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Metacontext: [personal profile] melannen  wrote character descriptions and plot seeds so they could be applied in a wide range of situations. Show context: From the beginning, Schrodinger's Heroes  was intended to portray reality as malleable. All the main characters, and most of the recurring minor characters, therefore have unisex names. Note that, because of the unisex names and the fact that alter-characters may differ in sex/gender, writers should use a gendered pronoun or otherwise specify a character's sex/gender promptly after introduction where feasible.

This list begins with character thumbnails excerpted from "101 Asexy Sex Scenes" by [personal profile] melannen  in [community profile] asexual_fandom on Dreamwidth.

These prompts are all for an imaginary fandom: it's a show about people having adventures and fighting evil. There's a loose ensemble and a bunch of recurring secondary characters.

Alex is the main character, and Bailey is Alex's partner in fighting evil. For the purpose of this list, Alex is often written as asexual, and Bailey is usually written as bisexual. Most of fandom is convinced, with fairly good reason, that they are in love with each other, but people do occasionally also pair Alex with other people.

Other main characters include Ash, canonically asexual; Kay, who everybody writes as a BDSM practitioner after that one episode; and Pat, who is canonically pansexual and poly and pretty much up for anything.*


57. Tim is a tentacle monster stranded among humans. Tim is very nice but doesn't understand your Earth concepts of romance and attraction, but is very lonely. Luckily, Alex is also lonely, and agrees that Tim is nice, and doesn't understand all that stuff either.


(Even if I know that the other recurring characters include Quinn, who dislikes all labels and especially binaries, and Morgan, who is resolutely vanilla and monosexual. And Tim the Tentacle Monster of course but he kind of squeezed in anyway; tentacle monsters are like that.)

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