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This poem was written outside the prompt calls, based on a prompt from [personal profile] dialecticdreamer  who wanted a haiku 'flame' fill.  It also fills the "dinner" square in the public card for the Birthday Bingo fest.  It has been sponsored by [personal profile] dialecticdreamer .  This poem belongs to the series Polychrome Heroics.

"firefly feast"

for birthday dinner
Kei lights no candles -- instead,
she lights her fingers

* * *

Kei (Hotaru Forrest) -- She has almond-shaped brown eyes, straight dark brown hair, and golden-fair skin.  Her heritage is Japanese and American.  Hotaru enjoys making many creative bento lunches for her younger brothers and sisters, like this spirit scene and the hungry caterpillar.  They live in Westbord near San Francisco Bay.  As an Activity Scout, Hotaru favors the social aspects.  Her badges include American Heritage, Babysitting, Citizen Safety, First Aid, Game Design, Home Cooking, Manners, Night Owl, Public Speaking, and World Politics. 
 Hotaru no Hikari means "the light of the firefly."  She can make small, cool lights of pale yellow or green on her body or within a room-sized area near her.  Although they have no practical purpose, they are beautiful to watch.  Because fireflies are considered auspicious in Japanese culture, and associated with events of closure, Kei has already been hired to provide decoration at ceremonial occasions such as graduations.  The poem "firefly feast" is for her thirteenth birthday.
Origin: When Hotaru's mother Miyako was pregnant, she accidentally swallowed a firefly.  It is why Miyako named her daughter Hotaru, and believes this to be the source of her power, which arrived with puberty.  Hotaru thinks that is silly, but doesn't have a better theory and doesn't want to argue with her mother.
Uniform: School clothes.
Qualities: Expert (+4) Student, Good (+2) Activity Scout, Good (+2) Bento Artist, Good (+2) Cheerful, Good (+2) Graceful
Powers: Average (0) Hotaru no Hikari
Motivation: To bring honor to her family.

I still love this!

Date: 2014-10-09 04:32 am (UTC)
dialecticdreamer: My work (Default)
From: [personal profile] dialecticdreamer
It's amazing what you've packed into /just/ the haiku. Reading the character sheet and notes, however, whet my appetite for MORE.

Thanks. I needed to smile today.

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Date: 2014-11-06 11:03 am (UTC)
natf: (smile)
From: [personal profile] natf
Love this! I also love that the notes section is much longer than the poem. ;-p

Thank you!

Date: 2014-10-10 03:49 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] ysabetwordsmith.livejournal.com
I'm glad you enjoyed this.


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