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Today is warm and partly sunny.

Round 1, I weeded and then planted marigolds in the corner of the cistern herb garden and started planting some in the strip garden. 

A considerable amount of time and energy (today and yesterday) went into helping Doug assemble the very large and heavy tool cabinet.

Round 2, I did more weeding to plant the rest of the marigolds in the strip garden, then I planted some impatiens in the purple-and-white garden.  I had a 4-pack of white and another of pinkish-lavender.

Round 3, I filled an oblong planter with yellow-and-purple torenia, a purple daisylike flower, and some other purple-and-yellow thing.  I also watered all the plants that I put out today.

Round 4, I pulled a ton of weeds around the forest garden and planted a columbine under there.  

As it is now dusk, I'm done for the night.


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