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This is all about creating a fandom for a television show that doesn't actually exist. The idea was launched by [personal profile] melannen as a frame for "101 Asexy Sex Scenes" so there is attention to the sexual orientation of the characters. Various people piled into the discussion with ideas about what kind of characters and show might actually be involved. I came up with this as one possible manifestation, which is flexible enough that it could conceivably hook up with other versions of the show if someone else maps out a different one.

Schrodinger's Heroes

Schrodinger's Heroes begins with an obscure bit of scientific history. The Superconducting Supercollider was designed as a particle accelerator complex near Waxahachie, Texas. It has a ring circumference of 54.1 miles and a diameter of 17.2 miles. Due to budget problems, the project was cancelled in 1993.

Enter Alex and company. A brilliant theoretician who is independently wealthy, Alex buys the whole abandoned compound and adapts it for her research. Alex's partner Bailey helps build the hardware; he is the practical part of the team. Ash, the research and computer expert, designs much of the programming (with Alex) and some of the hardware (with Bailey). Pat handles public relations and keeps the team running smoothly. Kay, one of the security guards, watches in bemused silence as the project takes shape. They are all set up to study particle physics, quantum dynamics, and manifold space.

Unfortunately things get a little out of hand when Alex's cat Schrodinger chases a mouse onto a control board during the first big experiment. Sparks and smoke pour out, a bizarre image of jumbling shapes appears outside in the middle of the ring, and then everything goes dark. When it clears, now there's a luminous field shimmering inside the ring, the landscape there looks different, and the sky over it is different too. This is not what was supposed to happen.

In an attempt to find out what's going on, Alex brings in two new people. First she calls in her friend Quinn (present for last night's pre-grand-opening party) who takes all manner of weird things calmly. Then she calls in Morgan, an astronomer from Hawaii, who is supposed to look at the altered sky and explain where or when it is from. Morgan helps Alex study the strange phenomenon. Quinn helps himself to the contents of Alex's liquor cabinet.

During this exploration, several individuals suddenly appear in the center of the ring, one of them fleeing from the others. The fugitive escapes, never to be seen again. (This is said to be a dangerous criminal, but nobody is really sure whose word to trust.) Upon questioning the pursuers, our heroes learn that Alex has created a portal that links their dimension to others. They try to shut everything down, but it is impossible to disconnect completely. The most they can do is exert some control over when and where the portal opens or closes.

So, Alex and company decide that the best thing to do is stay put and work on improving their control of the portal. Alex calls the thing the "Teflon Tesseract," shortened variously to "Teferact" or "Tef," in reference to its multidimensional nature. It becomes their job to fend off attempted invasions, fight evil, and solve what other problems they can.

The Show's Demise

Schrodinger's Heroes  began with a two-part pilot, introduced mid-season to replace a cancelled show. It featured cool characters, gripping if sometimes zany plots, and spectacular special effects. Three more episodes aired and more had been produced or scripted. Then a horrific fight broke out over the rights, and the show was discontinued. One of the studio executives, Jonathan Thomas Farkendorker, is widely blamed for the show's cancellation although the whole mess involved a number of antagonists.

Fans were upset at the loss of such a promising show. They shared copies of the aired episodes. Someone in the production crew bootlegged the unaired episodes. Someone else released various other fragments: deleted scenes, bloopers, special effects and scenes from an unfinished episode, and the scripts for some unscreened episodes. The studio, realizing that it was missing out on the financial action, managed to get its act together sufficiently to release first a collection of the aired episodes, then later a boxed set also including the unaired episodes and many of the extra fragments.

The show attracted a fandom fast and hard. Much of the fanfic developed from just the first five hours. Later on, fans incorporated the unscreened episodes, scripted episodes, and other materials as those became available. But it remains a large body of fanfic based on a pretty small amount of canon material when compared to other fandoms.

You can also read a script for the first advance advertisement for the show, "Alex and Bailey in the Closet."

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Date: 2011-05-08 09:53 am (UTC)
snowynight: Kino in a suit with brown background (Default)
From: [personal profile] snowynight
Very interesting. Now I want fic for this fandom.

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Date: 2011-05-16 11:19 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] fayanora
I would love to watch this show!


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