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These are some of the characters around the Kwan Yin House of Compassion.

Warning for tragic pasts and self-destructive behaviors, but the staff members are in decent shape now.


Staff members include:
* Leaders for meditation, prayer, and other spiritual activities
* A trainer in charge of physical activities like tai chi, yoga, and falun gong
* Massage therapist skilled in shiatsu and other styles
* Acupressure / acupuncture therapist
* Two professional cuddlers, one male and one female
* Counselors for individual and group sessions
* Volunteers, most of them former self-harmers or relatives of them

Jampa Se -- She has golden-fair skin, almond-shaped brown eyes, and black hair that she shaves off. She is small and wiry. She needs glasses to read or do other detailed work. Her personal name is Jampa, belonging to the Se clan; her parents moved to America when she was a young girl, and all took the clan name as a surname. She speaks Central Tibetan, Classical Tibetan, English, Filipino, Hindi, Japanese, Nepalese, Sanskrit, and Sherpa.
Jampa is a Buddhist nun, and she runs the Kwan Yin House of Compassion in Onion City. Talented with arts and crafts, she painted many of the wall murals and also enjoys making malas. She formed the House of Compassion after noticing the devastating effects of trauma on Tibetan refugees, one example of which is self-harm. She has made a point of networking across different Asian cultures, along with the surrounding American culture. However, Jampa and the rest of her family are still wanted by the Chinese government, making them political refugees.
Qualities: Master (+6) Compassion, Master (+6) Tibetan Buddhist Nun, Expert (+4) Arts & Crafts, Expert (+4) Existential Intelligence, Expert (+4) Languages, Expert (+4) Nonanxious Presence, Good (+2) American History, Good (+2) Graceful, Good (+2) Trauma-Informed Care
Poor (-2) Wanted by Chinese Government

Malayi -- She has ochre skin, almond-shaped brown eyes, and black hair that she shaves off. She has a rectangular face and wears big thick glasses. Her body is blocky and sturdy. She speaks Burmese, English, and Shan. Malayi fled from Myanmar because she did not like the imbalance between men and women in religious life. She lives in Onion City in the nuns' house of the Kwan Yin House of Compassion, where she leads meditations and prayers.
Qualities: Master (+6) Concentration, Expert (+4) Burmese Buddhist Nun, Expert (+4) Devotee of Kwan Yin, Good (+2) Constitution, Good (+2) Equanimity, Good (+2) Mentor
Poor (-2) Legally Blind without Glasses

In Terramagne-Myanmar, the bhikkhuni tradition never died out but was driven underground. Therefore, the Burmese nuns wear the same pink robes whether they are bhikkhunis or thilashins. In recent years, some women have left Myanmar to take full bhikkhuni vows through other Buddhist traditions. There are many rules for bhikkhuni; some orders follow them all, while others have made variations on the theme.

Gaden Jalus -- He has deep golden skin, almond-shaped brown eyes, and black hair starting to go silver which he shaves off. He is near-sighted and wears glasses. He speaks Tibetan and Chinese, but is just learning English. Gaden is a Tibetan monk at the Kwan Yin House of Compassion in Onion City. He also supervises the monks' house. He is a talented sand painter, and often makes mandalas as a prayer for visitors.
Qualities: Master (+6) Tibetan Monk, Master (+6) Sand Painter, Expert (+4) Dexterity, Expert (+4) Endurance, Expert (+4) Wisdom, Good (+2) Interpersonal Intelligence, Good (+2) Patience, Good (+2) Role Model
Poor (-2) English

Annen Miyamoto -- She has golden skin, almond-shaped brown eyes, and long straight black hair usually pinned up in a bun. Annen is her personal name, Miyamoto her family name. She speaks Japanese and English. She is first-generation Japanese-American. Her younger sister Yumi developed a problem with cutting after a friend died by suicide in high school. Yumi has since recovered. Watching that process made Annen want to help other people through it, because not everyone who offered to help Yumi actually did any good, and some of them made matters worse before the family intervened and insisted on better care.
Annen is the supervisor of the outbuilding and its activities at the Kwan Yin House of Compassion in Onion City. She handles the organzational aspects well, and also does shiatsu massage. Her devotion to Kwan Yin contributed the name of the establishment. Like many Japanese people, Annen dislikes saying no outright, and prefers to be more oblique, which often causes misunderstandings in American contexts. However, she excels at interfacing among different Asian cultures.
Qualities: Master (+6) Courtesy, Expert (+4) Office Manager, Expert (+4) Shiatsu Massage, Good (+2) Asian Diplomacy, Good (+2) Clear Head in a Crisis, Good (+2) Devotee of Kwan Yin, Good (+2) Leader
Poor (-2) Saying No

Dr. Bai Zan Min -- He has golden-tan skin, almond-shaped brown eyes, and short white hair with a goatee and mustache. He is slim and short, and he wears delicate gold-framed glasses. His personal name is Zan Min, although he often goes by Zan among his close friends in America, and his family name is Bai. He speaks Mandarin Chinese fluently and English somewhat.
Dr. Bai practices traditional Chinese medicine, primarily specializing in acupuncture and acupressure. He was exiled from China decades ago, during one of the periods they were more inclined to kick people out instead of imprison or kill them for annoying the government, because he helped people with superpowers. He has tried to make a home for himself in America, with only partial success. He misses China bitterly, and losing his home put him off pursuing soup care any further.
Qualities: Master (+6) Qi Sensitivity, Master (+6) Traditional Chinese Medicine, Expert (+4) Dexterity, Expert (+4) Kinesthetic Intelligence, Good (+2) Go Player, Good (+2) Humanitarian, Good (+2) Propriety
Poor (-2) Homesick for China

Mori Takehiko -- He has golden skin, almond-shaped brown eyes, and a fringe of short gray hair although he is going mostly bald. Mori is his family name, Takehiko his personal name. He speaks Japanese and reasonably fluent English. He left Japan as a young man because people there believed he had superpowers (even though he did not) and thus made his life miserable. For some years, he had a bad habit of taking unnecessary risks and playing rough sports, uncaring of how often he hurt himself in the process. His struggle to overcome those challenges led him to become a monk and focus on life-affirming work instead. Takehiko serves at the Kwan Yin House of Compassion in Onion City. In addition to organizing care of the landscape, he attends many of the practicalities for other monks whose vows preclude those. He also organizes the work program for people who feel useless: "If you do work, then you are not useless."
Qualities: Master (+6) Gardener, Expert (+4) Practical, Expert (+4) Zen Buddhist Monk, Good (+2) Cooking Japanese Cuisine, Good (+2) Listener, Good (+2) Naturalistic Intelligence
Poor (-2) Worries About What People Think

Shanti Acharya -- She has tinted skin, brown eyes, and brown hair to her shoulders. She has a round face and a graceful body. She speaks Bengali, English, and Hindi. Shanti moved to America as a young woman to pursue a college career, where she rambled through philosophy, women's studies, and several other departments without completing a degree. It just didn't quite fit. However, her contact with the Hindu community led her into yoga, which worked out much better for her. Shanti noticed that many women came to yoga in search of peace when their lives were falling apart, so she looked for a place that would support her as she helped them. Now she teaches yoga at the Kwan Yin House of Compassion, specializing in yoga nidra and pranayama, although she presents other styles as well. She keeps a flock of assorted ducks in the garden there, which provide eggs, meat, and feathers for craft supplies.
Qualities: Master (+6) Serenity, Expert (+4) Limber, Expert (+4) Yogini, Good (+2) Emotional Intelligence, Good (+2) Raising Poultry, Good (+2) Women's Issues
Poor (-2) Academics

Nalini Rand -- She has light brown skin, brown eyes, and long curly brown hair. Her heritage is British and Indian. She speaks English and Hindi. She had a short-term relationship with a Tibetan refugee, a sweet but timid man who fled in fear after their daughter Tara began showing signs of power. His family had been driven out of their home by Chinese oppression, and he didn't dare attract any more attention. Nalini didn't hold it against him, but did start asking around among other Tibetans in search of explanations. They revealed Tara as the most promising candidate for the Bamda Lama. Concerned for her daughter's safety, Nalini moved to America.
They found a place at the Kwan Yin House of Compassion in Onion City. Nalini serves as a nurse there, and is studying how to become an attendant should Tara be confirmed as the Bamda Lama. Currently they are about halfway through the study year that Nalini requested to make sure that this really is her daughter's path. The uncertainty about their future makes Nalini anxious.
Qualities: Expert (+4) Flexible, Good (+2) Existential Intelligence, Good (+2) Mother, Good (+2) Nurse
Poor (-2) Uncertain Future

Tara Rand -- She has light brown skin, brown eyes, and wavy brown hair to her shoulders. She is currently six years old. She speaks English, Hindi, Sanskrit, and some Tibetan. Her heritage is British, Indian, and Tibetan. Her father was from Bamda, Tibet but did not stick around long enough to teach her much about the culture. Still, Tara began speaking fragments of Tibetan as a toddler. These factors have contributed toward her recognition as the Bamda Lama, one of the rare female tulku lineages. However, she has a quirky sense of humor and sometimes recites solemn religious texts in the voices of her favorite cartoon characters. Due to her youth, Tara has not yet integrated her past lives or figured out much of her current one.
Origin: Tara was born with her superpowers, carrying memories of past lives which are gradually emerging as she matures.
Uniform: During the study year, Tara and her mother dress in white and cover their hair.
Qualities: Good (+2) Cartoon Voices, Good (+2) Crazy Wisdom, Good (+2) High Altitude Tolerance, Good (+2) Knack for Languages, Good (+2) Leader
Poor (-2) Inexperienced with Current Life
Powers: Good (+2) Cria
A cria is a young lama, borrowed from the term for a baby llama. Tara's abilities include memories of her past lives, partial understanding of Tibetan, enhanced learning of Sanskrit, and telempathy. She has recently begun levitating an inch or so during meditation, and she has some control over her body temperature and other metabolic functions. Clearly, her abilities are still growing in and nowhere near mature yet.
Motivation: To rediscover herself and find her task(s) for this life.

Female lamas are real, but Terramagne has rather more lineages of them than local-Earth has. The Bamda Lama is one we're missing. Actually, they have more male lines too.

Guruge Sukeena Herath -- She has mahogany skin, black eyes, and long black hair with a little wave. Her face is round and her body softly padded. She uses a wheelchair due to injuries sustained as a little girl when a cyclone caused a landslide which collapsed her family's house. Guruge is her ge or clan name, Sukeena is her personal name, and Herath is her surname. She is Sinhalese, the majority population in Sri Lanka. She speaks English, Sinhalese, and Tamil. She practices both Hindu and Buddhist traditions.
Sukeena has a mother, stepfather, and several younger half-siblings back in Sri Lanka whom she loves very much. Her grandparents, father, and two older siblings were killed in the landslide. After her mother remarried and had more babies, Sukeena helped take care of them. She is poor at handling electronics, so she needs a manual wheelchair. While she can push herself, she's a people person and greatly prefers to have someone else push her. This annoys some disability activists, but it's just part of her gregarious personality.
Sukeena moved to America to attend school because she wanted to help other people with disabilities. Then she realized that she already had all the skills she needed to provide cuddle therapy, so she took a position as a counselor at the Kwan Yin House of Compassion in Onion City. She also enjoys jewelrymaking. She makes silver jewelry for sale, and friendship bracelets that she gives away to her cuddle clients. Sukeena is touch-dominant and needs a great deal of physical contact. Sometimes she "translates" sensory language for touch-dominant people who aren't as fluent with their nature, and explains to parents how to raise a high-need baby like herself and her younger siblings were.
Qualities: Master (+6) Extrovert, Expert (+4) Cuddle Sutra, Good (+2) Cheerful, Good (+2) Jewelrymaking, Good (+2) Touch-dominant
Poor (-2) Handling Electronics

Tabbouleh (Lexine Eastbrough)
-- She has fair skin, gray eyes, and long wavy hair of hot pink. She has stretched earlobes with hollow plugs on both sides and a vertical labret piercing in her lower lip. She is a little plump, and has many self-harm scars up and down her arms, now covered with tattoos. She took the name Tabbouleh because it's a recipe made from chopped and cracked things, turned into something good. Her body is prone to scarring from even minor injuries and doesn't heal easily. That requires a lot of extra self-care in order to get good results from body modifications, but she has mostly figured out how to make that work.
Tabbouleh has spent years of dedicated headwork overcoming the mess of her childhood and the self-injury that resulted from it. Now she feels much better, in control of her life, and ready to help other people. Among the services she offers are free body modifications for survivors who need to reclaim their bodies. She lives in Onion City, where she volunteers at SPOON and the Kwan Yin House of Compassion.
Origin: Neglected and emotionally abused as a tween, she felt like nobody noticed her or cared about her, so she started cutting herself to feel like she existed. One day she cut too deep and almost died. After that, her hair turned hot pink and made her much harder to ignore. Her family didn't behave any better, but SPOON noticed and made Family Services find her a foster home where she would be safe and cared for properly. That helped a lot.
Uniform: Street clothes. She favors skimpy clothes to show off her ink, and at this stage, she feels comfortable talking about the self-harm scars that underlie some of her tattoos.
Qualities: Good (+2) Body Modification Artist, Good (+2) Cheerful, Good (+2) Dexterity, Good (+2) Coping Skills, Good (+2) Peer Counselor
Poor (-2) Healing
Powers: Good (+2) Pink Hair
She has the ultraviolet vision that sometimes accompanies exotic hair colors, and she uses it in her day job because that makes it easier for her to see UV-reactive ink even in ordinary light. That also means she can see the 'invisible' type of UV tattoos when most other people could not.
Motivation: To help survivors of abuse and self-injury.


Batik (Leah Floretorn) -- She has fair skin and dark blue eyes. Her hair is mottled in shades of blue, pink, and purple. Mostly straight, it has just a little wave and falls past her shoulders. She has bad self-harm scars on her legs and some on her arms too. The urge comes and goes over time, manifesting more when she's under high stress. Right now it's back because she's in a bad relationship. Again. She was sexually abused as a child, which has left her with a lot of problems. That contributes to her distorted body-image; she thinks she's fat and ugly, an odd disjunction probably caused by her abuser telling her that she was pretty because of her colorful hair. She often carries a teddy bear for self-soothing.
Batik wants to make a living as an artist, and is good enough to do so, but struggles just to stay functional enough for everyday tasks, let alone a career. On the bright side, her personal difficulties and years spent in support groups and other therapy have given her a broad understanding of the challenges people can face. She's very sympathetic with others who struggle with abuse or self-harm issues. She lives in Onion City and frequents the Kwan Yin House of Compassion.
Origin: She was born with faintly tinted hair, whose color gradually strengthened, although it didn't reach its current vivid coloration until she reached puberty. At first everyone thought she was just a crayon soup. But as a teenager, she developed the ability to change the color of objects, temporarily or permanently. Her precision isn't great -- it looks like watercolor or batik dye -- but it's pretty.
Uniform: Street clothes. Batik's cold resistance makes her more sensitive to heat, which means she needs to wear skimpy clothes much of the time. This makes it difficult to hide the self-harm scars, and people stare becasue they're pretty bad, which makes her feel even worse. She favors bright colors including pink, blue, and purple.
Qualities: Good (+2) Artist, Good (+2) Cold Resistance, Good (+2) Cooking Comfort Food, Good (+2) Visual Learner, Good (+2) Understanding
Poor (-2) Sexual Abuse Survivor
Powers: Good (+2) Changing Colors
Motivation: Take it one day at a time.

Eun-a Moon -- She has golden-fair skin and brown eyes. Her hair falls straight to her shoulders, variegated in shades of lighter and darker brown. It tends to bleach out in the sun, which means the ends are nearly to the light blonde range. She has moderate self-harm scars on the insides of her forearms. She speaks Korean fluently and English moderately. Her heritage is mixed Korean and American, as she is the illegitimate child of an American soldier; but since her mother managed to prove that, Eun-a has dual citizenship. They had to flee the country when Eun-a's half-brother Da-yeong developed Plant Powers. Even though she is not a soup herself, Eun-a has a serious fear of forks and worries that they will hurt her family. She has a tendency toward self-harm when she gets upset, and she often pretends to be happy when she's not. Despite a loving family, the relationships are complicated by their traumatic past, which makes things awkward between them. Eun-a lives in Onion City, where she frequents the Kwan Yin House of Compassion. She enjoys Korean arts and crafts, including hanji paper crafts.
Qualities: Good (+2) Agreeable, Good (+2) College Student, Good (+2) Detail Oriented, Good (+2) Hanji Paper Crafts, Good (+2) Pretty
Poor (-2) Afraid of Forks

Darnell Arnolds -- He has coarse skin mottled in lighter and darker shades of brown, black eyes, and nappy black hair most of which he shaves off. His arms and legs are crossed with big scars from self-harm and from street fights, which are really just two different variations on the same theme. The ones on his genitals don't show in street clothes, but are just as conspicuous. He is tough and strong, with an imposing body.
Darnell was abandoned as a little boy and put into the foster system. He grew up in mostly white foster homes, always the extra, the misfit, seen as foreign and dangerous. By his tween years he had joined a gang, where he got into trouble and then into prison. It all left him with a deep hatred for the blackness of his body. He never had particularly even skin, but one reason it's this bad is because he's tried to scrub it off, several times. While in prison, Darnell met a counselor who helped him realize that there are better ways to cope with pain than self-harm. He's been out of prison for almost a year, and is struggling to put his life together. It's not going all that well, so he still needs a lot of support.
Darnell is a basketball fan, although he's no good at playing the sport himself, and he memorizes player statistics as a self-soothing technique. It also gives him something to talk about with other people on the rare occasions when he speaks up. He lives in Onion City, where he frequents the Kwan Yin House of Compassion.
Qualities: Good (+2) Basketball Fan, Good (+2) Quiet, Good (+2) Memory, Good (+2) Strength, Good (+2) Tough
Poor (-2) Internalized Racism

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Noting to read properly later.

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>> A cria is a young lama


I'm definitely interested in reading more about these folks. So far, so interesting, and I love the concept you have going here.

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We love all of these characters and think they're really well thought out and awesome. I think though, if you twisted our arm behind our back and asked us for a favorite, it'd probably be a tie between Beatik and Darnell, though we really really like them all because they're so unique. They feel real to us, like people we could meet anywhere which is always cool.

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Sounds like a place I'd fit and a group of people I'd have a lot to talk about with, or not talk as each needs. Oh, thank you so much for this. -kellyc

oh look

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this place, I SQUISH this place and these people and I YEARN for a L-America variation to sprout! this is AWESOME :D


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