also good with almost any kind of weapon. He has a lot in common with Kay, but they waffle between camaraderie and rubbing each other the wrong way. Chris is a total pussy about physical pain when not on an adrenaline high. He's a fairly good singer. A native Texan, he takes great pride in his home state.  A supporting character, he does not appear in every episode.

Chris is canonically heterosexual, and effectively vanilla but hasn't explored "any of that wild stuff." Though not ready to settle down quite yet, he clearly plans to marry and raise a family someday. Despite this, fanfic often portrays him as homosexual, especially in "bear" culture. Writers also enjoy introducing him to kink. They set him up with Bailey, Pat, Quinn, and Kay the most; they rarely let him score with girly-girls unless there is an orgy. Core Chris is a white man, pinkish-fair, large and blond with lots of body hair.

Dusty -- A refugee from another dimension who winds up staying in the Core dimension, Dusty is not part of the Schrodinger team per se but remains an ally of theirs. She has keen martial skills, and is currently assembling a lesbian mercenary team. Dusty has little experience with men, however, and they often confuse her. She first appears in "Last Woman Standing." She was intended for a major role in the unscripted napkin episode "Her Hidden Face." Dusty likes Midge and Kay, and is okay with Alex and Ash. She dislikes Chris. Dusty appears rarely.

Dusty's canonical sexual orientation is lesbian. Fan writers most often pair her with Midge or Kay; she is also a favorite partner for sex-changed alternates of the male characters, such as female!Bailey. Occasional ace pairings with Ash or Alex tend to play up the "I don't fit in either" angle. Dusty is a woman with olive skin and dark wavy hair, analogous to Greco-Roman from the Core dimension.

Jayden -- An army officer in the Core dimension, Jayden sometimes functions as an antagonist, other times an ally. She has excellent combat and command skills, with field experience as a sniper. Jayden is a by-the-book soldier for the most part, but inclined to break an impasse with a sudden unexpected move. When she sees an opportunity, she takes it. This combines with Alex in much the same way that a match combines with a fireworks factory. Jayden first appears in "Landing the Eagle" when the authorities try to commandeer the Teferact. She reappears in "A Thorn in the Foot" more supportively, and then again in "The Fourth Wall." Like many military personnel, Jayden isn't very impressed with civilians, which complicates interactions. She gets along best with Kay and Morgan, is alright with Bailey and Pat, but learns to respect Alex and Ash only after underestimating them proves disastrous. She can't stand Quinn or Midge. Jayden appears occasionally.

Jayden is canonically heterosexual, divorced with two children. In fanfic she most often pairs with Pat or Bailey. Writers who shift her orientation sometimes put her with Kay or Alex. Nonsexual stories often include Quinn or Midge for conflict. Core Jayden is a tall black woman with dark chocolate skin and a short cap of tightly curled black hair. 

Midge -- A reporter who gets in too deep to get back out again, Midge is an expert muckraker who can find out anything about anybody. Due to a colorful past, she is also a skilled pickpocket and knows how to create forgeries. She lacks the advanced education of most other characters, though, and that can make her pissy when they talk over her head. She keeps trying to outsmart them and is hopelessly outclassed. She is allergic to cats and annoyed by Schrodinger's tendency to rub against her. Midge is cunning, agile, annoying, and able to get into amazingly tight spaces. Her combat skills mainly feature street-fighting and self-defense. She first appears in "Axis of Evolution," trying to figure out what's going on; trouble is, nobody knows much yet. Midge knows all about current events and personalities. Midge likes Quinn and Dusty, but most of the heroes find her irritating. Midge appears occasionally.

Midge is canonically bisexual and sexually adventurous, but tends to prefer female partners to male. Fan writers typically pair her with Dusty, although there's a definite yen for seeing Kay turn Midge over her knee. Less often Midge gets paired with Quinn (for rowdiness) or Pat (for mellowness). Core Midge is a petite white woman with milky freckled skin and red hair. Her given name is Margaret; male!Midge, who appears in "The Fourth Wall," has a given name of Madigan.

Schrodinger -- Alex's cat Schrodinger has far more than 9 lives. He was found abandoned as a kitten; Alex heard him in the dumpster just before the garbage truck arrived. Schrodinger has survived many scrapes since then. He is a ferocious varmint hunter. In "Earth to Alex, Come in Please" Schrodinger jumps on the control panel during tests, after which the first dimensional door opens. In "A Can of Worms" he catches a tiny tentacled pest shortly before Tim appears. In "Last Woman Standing" he saunters blithely though the epic firefight. Although closest to Alex, Schrodinger likes most of the other characters. He makes a point of rubbing all over Midge, who is allergic to cats. Schrodinger usually appears in the background, occasionally in a more functional role.

Core Schrodinger is a neutered male with short black fur, and thus essentially asexual. Fanfic writers rarely change his sexual characteristics but often change his color. White!Schrodinger tends to be evil and/or belong to evil!Alex. Fans of furry fiction sometimes make Schrodinger intelligent, and even a scientist.

Vic -- A man of letters, Vic has worked as a classics professor, a museum curator, and a writer. By nights, he also works as a professional Dom. Vic keeps the two sides of his professional life strictly separate, and gets anxious if anything threatens that division. He also prefers to keep his emotions under control; that's an asset in a crisis, but makes it hard for him to relax and let go. Vic first appears in "Harnessing Power" when the heroes are trying to raise power with kink. He reappears in the unscreened episode "The Fourth Wall." He likes Pat and Ash for their calm, and discreetly admires Kay. Quinn is too chaotic for Vic's taste given that Vic's home dimension sorts everyone by their kink polarity, Dom or sub. Although not a member of the Core team, he is a useful ally.  Vic appears rarely.

Vic is canonically homosexual and kinky. Currently identifying as a Dom, he learned the ropes as a sub, so can play either role at need. Fan writers most often pair him with Pat, sometimes with Bailey or Quinn; despite his preference for men, Kay is another popular partner. Less often he appears in ace kink with Ash or Alex. Core Vic is a British man with wavy brown hair salted with distinguished silver.

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Just because I haven't said it yet, I'm loving this series (and, as is unsurprising, having an urge to write fanfic for it).


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