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This is another commercial from Terramagne. Comfort food appears in many of the poems from Polychrome Heroics. So what do you do if you grew up with junk for comfort food? They've got a patch for that ...

"Reframing Comfort Food Commercial"

Reframing is a community kitchen
that focuses on comfort food
as an important life skill.

Everyone loves comfort food --
it's what we reach for when we
need a little extra boost in the mood.

Not everyone thinks of the same things
when they talk about comfort food.

Some people reach for healthy treats
such as fresh berries or baked squash.

Other people feel more tempted by
salty potato chips, fried chicken,
or a slice of chocolate cake.

If you grew up with less healthy foods,
Reframing can help you form attachments
to new comfort foods now that you know better.

Learn to make and enjoy exciting new things
such as chicken noodle soup from scratch,
luscious homemade beef pot pies,
popsicles made from pure fruits,
carrot sticks with creamy dip,
and fresh-baked bread.

Share some good food and stories
about what's going on in your life now,
and listen to some from new friends.

We offer sessions for singles, couples, and
entire families to learn about comfort foods
that take better care of your whole self.

We also have classes for parents,
grandparents, and other relatives on
establishing healthy comfort foods
for the little ones in your life.

We cook and eat delicious dishes
together in a supportive environment
to create positive associations.

Reframing: the comfy kitchen for people
who want to reset their idea of comfort food.

* * *


Reframing is located in Rain City, Washington.

Take a look at what makes a comfort food. Some of that is emotional and contextual -- whatever a loved one serves you when you're feeling down is likely to become a comfort food. But the most popular comfort foods share many physical traits such as being warm, soft, and creamy. There's a separate batch of cold ones, like ice cream.

Comfort food is often vilified as unhealthy. However most of that depends on what comfort foods you choose, and some of them are healthy.  There are recipe collections for regular and light comfort foods.  Here are some featuring vegetables and fruits.

Similarly, people often condemn comfort eating. Really that comes down to the difference between emotional eating and mindful eating. When you eat mindfully, food is more comforting.

Enjoy a recipe for Slow Cooker Chicken Noodle Soup. Another feature of many comfort foods is that they take time to make, filling the room with delicious smells. In this manner, you can feel comforted for a longer time, anticipating the arrival of delicious food -- and the smell has no calories.

Here is the Beef Pot Pie.

Get started making your own frozen treats with Rainbow Whole Fruit Ice Pops.

Choose from a selection of healthy dips for your fresh veggies or whole-grain crackers.

Honey Wheat Bread is fun to make and tasty to eat.

Techniques such as counterconditioning and reimprinting are used to change all kinds of undesirable associations. Most imprints are made by chance, but it is possible to make them deliberately, either when adults make mindful choices about children in their care or when adults decide to change their own patterns. Reframing creates imprint vulnerability by offering a safe, supportive place for people to talk about their life challenges -- and they'll tend to imprint on whatever comfort food is provided at the time, which is healthy stuff.
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