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I did some spring planting after it stopped raining.  I potted up a trench pot of johnny-jump-ups in solid purple, purple-and-yellow, solid yellow, and solid burgundy.  :D  I still have some left of everything but the yellow which was in a single pot.  The others were six-packs.

Lilacs are beginning to bloom, and cherry trees.  More tulips are blooming in the purple-and-white garden.

A mourning dove has now made a nest in the gutter above the back porch.  I am less pleased with this position.  :/ 

EDIT 4/10/17:

I finished planting the johnny-jump-ups and some Dusty Miller artemesia in pots.  The last couple of artemesias went into the white garden.

I also saw that the honeysuckles are beginning to bloom, serviceberry tree and gold currants are in full bloom, and in the wildflower garden the sky blue grape hyacinths are also blooming.  :D  Trilliums are sprouting in the forest garden.

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...I haz daphodils! xdddd I'm going to try to get the mother to take pictures and put them up. Our hostas are coming up, too. We're so excited because plants. :ddd



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